10 Steps To Get Started |  The Diet and Exercise For Your Business.



Have you ever started a diet and exercise program to lose weight or set a healthy living?  One of the 8 core steps in our company is to exercise, because it refreshes our brain.  So I started and it got me thinking.   How can I apply this to my business.


Why do things in your life have to be different.  When you have unity and conformity we tend to get more accomplished.


So to help others in this battle, I wanted to share with you what I found.  With a Bonus on the bottom.



Here are my 10 Steps To Get Started |  The Diet and Exercise For Your Business.


Step 1:  Admit you have a problem.


We all have some sort of problem or we would not be human.  A friend of mine was telling me about the difference between a FLOWER and a WEED. It is just how it is judged.  So how you see the things in front of you is going to be how you face it.


Denial can prevent you from taking action, it can set you up for failure.  Admitting we have problems that need to be solved, and to share that with others is your first step.


Step 2.  Don’t make excuses.


There is never a good time to start.  Are you going to start walking or running?  When there is a burning desire that you need and want something, then just start doing it.  Inspiration to make a change will start to overcome you and once you get started and invest in yourself, your whole life will open up.


You can do it slow or jump in with both feet,  that doesn’t matter as long as you just get started.


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Step 3.  Learn from your past.


How many things have you tried and failed at?  If you are like me, there is a very long list.  Did it keep me down.  NO.   What we need to do is to keep all these failures as an opportunity to learn.  What did work, what didn’t work, what did you like about one thing or hate about the other.


Running your own business is going to have its ups and downs.  We are going to call them squats; because this is when we sit down to meditate and think about our direction, and then stand up and get moving when the inspiration comes.


Step 4:   Clean sweep of all the junk food.


In your business, it can be just like going through your cupboards.   Do we start collecting bits and pieces we think will fit.  Do we have clutter on your desk or your work space.  Are there distractions around us that pull us off track.


Yes I will say it,  Eating healthy is a big part of owning your own business.  It is very easy to get busy writing or posting and forgetting to stop for lunch or dinner.  We tend to grab whatever we see first.


Here are some great suggestions that might help you:


…..Always have a bottle of water within reach.  (and drink it) That is more of a suggestion for myself too.

…..Then fresh fruits and vegges are a great things to pick up, and satisfies you when you are staring into the fridge.  I am not a nutritionist, and I do not know your history, so find a great book that will help you.   I have a link to Amazon on the right to help.


Step 5:  Build your team


Having a strong support group is great for anyone, especially if you are working out of your home.  Research has shown that you get healthier, lose weight, and have a strong business when others have a mentor.  (if you need one check me out here.)


Even great leaders like Napolian Hill, Tony Robbins, Zig Zigler, Robert Greene, Justin Verenzia, Erica Udeanu, Ace and Rich, Misha Wilson, and I could go on and on, have a mentor and a support group that works with them.


Also, What I have noticed is that when you have a following and a team that look to you, you tend to stay on track, because now there is that little bit of competition.   You need to be accountable for something.  Let’s call this a relay race for the baton is being passed along and the team works together to get to the end.




10 Steps To Get Started |  The Diet and Exercise For Your Business.



Step 6:  Set realistic goals.


If you can only do ten push-ups or five pull-ups, that is ok.  You do not have to be the heavyweight champ right off the bat.   Setting goals that have a long-term end and then break them down into smaller chunks to be able to cross them off.



“Dream with your eyes open, for a goal without action is only a wish”


If your goals are not realistic and attainable, you’ll get frustrated and most likely quit.  Set them to be met every week to maintain your enthusiasm and momentum.  This is where that mentor is good.  They can see what you are trying to achieve and help you break it down.



Step 7.  Making daily resolutions toward reaching your goals.


What can you do on a daily basis that will take the action you need to finish strong?  For example,  I have three things that need to be done everyday.  That is not a lot and if I get up and do them first thing, I have accomplish those first steps.   I have met my goal for the day, made myself feel better and then I have the rest of the day to  work on expanding and starting the larger projects.


Think of it as learning that new exercise;

……. eating those veges instead of that cookie,

……. walking for an extra 30 minutes.

……. Focusing and meditating for 15 minutes.

……. Finding that good book to feed your mind for those other 15 minutes.


That is your pat on the back!


Step 8.  Set up your Budget.


When you are looking at a Diet and Exercise plan, you are setting up your calories for the day.  Well, the same is true for a business.   You need to set up a budget and know how much you can give for that ad or training session.  Knowing that you need to invest in yourself to achieve your goals.  This can be in training, counseling, mentoring, programs, etc. It will make or break your business.


Here is a tip for your weight:  If you are obese and sedentary, multiply your goal weight by 10 as a starting point.  (I am learning this point from Maggie Greenwood-Robinson, PhD in her book the Biggest Loser Success Secrets).



10 Steps To Get Started |  The Diet and Exercise For Your Business.


Step 9:  Plan to be active


You have heard all the experts say to play for 60 minutes a day.  That is a good starting point, but I am not your doctor, so take medical advice before starting any exercise.


But, in a home based business, if you are not doing at least 3 to 4 hours of good hard work a day then you are not going to play with the big wigs.  It shouldn’t take all day, or you need to ask yourself why.


It is your business and your work ethic, so work where you want to get to, but within reason or you will quit before you see your results.   Been there, done that!


And finally.


Step 10:  Expect those Hurdles


Being able to go up and over obstacles, Being able to leap with stride to win the race.


“If you slip up today, jump back in the game tomorrow by eating less, exercising more, or both.  With a little motivation and dedication, you’ll find yourself fit and full of energy this year, and losing weight may be just a bonus.”


May your Diet and Exercise For Your Business be a success,





P.S. 10 steps to get started |  The Diet and Exercise For Your Business. The real challenge in transformation and business is not only figuring out what to do, it’s having the courage and the drive to actually do it.



P.P S. If you are ready to get on the right road and get a fresh start in life and business, then I have just what you are looking for.  See how others are doing it by clicking the button above.




Bonus:   (for those like me who have a sugar craving):


How to Kill Your Sugar Addiction Before It Kills You


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17 thoughts on “10 Steps To Get Started | The Diet and Exercise For Your Business.

  1. This is great. I think excuses are the biggest thing that keeps people from starting. I notice I do it too “Ill stop eating desserts after THIS one.” Great way to everyone thinking.

  2. I love the daily resolutions! I have been struggling with motivation while building a business and recently had to take the bull by the horns and get to work. This post was timely. I am so going to try the daily resolutions as a simple reminder of my “big picture”

    1. In our system we have eight core commitments that keep us going. They help us focus and get our jobs done. would you like to learn more on how to get those resolutions playing that big role? Here is a link. Enjoy.

  3. Love this! I can totally see the connection between the two, and it really helps me relate. I have a health/exercise/diet plan for myself, and it’s great to apply these steps to my blog too. Thank you!

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