The 5 Reasons Why You Are Still Struggling With Marketing a Product And How to Fix It

Finding an outcome and then a solution, unless that seems backward to you!


1. Outcomes.     Determining goals and problems others feel.
What do you want to achieve, where do you want your outcome to be?


This might seem backwards from what we have been taught.  You know, start at the beginning.  But then again think,  I once had a teacher give us an assignment that had ten things on it.   The first thing was to read all the directions first.  For those that did they finished first.  


Do you want to know why?  Its because the last direction on the list told you to skip all the others, put your name on the top and turn it in.  How is that for seeing the outcome and then finding the solution.  We all work harder than needed.


  1. How …  from desired outcomes think about “how” are you going to achieve it.


We don’t know what success looks like, but we know how it feels.  Feelings are always hard to put down into marketing.


Preceding an accomplishment must be a desire, for the desires must be strong and definite.  General desires are but weak longings, as for example:


“A goal without action is only a Wish”


Make your goal a tangible item and see the steps that you need to take to secure that item.  Do not make it too complicated to obtain, for confusion will get in the way.


  1. What   ….  from the outcomes and the “how” move on to the “what” !


Belief can cripple you  or lift you up.   What you do and how you act can determine your belief in what it is that you are going after.


Look them in the eyes and tell them you are unstoppable!

The 5 Reasons Why You Are Still Struggling With Marketing a Product And How to Fix It


Do you look upon your tasks and determine what it is that you need to do to make it better?  Others have done it and are succeeding, what can you discover by putting more interest into what it is you are doing.  


Can you work faster, more efficient?  Can you work longer days, put more effort into your work?  Can you be more persistent and gain more knowledge in perfection.  


  1. Why  …..  Don’t play the comparing game.    


Create influence and attract people to you.  Develop your own style.   Comparing your work with others will only lead to disappointment.  You are unique and your skills are what you make of them.  Those who seek to learn more of his own craft shall be richly rewarded.  


“Work harder on yourself than your business”

All together



 The 5 Reasons Why You Are Still Struggling With Marketing a Product And How to Fix It


If you want people to read your blog and open your emails, use your own voice.  Stop looking at other peoples blogs and emails for inspiration. I will tell you from experience that this does not work.   When you copy and paste because they said it would work, after a while every thing you see and do, 100 other people are doing it also and no one will look at it.


 If you are not an authority on anything, your content is going to suck for a little while.  But that is Okay, its the natural part of the process of becoming a messenger.   Learn from it!



  1.  When   Everyday routine,  over and over  This is the consistency stage.  Find what works and do it over again.  Do it so much that you become obsessed.


Stand in the front and say “ I believe in myself and do not care what others think and my effort is worth it”!


The voices in your head will defeat you.   They are not important if you are different and believe you can do it.


“It is not what you realize …. it is the fact that you realize it”


Set your numbers to manage expectations of what would you do to help.



“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.  But Give me that horse and I’ll figure out a way to make him thirsty.”  JA Jance



If you have a plan and follow these guidelines, and you’re still not creating the result that you want.  …. Don’t blame yourself, don’t blame anything.  You created it, and you just need to adjust your strategy.   change it again and again till you see what you want.


Remember … you are responsible for you results. you created your life, and the way to change it is to focus.  


The people who are willing to fail at enough things, are the ones who eventually create what they want. Why You Are Still Struggling With Marketing a Product And How to Fix It




Are you still struggling and need a little more guidance to get you though.  Do you need to find who you are and learn how to voice your own marketing.  The program I have for you is one of the best.  Click for details.


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