An Entrepreneur, Got what it takes? Are you a Black Sheep | Signs That You Are An Entrepreneur might just be in your future!


I have always been the kind to be fidgety, and looking for new projects.  I needed something to keep me busy, not knowing why, just needing to have that project, or this project.   It seemed to break up the monotony of the everyday robot type lifestyle that most people seem to be stuck in. 


I could never figure out why others wouldn’t want that new adventure that came around the corner.  They seemed to be fine doing the same thing day after day.  But why?  I felt like the Black Sheep of the group.  I thought differently, I looked at things differently,  I wanted more. 


I didn’t realize what it all meant until I started my own business.  I started finding others like me, and the adventures grew.  I could feel free to be me.  (to more about my story, click here) .


Do you have what it takes to start your own company?  


You might if these signs are in your character or if you have what it takes to go through the thrilling, punishing, life-changing experience.  You know that you are passionate and resilient, but their are a few more things you might need that are unexpected.  


Black Sheep | Signs That You Are An Entrepreneur


First sign:    You’re restless.   Always moving on to the next goal, always looking for the next thing, always needing to have something to do.   No achievement seems good enough.  Always itching to go and take on the next challenge.  


Number 2:  You’re a control freak.   You like to be in charge.  You like to know everything that is going on.  It’s great to know and care about every detail, but can this be detrimental?  Maybe if you don’t let others do their jobs.  Just remember it is OK. Did you know that super entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were considered “control freaks”?


Number 3.  You’re a masochist.  One who loves pain.  It probably doesn’t seem like that to you, but you go all out on a project, working long hours, toiling away day in and day out to figure something out.  You struggle to make it right.  If this is you, then you can see the light at the end of the tunnel and the bumps in the road will not stop you.


Number 4:  Love-hate relationship with money.  Signs That You Are An Entrepreneur generally fall in love with making money really early in life.  They are the ones who have the paper route at a young age.  The ones who know that if they get paid to do their chores, they do them.  You learn that you are driven less by money and more by the thrill of a new adventure and the freedom and control that comes with it.  


Have you ever quit a great job, just to start something new because you saw a challenge?  I know I have.  I am always looking for a new project, that comes with the Signs of an Entrepreneur and calms my fidgety nature.  


Being the Black Sheep? | Signs That You Are An Entrepreneur


Number 5:  You’re a Black Sheep, maybe even a dropout.   You don’t fit into the crowd.  When you feel like everyone around you doesn’t think like you.   Many notable entrepreneurs ended up ditching the traditional schooling, they dropped out of school because it wasn’t teaching them the lessons they wanted to learn.  


While it is not easy to be the outsider, it’s exactly this quality –  seeing things through a different lens from the rest of the world – that can help move and drive innovation.  Showing your own Signs That You Are A Entrepreneur.


Number 6:  You seem to get this one a lot.   People think you’re crazy!   You have different wavelengths and ambitions.  You seem to be out of control and taking chances and throwing out the things you should be doing according to them.   “Is that how you were raised?”  “ What will other think”  You know all the question they ask.  They think they know best for what you should be doing.


I Don’t Think So……What Are Your Signs That You Are A Entrepreneur


Lastly Number 7:  You’re somewhat introverted.   You might think that to run a business you need to be super outgoing and able to sell anything, right?   I turns out that is not the case  4 out of 10 top executives and co-founders are not.  What is an introvert?   It one who mainly thinks about himself, but research shows that introverts foster a better team environment than their extroverted peers.   They are known to be good listeners, greatly overlooked, but have the assets for good leadership.  We are not loud or assertive,  especially in large groups.  


Now that you have 7 Signs That You Are An Entrepreneur, think about who you are, really think,  do not go on what others think of you, or what others want you to be.   Have you been molded growing up, yet you have this desire inside to do something else.  Now is your chance.  


 Become the Black Sheep and show the world who you really are and that you can make a difference. 



If you can see yourself in some or all of these characteristics, then I have a great program for you.  This can help you be the Black Sheep | Signs That You Are An Entrepreneur will show through and you have enjoy the freedom to create and love life.  Go forth and prosper.   Click the button here to get started on your next journey. 

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