What Throws Me For A Loop  |  Lying To Yourself


What throws me for a loop and how I handle it, can be worse than lying to yourself.  Did you know there are many damaging things that we say to ourselves on a daily basis?


I want to share with you some of the most damaging lies that we say on a daily basis that can shape where you are going in life.  
First Lie:  I have to be perfect!   


This is definitely not a healthy goal.  No matter what you do, you will not be perfect.  It throws you for a loop to even think it.  Perfection will only hold you back.  Remember that mistakes are part of being human and the more mistakes the better we can teach.


“Gender is something we put on every morning. We are who we dress ourselves to be before leaving our homes. This is how we identify; this is how we want the world to see us.”



Second Lie:  My life is harder than anyone else.


I don’t know about you, but everyone faces difficulty and crisis.  It is in how we are dealing with that challenge or problem is the bigger key. Don’t be thrown for this loop, and keep lying to yourself.  


What I have come to see, when I opened my eyes.  Is that when you have a certain problem you start seeing others with the same problem.    Just like when you get a new car with a certain color, you never realized how many more there are out there.   


You just were not looking.



Third Lie:  If I ignore it, it will go away.


Really?  You think if you turn around the problem will solve itself.  Maybe on some things, but for me it usually gets bigger and this is the time where it throws you for a loop and escalates into something bigger.  


Reality catches up to us eventually.  I have found that turning around and tackling it first hand isn’t so bad and then it won’t sneak up on you later.  



What Throws Me For A Loop  |  Lying To Yourself


Forth Lie:  I’m too Young, or I’m too old.


Oh boy,  this is a whole other story that I wrote about.  Check it out here.  


What I want you to know is that at the age of 5, Mozart was already competent on the keyboard and the violin,  and at age 76, Nelson Mandela became the president of South Africa.  The truth is you are never too young or too old to do what it is that you truly want to do.


Fifth Lie:  I’m just not the happy type



We all have our difficulties.  We all have our challenges.  You are not alone.  It is how we handle them and how we face these, is what makes us happy or not.   Don’t be thrown for a loop every time one of these bumps comes before you.




Sixth Lie:  I Don’t judge people.


Yep, you heard me.  We all judge other people.   Researchers say we arrive at our first conclusion in less than a second, and get someone attention in the first 8 seconds.  


I found this article is very good for you to read, and it might just change your little lie.   


10 Reasons to Stop Judging People

Despite our best efforts, we all judge others. It might be over small things, like a co-worker who took too long of a lunch break. Or it might be over bigger issues, such as a person who behaves selfishly or hurts our feelings.



Seventh Lie:  If I follow my heart, everything will work out.  


Following your heart and soul is good, but it should never override your intuition or your intellect.  You need to aim for balance in right or wrong.  Your heart can lead you astray.  


Eighth Lie:  and this is a big one….. “I don’t have a choice”!


We all have a choice.  Even as a child, you had a choice.  By accepting responsibility for your actions is an essential part of your humanity.  I know it is easy to blame others, or fate, or outcomes, but really you did have a choice.   


Sometimes saying NO is the hardest things we can do.  


What Throws Me For A Loop  |  Lying To Yourself


The last LIE I have for you is:  My worth is determined by my work.  


Your worth is determined by who you are as a person, not the work that you do. It’s spoken in every action and word that you undertake.  



When we wrap this whole thing up,  what comes from lying?  


It eventually will destroy us, make us weak and make our lives miserable.  


So what I would like you to think about is: “what lies do you say to yourself, and what lies do you see others say to themselves”.  


Then how can you put an end to this and see the things that Throws Me For A Loop  |  Lying To Yourself can not be good.



If you are not sure how to stop lying to yourself and don’t want to be thrown for a loop anymore, then come and see the program that got me out.  It will give you a new outlook on where you want to go and what you want to see. click HERE.




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18 thoughts on “What Throws Me For A Loop | Lying To Yourself

  1. Hi Sandy,

    I can totally relate to some of these. I like how you broke them down. I can relate especially the “I have to be perfect” and “I’m too old”.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Oh my goodness, this is such a timely reminder! I’ve found myself thinking so many of these things and it needs to stop! One of the things I’m hoping to do this year is become more outward focused and less inward focused. Really look for how I can help others with my own skills and gifts, and stop worrying so much about myself. Here’s to a fresh start!

  3. Hey Sandy,

    I was going down this post like a check list. I stopped with the perfection, but I still hang onto ‘I like how I represent myself so I want to give it my all’. I like how I go about things now. It’s like if someone were to judge me, I would feel content with what I have done regardless of the likes or dislikes because I satisfied myself.

    I stopped the judging as best I can, I find it does put people into labels. And to be quiet honest I don’t give people too much thought so comparing myself is not something I get into.

    I love the one – my worth is determined by my work. I don’t believe so, but I love my work. I have always been driven. But I find that I have an increase in energy when I take breaks so I am enjoying those now.

    And that too old, too young – just hogwash hey. Thanks for a great post.


  4. Hi Sandy, well I’m pretty pleased that I now don’t tell these lies to myself, but I hear them from clients and business friends all too often. The one I personally feel is a tough one is the “If I follow my heart” one. We see so many inspirational type quotes and posts saying things like follow your heart and the way will become clear… Follow your heart and you’re already successful… When you do what you love success follows. Well I’ve seen people get themselves into huge debt, myself included (although not huge compared to many people) doing what they love without a plan to make it profitable. Great post as always.

  5. I think the biggest one for me is the follow your heart. I love how frank and straight foward you were, did not beat around the bush. Sometimes we need to say things staright as they are and stop lying!

  6. You nailed it with the first lie..perfectionism. I would call myself a perfectionist and it hinders me in so many areas of my life. I’m learning, slowly, but I’m learning

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