Storytelling has been around since the beginning of time.  It is what comes natural and people love a good story.  But is there a  Digital Storytelling Art | Storytelling Training.


Do you remember the stories grandpa used to tell?  Did you sit for hours, or think oh, I know that story and always seem to be surprised?  Do you find yourself repeating something that you heard? Are you telling stories?


Stories come in all forms and in all settings.  From the ones around the campfire to the ones in Library.  Are you reading it to yourself or telling and audience all about it.  Is it made up or facts that you survived.  


You might be surprised that there is a Digital Storytelling Art | Storytelling Training and it is critical for blogging.  When people read or listen they want to be entertained or intrigued. You want them to be sitting on the edge of their seat, and then you have them like puddy in your hand.   


It all starts out with an idea or a passion.  Don’t think you can tell stories, oh I bet you can.  If you can have a conversation and talk about anything then you can tell stories.   That is what blogging is all about.


There is an art to telling stories, (you can see that in this post) just like there is an art to blogging.  In the digital stage of life today we have found a way to use this digital storytelling to make money, and lots of it.  How you ask?



Digital Storytelling Art | Storytelling Training



When we consider storytelling in business form, we really need to create the story to bring as many readers as possible.  There are certain steps that we can follow to make it all come together and tell a great story.  And turn your blog into a great business.



  1. An idea.  A proposal.   (in your own head)
  2. Research, explore, learn    (the world-wide web)
  3. Write a script   (any digital device)
  4. Storyboard and a plan   (your idea with the research combined)
  5. Images, audio, video.   (so many free sites, or create your own)
  6. Putting it all together
  7. Sharing
  8. Getting feedback and reflection



Now, to get into what it is.  That is your idea in your head.  Where do you start?  Just ask yourself why, to get your mind working.   (this blog will answer that reasoning)  



Ok,  I will give you a jump-start…… Let’s start with your day.  Everyone is unique and what you do, has your own style.  As you go along look at the things around you, do they have a story to tell?  Do they remind you of something?



This is a handy website when you seem to get stuck and your mind goes blank:


64 Sites for Digital Storytelling Tools and Information



What do I mean.  Your routine might seem the same as others, but how you do it is different.  Your uniqueness gives it a twist only you can relate to.  This is what you need to share.  Helping others to see how unique they are and how their day and story can give value, is the real trick.


…..When you tell a story and transport someone to another place, then you have done your job.  


…..Your Brain is stimulated and areas are activated when you hear a story


…..Your Brain uses two different areas to identify the meaning of words — one identifies the mood from the melody and information and the other from the actual message.



Digital Storytelling Art | Storytelling Training



What is the meaning of Digital Storytelling?  It is a short form of a digital media production that allows everyday people to share aspects of their life story.  You use all sorts of different kinds of media.  Full-motion video, animation, still photos, audio only, or any form that exists as an electronic file.  


You can think of Digital Storytelling Art | Storytelling Training as the modern extension of the ancient art of storytelling, now intertwined with digitized still and moving images and sound.  Any way that people want to share what they have learned and tell others what there is to do.   



Here are 7 things you should know about Digital Storytelling.  


  1. What is it?
  2. Who’s doing it?
  3. How does it work?
  4. Why is it significant?
  5. What are the downsides?
  6. Where is it going?
  7. What are the implications for teaching and learning?


To see this whole PDF  Click here:


How many Ideas have you come up with in your travels?  I can imagine more that you thought.  Let’s start on a storytelling journey and create together.


If you like this post and want to know where I learned the Art of Storytelling?   Some of the best storytelling training can be received right here.  The way Digital Storytelling Art | Storytelling Training is explained makes perfect sense and when put into practice, your sales will soar.



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The joy of writing a blog.


15 thoughts on “Digital Storytelling Art | Storytelling Training

  1. Thanks for a well written and informative post. I especially appreciated the pdf download. It will be very helpful when planning my next posts.

    1. Sarah
      It is amazing how I have started to realize that through my blogging adventure. Never really put thought to it before.

  2. I love that you mention that if you can have a conversation and talk about anything … then you can tell stories. So many people think, “Oh I’ve got nothing to write about!” And yet they can talk all day long about ANYTHING!

    And yes, there is an art to it, but thanks to posts like yours we can all learn how to do it well!

    Thank you!

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