Why Do People Crave Social Interaction?  Is it for amusement, something for boredom. Does it make them feel better or give them ideas to make it through the day?


Did you realize that 99% of the time you’re being talked at, not being talked to. Most people post things they find funny, or amusing.  Not necessarily for others to like.  I want to share somethings with you today that will Improve your social skills and make you a better presenter.


So when it comes to your own business-oriented social media presence, think about “Why Do People Crave Social Interaction | Improving Social Skills”! Then always…always…always think first about the real people behind the screens.


How you can relate to them on a HUMAN level?


If you’re not receiving much feedback on your posts?  Then something is wrong.


My guess is that you’ve probably made it a pattern to only share info directly about your business: your latest blog post, your big sale, your lesson times, your e-course, your book, your shoots…


Go on. Look over your posts and look at yourself. (Seriously take a step back and look!)


I’ll wait……………………..




Done? Okay. If I was right, I give you permission right now to break away from that. Yep, just stop now.  Let’s start getting noticed online and start Improving Social Skills!



Why Do People Crave Social Interaction | Improving Social Skills



Here is a list of things to think about when posting and always keep in mind: Why Do People Crave Social Interaction

  1. Content that reminds us that life is short
  2. Content that reminds us that dreams can come true.
  3. Content that reminds us to believe in bigger things
  4. Content that reminds us that we matter
  5. Content that tells us a story
  6. Content that inspires us to take action
  7. Content that takes us on a journey
  8. Content that makes us laugh or smile
  9. Content that reveals secrets
  10. Content that shows us how to overcome problems
  11. Content that encourages us to never give up
  12. Content that reminds us that there is more and to never give up
  13. Content that challenges our assumptions
  14. Content that Educates while entertaining us
  15. Content that Surprises us

Is that not working for you!


So, are these things that you are posting? Did you look at your content?  If not go back and check out each thing.  Is it too broad, to many all in one?


But you say, I am in Business and if I’m not outright promoting my business, what DO I do?


I’m so glad you asked, because I was just itching to float some ideas by you. This is why I have a Secret Jar of Success with many ideas.


Having a social networking Business really isn’t all about business!  Ok, I know what you are thinking, I was there and that is how I started too.   I had this wonderful thing and everyone should know about it, because they just had too, and that is all I wanted to talk about.  So I pushed and pushed and got nowhere.


Did anyone read anything I posted?   NO  This wonderful thing I had, no one seemed to care. So I am telling you what I learned.  


“They are real people to have a conversation with and show them why you are doing it and not what you are doing!  Plain and simple.”


Now,  Why Do People Crave Social Interaction? Here are some more ideas for you to help Improving Social Skills



1. Show off more casual, impromptu photos of you and/or your business [FB/T/I]

2. Snap a shot of your desk/office/window view/bookcase/equipment/… [FB/T/I/P]

3. Ask your fans a friendly question [FB/T/I/LI]

4. Give glimpses of your in-progress projects and creations [FB/T/I/P]

5. Post some graphics of your favorite quotes (they should align with your brand) [FB/T/I/P/LI]

6. Give an opinion on a popular story currently happening in your industry [FB/T/LI]

7. Ask your followers to help you make your business decisions on: product development, blog post topics, e-course subjects, website graphics, etc. [FB/T/I/maybe LI]

8. Let people see what you’re eating/drinking at work or during your “off hours” [FB/T/I]

9. Share the sights around your town or on your travels [FB/T/I]

10. Draw attention to others’ pages by sharing their content, expressing gratitude, or giving them praise [FB/T/I/P/LI]

11. Draw inspiration from the popular routes and show off snapshots + interesting quotes of the people you’re working with (you could do this with your clients & customers, your colleagues, and/or your employees) [FB/I]

(Note: I’ve indicated those platforms which are best suited to each thought with the abbreviations inside the brackets.)

FB = Facebook
T = Twitter
I = Instagram
P = Pinterest
LI = LinkedIn



Why Do People Crave Social Interaction | Improving Social Skills


Have you figured it out?   It might take you a little while, but it will come more naturally when you keep in mind that you want to talk with instead of talking to others who interact with you.



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