This is a statement that I hear often so I wanted to address it:  How to Build A True Residual Income You Can Bet On!  


Since we were all young we all dreamed about it and studied for it, is to have a residual income that we can count on.   


So what kind of a residual income are you trying to build?  One that you need to work for or one that works for you?  Let me explain.  


timeWhen you work for someone else, you need to show up do you work and then get paid.   If you are not there or on the clock as some would say, then your wage will not be given. But if you are the boss of your income that keeps working for you even when you are sleeping then this income works for you.


Point being that most people who have an on going residual income have figured out that the later is the way to truly make a great income.



Which one would you choose?



“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”


How to Build A True Residual Income You Can Bet On


How do you build such an income, you ask!  The principals are everywhere, you just need to apply them and yet again have a mentor to help you point them out.  Even the great leaders like Tony Robbins, David Wood, Tracey Walker, and Erica Udeanu have had mentors.


It doesn’t just happen, you need to put some effort into it.  Even though it is right in front of you and anyone can do it.  Yep, that’s right!  Anyone can do it when they find the principals.


Where are the principals?


They are in your heart and mind, they lead your thinking and what you feed it on a daily basis.  It comes from your desires.  Mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically and a financial breakthrough.  What you are dialed into everyday.  


How can you tell?


Stop, look around you, you life, your surroundings.  

Are you attracting what you want?  

It is your choice!


How to Build A True Residual Income You Can Bet On


A true residual income comes from money.  Where money = energy!  


Where does the money come from ?  Other people, selling or offering something in exchange for something.  It can be time, information, services or products.  


If it’s time …. then you have twenty four hours a day.  I know, I know,  you might question that.   But how many of you have wondered why you have more month and time … than money?  Do you here what I mean?   Why not start questioning that!

 Vector internet security icons in flat style

Your extra energy and money comes from creating outside of your limitations.  Think about it again.   You have more month and time than money!  When this sinks in what happens?   You make a transition, you open your eyes to see things differently, you realize there are other things you can do.  Duh!  


How to Build A True Residual Income You Can Bet On


To increase and build this income means that you need to have something to help others with their problems.   Isn’t that why people buy things anyway?  Think about it …. We buy clothes for warmth, we buy cars to take us places, we buy computers and TVs for entertainment.   We buy information to learn something.



So have you heard anything from what I have said?



How to Build A True Residual Income You Can Bet On


Now, how to increase that energy?   The more problems you can solve, the more money you can make!  


More problems – more money, more money – more transactions.    


Let’s break it down even more.  


Time (fixed, mostly by someone else)


Transactions. (Self employed, unlimited)


When someone else is in control you are stuck, and if that is what you are comfortable with then great, but then again ask yourself what do you want control of?


Are you in control of who you are?

What you do differently?

And how you learn?


How to Build A True Residual Income You Can Bet On


Now do you need to be present to make money?  Or can it be automatic?  






If you don’t believe me then you are not seeing the full picture or you are not paying attention!  Do you want to learn How to Build A True Residual Income You Can Bet On?


First thing you need to do is throw away your distractions.  enough time


I am throwing you a life preserver, but you don’t seem to want to use it.  


As a mom I am well versed in multi tasking, and having many things going on at once, but I found out that this is the biggest distraction of all.   If you want your time to be the best for you, then you need to focus for it to grow.  


Remember:   Energy = Money


What I am here for is to point you in a path that will help you change.  “If you truly want it!”


Choose what makes you happy, and if you aren’t then why are you doing it?  Learning How to Build A True Residual Income You Can Bet On is easier than you think.



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4 thoughts on “How to Build A True Residual Income You Can Bet On

  1. Learning how to build a true residual income is becoming easier and easier with the systems & blueprints that are available online today. And I’m glad that you mentioned having mentors … everyone needs one and you’re well versed on the subject of skillfully managing money!

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