Branding Identity | What Do You Want The World To Know


When someone says they are branding themselves what is the first thing you think of?  No it’s not getting out the hot iron and burning your name into their flesh.  Branding yourself can be developing who you want the world to see.


Is it for a  business, a book, a training program, or a webinar?  Are you representing  a company or starting one for yourself? Do you have a blog or a website?


Who do you want to the world to see?


I have been doing a lot of studying over the last couple of years and I am finding out that in order for others to follow you and want more from you, you need to develop a Unique brand for who you are.


I wanted to share some of the things I am learning:


This lesson is on personal and unique branding.   The secret equation.  Finding the value that you have to offer, package it up as value and then monetize it.  



Branding Identity | What Do You Want The World To Know



When you have a personal brand, what are the important things that you have to offer the world.  Things that are unique to you, right?  



Perception = behavior = performance


Regardless of what you are doing, having a brand and knowing what is unique to you, then knowing how to expose it and relate it to people will allow you the success and freedom that you want.  


Your brand is not your products, your tools, or your methods; they are what you have to offer.  They are under the cover of what you have for a brand.  


Your brand is how customers relate to what you do, but it is not what you do.  We must consider their life experiences, beliefs and attitudes.  What they think, feel and relate to our brand.



Branding Identity | What Do You Want The World To Know


There are many components to brands and branding so let us figure what you want first.  


I have learned that there are six important components to launching a brand.  


First:  If it is not you, it is not true.


If you are like me and were living the robot life, are you making a difference?  Do you just answer to so many other people and end up following so many rules?  Do you lose track of who you really are and what is really important to you? Is Your LIFE TRUE?


I, like many of you were, told to go to school, get a good education.  (This is important, but where you get it is the key). Then go get a job.   So many of us trade our dreams for a “responsible career”.  I thought that was the only way.  You probably did to.  


I have this higher education, the executive position, and now after wondering that there has to be something more, I have been introduced to the independent life.  Finding out that I can make myself as rich is possible.  I don’t have to work and make others rich, play by their rules and give them all my time.  True Life is Possible.


I am loving this and sharing this with others, just being able to help others find their voices and find their joy to be creative and get out of the Robot lifestyle.  How can that not make you happy?


Do you have a dream and would like to know how to believe that living with it is possible?


The training has asked me many questions. Here is one for an example:  “what do you truly want your life to look like beyond business?”




Second: Know who your customer is: push vs pull effect.


Who is it that we want to connect with?  All too often we don’t think this through when we start out.  When we know what others feel, need, and piqueing their interest is a way to attract and does not seem like selling.


“How do I do that?


Learn to get them to ask and do not do what 98% of all other marketers are doing.  Connect with your exact audience not everyone.  



One example of what I mean:   If you were a career mom, would you market to a bachelor young  man?    I don’t think so, you have nothing in common.


In this training we are given six categories to work through to help us learn how to really narrow down who we are and who we are trying to target as customers.   It’s like finding and pulling out things about yourself, finding your own voice and comfort level.  




Question ?:  Have you ever sat down and told your story as a Facebook post?  I mean really told your story?  Given out your struggles and strengths.  You now put part of your life on your sleeve?  By having a personal brand that is kind of what you need to do.  Letting others share these experiences will let them know that they are not alone.  It has happened to me more than once.


I know what you are asking.  How can putting my story out there, be a draw for my business or brand?  


Think about what I said earlier: “This lesson is on personal and unique branding.   The secret equation.  Finding the value that you have to offer, package it up as value and then monetize it.”  


The pull effect of this is to get their attention and draw them in.  Capturing them, sharing with them your story and then introducing them to what you have.  Simple, right?


Branding Identity | What Do You Want The World To Know



Knowing your brand and your client is as important as thinking through how they will receive your message.  If it will relate to them and if there will be a quick identifiable relevance is important as our buyers tend to have a short attention span.  The client is to be considered as we develop the product, brand and message so that we are certain that what we have to offer is being presented in a way that is useful.


Third:   Taglines that are tempting


Now that you know what you want to do, who your client is, you need to connect to them quickly. A tagline can describe what you do, draw out an emotion to have the customer think of what they need or simply entertain them.    



Here is what I have been playing around with and I wanted to share, mainly to get you thinking too.  


If you are going to “Turn average people in Entrepreneurs” what would my quick snappy tagline be?    I want to discover, create, find ourselves, feel more alive again = Freedom, IdiomFreedom-Preneur” “Bringing to the Light-Preneur”!   



To really focus down and get the word that is unique to you takes some work.  Many would have it right off the top of their head, others not so much.   



That is OK,  finding out who you are is not always that easy.  Have you ever been asked that question?   


That is why I started the “Secret Jar Of Success”.  is because by digging deeper down in the jar of your life, it is surprising what you will find.  The ideas and emotions and other wonderful things that come from that are being kept a secret of they are not shared.  


The jar of my life was being kept just for me for so long that the lid had sealed on tight.  All the good things and the bad were bottled up.  I was ready to explode, that is why I thought there was something else out there, and when I started to poke holes in the lid and find something to help loosen that lid, is when I started to feel alive again.


With finding our unique brand and tagline we find a way for people to identify with it through our message and the image/logo.  That is the first thing people will read when they come across your page, so finding a strong one is important.   


The training product I am working on helps us develop a great tagline and gives us many tips like using alliteration,  learning to condense it, so it in a range of 3 to 6 words.  And putting it into something catchy, Rhyming isn’t just for kids your know.  It may be goofy,off the ordinary, but if it is remembered then your job is done.


Different personalities will bring out many different kinds of taglines.   For me,  this was a struggle, I had wrapped so many layers on who I really was through my years and as I unwrap it I get one more little secret out.   It is a fun experience, and the more I found out about myself, the happier I feel.  


What I wanted you to get out of this blog today was to see that having a personal business or a blog that is unique to you, needs to have a brand that is just as unique.  It can be amazing how much one training session can get you to think, and we have so many more just like this one.  


When you have found that perfect tagline to go with the perfect you, then your life will become bigger than you ever imagined.  Branding Identity | What Do You Want The World To Know


What is hiding in your jar of life that needs to be brought to the top?


If you liked some of the points in this blog and would like to know more, and wow, there is a lot more, then take the next step and click this link.   Together we will develop ourselves to be the best we can be.  Clink this link to find out more. .




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16 thoughts on “Branding Identity | What Do You Want The World To Know

  1. You are completly right. These are great tips and the way you right is very insightful.
    I wish sometimes I wasn’t lazy not to do all of it properly. hehehehe

  2. Interesting reading Sandy. I think sometimes when people first start out in business or writing a blog, they have a fixed idea that they need to be like someone else who’s already successful. Asking who do you want the world to see is powerful.

    1. Wendy, you are so right. That is exactly what I first thought. I could just follow and copy them. I soon found out that it didn’t work the same for me.

  3. I love this post. Came to me right at perfect timing. I joined Facebook only 2 years ago. I know a little behind and I remember asking my self “what do I want the world to see.” This motivated me actually be the person I wanted to be. To be the involved mom. To be hands on with my children. I loved your points. Thanks for inspiring. 🙂

    1. Yes, we should all ask ourselves “what do we want the world to see” Social media can be your friend or you worst enemy.

  4. Great tips! When I had my blog re-done, I wanted it to reflect my brand, and now I feel it does. It’s so important to connect with your audience. I really like your idea of asking yourself what you want the World to see.

  5. I don’t know that I have a brand. Need to think about that. I’ve evolved so much since I started blogging and yet I still don’t have a “business” aspect. Lots to thunk about from this post.

    1. Robyn, That is how I was. When I started they just told me to write. I wrote about this and that, but now that I want this to be my only business, I need to dig deep and find my true self. My Brand of who I am and what I want to show the world. I has become a great adventure.

  6. I branded as I launched my blog. And had cards printed. Some said I rushed in. Perhaps they were right. One can always re-brand though. For me, having a purpose and focus right from the start helped me to shape the blog, and during the past 18 months writing it, I’ve discovered more of what my audience wants, which would help with any tweaking in future.

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