Are you killing your ideas before you even get started? How To Talk To Yourself.  What am I doing wrong. What is it that you say to yourself first thing in the morning?


If you Don’t Read this now, You’ll hate Yourself later!


Did you know that what you say when the day starts out is how your whole day will progress.  Killing the negative thoughts before they ruin your whole day’s productivity is crucial when you run your own business, or just having a great day overall.  How do you talk to yourself!

 What have you done through life?

I know that is a big question, but I want to know what you have learned and taught yourself how to do, or have you gone to school to learn other things.   So, my question to you is “what have you done through life?”  


Everyone has skills and without knowing it, they will show that through their actions.  We all have passions that we pursue, some more than others.  We take it to heart and work on it everyday.  But how do you progress?   


Do you do it the same way each and every day, or do we expand on it and grow?


Are You Killing Your Ideas Before You Even Get Started | How To Talk To Yourself


NatalieI am going to tell you a story about a woman,  Her name is Natalie.  Natalie has been a pretty successful career mom through the years.  Has built herself up in the corporate world to be an Executive.  As time went on and the kids grew older she decided that she wanted to start her own business.  The passion to help others succeed was burning inside and she could see potential in the ones around her.


Being in many small companies and having to wear many hats at the same time; she knew she could have her own and manage it well.  She found a digital company that she could work with that would give her all the tools that she needed.  She was set.  Ready to study and learn what was needed.


She seemed like she was on the path to a great new future; but when I went to check on her, she was struggling, and thinking she was over her head. With all this being new to her she was feeling behind, and thinking she made the wrong choice. It was harder than she thought. There were so many others out there that were playing in the field, how was she to compete with that.  


Wow,  Did I have to stop her in her tracks!  She was killing herself before she even got started.  She needed to step back and say “OK, others might have been doing it longer, but they are not ME!  


Are You Killing Your Ideas Before You Even Get Started | How To Talk To Yourself


I needed to remind her of who she was and where she has come from: 

……She needed to see the skills she had and learn to use them with the new skills in front of her.   

……She needed to reach and service the individuals and clients from her own thinking, instead of the ones who don’t or will not applaud her for her efforts.  

……She needed to start talking to herself with positiveness each and every day.


She became stuck in her success.  By not surrounding herself around those of potential and growth this has allowed her to take a turn downwards by not achieving her goals.  She was saying she couldn’t focus, because there was so much to learn.  


I could see the spiral of defeat all around her.  


Can you see where I am going with this story?


Are you killing your ideas before you even get started?  What is it that you say to yourself first thing in the morning?  Did you know that what you say when the day starts out is how your whole day will progress.


In order for success to be accomplished and achieved, we must first rub off some old friends, family members, old business partners whom can’t see clearly the journey of your success.  By removing them, this will clear your thinking process and gear your thoughts for energy.  


It takes energy to think positive.  Energy = Money.  Surrounding yourself around successors such as yourself and play a major key in your entrepreneurial journey.    


Are You Killing Your Ideas Before You Even Get Started | How To Talk To Yourself


Now, to the solution.  


Have you ever found yourself in Natalie’s story?  Or at least one similar.  How did she come out of it?  I am glad you asked.  


She did not let that spiral of defeat pull her down.  With just a few hints of reminders, she brushed herself off, sat back and started to think.   


“Life isn’t about finding yourself,

Life is about Creating Yourself”


What she realized is that it doesn’t matter how long you have been doing it.  It doesn’t matter how good Jack and Jill are doing it.   It doesn’t matter if yours doesn’t look like someone else.     


What does matter is “WHY” you are doing it and how you talk to yourself every day.  




Natalie is now working out of her home from the mountain top.  The porch and mother nature are a great thinking place.  


She is living the lifestyle of a six-figure income and being able to help others online has given her the freedom to be herself.  



So my encouragement to all of you is to find that something special that you have always wanted to be and go for it, take your knowledge and let it shine.



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19 thoughts on “Are You Killing Your Ideas Before You Even Get Started | How To Talk To Yourself

  1. Basically believe in yourself and follow with your heart, you can’t really go wrong when you trust your guts instead of second guessing yourself.

  2. Sandy great post. I find it hard at times because I sometime get so much chatter going on in my own head. And that is when I have to stop, take a deep breath and then have a conversation with myself. It really does work.

  3. It’s funny you would end your post with let it shine; That’s my new motto for me this year! I’m the girl who tends to place everyone and everything before myself (not a bad thing) but tend to put my light under a bushel. I’m looking to let my light shine this year in hopes that while helper others my own light will also shine!! Thanks for a great post!

  4. Oh my goodness, I can’t tell you how many great ideas I’ve talked myself out of or once I’ve shared them with others bought into them talking me out of them. I have an ideas book now and all of my ideas go in the book. This allows me time to let them grow without me mind chattering them into failure.

  5. I really like this advice! I love being positive but sometimes it’s hard so this is a great way to learn how to help yourself. Thank you for this post!

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