Do you know where it is that you are going in life? or are you just doing the same thing, day in and day out.  Do you need  A Compass, To Know What It Is That You Truly Want? Are you like a robot set on normal.  You seem to be on the beck and call of everyone else.  Your family, your boss, your parents, your…___________   (you fill in the blank).


I bet if you could have a compass to lead you on your own journey, you would take it in a heartbeat.  If I am right you just need to hit this button now, get started now



otherwise keep reading……


A Compass, To Know What It Is That You Truly Want?


What does a compass do?  


compass to lead you A Compass leads you in the direction of North…Right?  But what if I told you that a compass could lead you to where you wanted to go.  You know like in the “Pirates of the Caribbean”?  


Right now I am giving you ….

 Permission to Shine …and  ….

Permission to Think.



A Compass, do you know what it is that you truly want?


You need a compass to point you in those directions and the world will be yours.


So what is “Permission to Shine


…Put yourself,your family and your ‘WHY’ first

…Share yourself and your vision with the world  

…Don’t hold back

…Be Confident

…Be ‘YOU’ and embrace who you are!


“In the end people will judge you anyway. don’t live your life impressing others.  Live your life impressing yourself.”  -unknown-



Now what is “Permission to Think



Throughout our lives we have been told how to do things.  In school, you were told to be quiet and listen.  Then you were told to do assignments and studies.  Then as you got older, your boss would tell you what needed to be done and you always had to be busy.  Never time to think for yourself, because that is not how they wanted it.   


Standing still and thinking is not productive.  Not efficient.  Or you are classified as a dreamer, and when you are lost in your dreams you will never make it in the real world.  


Not so,  I am now giving you ‘Permission to Think’.  


I want you to see who it is in the world that are changing things, it’s not the over productive, over efficient ones that are.


Its the thinkers and the dreamers.     


So let us all do ourselves a favor and don’t rush.  Don’t just go through life like a robot and keep busy.  Don’t rush from one thing to the next.  Don’t rush through books, Don’t rush from one page to the next.   Don’t try this and then that.  Point your compass in the direction you want, and just go for it.



A Compass, do you know what it is that you truly want?


You need to give yourself permission to shine and permission to think.  Some space to breathe.  


Believe me with years of training it is tough.  It’s tough to stand still and think for a moment.  It’s tough to do when there are thousands of other things that brain thinks you need to be doing.  


Giving you a compassTake a breath right now……


Take all the time you need…..


just sit back and think.  


“How can I shine so the world knows who I am!”  


Then go and be creative.





Are you in need of  “A Compass, do you know what it is that you truly want?”I know where you can find one.   Just click this button below and I can show you a world where there is one.   

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