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A Brand Tagline is something that is recognizable and grabs your attention. An Attractive Slogan is something that leaves a lasting effect.  So when you are branding and creating a logo, this is very important.  You want to be attractive and remembered.  What’s Your Punchline


How many taglines for companies can you think of right off the top is your head?   


The Nike. Swoosh


The Facebook thumbs up


The Starbucks  green circle


The Unstoppable Family

The Dream Team

The Totally Inspired Living Tribe


or do you want to be attracted to and have a “Slogan


LOVE NEW YORK – NY State Dept., 1977

HAVE A COKE AND A SMILE – Coca Cola, 1979

HAVE IT YOUR WAY – Burger King, 1973





CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW – Verizon, 2002


GOT MILK – California Milk Processor Board, 1993


IT’S THE REAL THING – Coca Cola, 1970

A LITTLE DAB’LL DO YA – Brylcreem, 1950s

DOUBLE YOUR PLEASURE, DOUBLE YOUR FUN – Wrigley’s Doublemint, 1959

SHARE THE FANTASY – Chanel No. 5, 1979



You get the picture!  Quit trying to compare yourself with others



What’s Your Punchline



I have found nine things to have on your checklist when creating one for yourself.  I can share a few with you, but if you want the whole list you need to check out my teaching program.   


Mass Influence



  • It’s honest
  • It’s not boring. Or cliché
  • It’s professional
  • It’s original and unique, like your brand
  • It’s yours.  
  • etc…….



When you are creating your Brand Tagline, it can be cute, funny, flippant or irrelevant, but they generally have little to do with what makes a brand successful. Taglines are like the sweepers that come in after the event, But they seldom position the brand.


[tweet_box design=”box_03″]Slogans are different. A good slogan sums up a company’s strategy[/tweet_box].


Why stay at Motel 6? Not because they leave the light on for you. Check the website and you’ll find the answer: “Lowest price of any national chain.” That’s the real slogan for Motel 6, an idea they should hammer in the advertising.


Why would anyone want to use a tagline, — especially since the word connotes a secondary, throwaway idea? Dictionary definition: “Last line of an actor’s speech.”  What’s the punchline.


tag line


Noun: tagline

a catchphrase or slogan, especially as used in advertising, or the punchline of a joke.


Unlike taglines, battle cries or slogans are used at the beginning of a battle. Not at the end. They set the tone for the entire campaign.


Consider this proverb by Benjamin Franklin: “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” In 14 words, Franklin used four memory-enhancing techniques: Two rhymes, two alliterations, one repetition and one reversal.



How do you want to be remembered.    A tagline will bring them in ….  a slogan will have a lasting effect.   


Attractive Slogan


In our social networking,  your brand tagline is what is important.  It is all about trying to grab someone’s attention in a short time period,  what about 8 seconds.   That is like getting right to the punchline so they will stop in their tracks to see what it is that you have to say.


Did You know that your heart can see more than your eyes? 


When you are relating your tagline and your brand, “who you want the world to see”.  Think about this……. your message is key, so your tagline or slogan is the lock that needs to be easily opened,  do you see it now?


When Tom Bodett was recording a radio commercial for Motel 6, he found the script was a few seconds short. So to finish the spot, he ad-libbed a few words. The line was an instant hit with consumers. Even today, almost 30 years later, Tom Bodett’s Motel 6 spots end with the tagline, “And we’ll leave the light on for you.”


Now that you have your brand,  (see last week’s blog) and a great brand tagline.    How do we send it out?



What’s Your Punchline for the big Finish


Action taking.


Video is a great way to get people to know you.  It lets you add a visual to your tagline. It gives your brand that personal touch to let others connect with you by looking into your eyes.


One thing to remember,  the Internet can be very powerful for you, but it can also be your worst enemy.   Your messages need to be congruent with who you want others to see.  They need to be sending the same message.  What’s Your Punchline!


Bringing together your videos,  product, core message, tagline and overall brand allows you to know who you are and who you are not.  This is important so that you are not making conflicting promises and statements to your followers.


Are you coming across with a focus, and a cause?  


[tweet_box design=”box_08″]What does your tagline say about you?  [/tweet_box]


When you are aligned with what you want your message to represent, people know that and are more likely to trust you, and refer you and your products to others.  Also, knowing who you are will help you when people ask “what is it that you do?”    


That really makes you think.  


I got so frustrated when I started.  I said I was working online and they said “doing what”?   I stumbled so many times and always got the stare and the response “Oh, that sounds nice”.  


When you know your story, your reasons why you do something, and where you want to take that, then your answer is easy.  


Want to know how I answer that now?  



“My blog is a self-improvement site disguised as a business, My Secret Jar has lots of Ideas for escaping and creating the Life you truly want to live.”  



Enough now with just the taglines.   We will continue on finding: “who you want the world to see”. Keep me on your favorites.




If you liked the ideas you read and would like to know more about “Brand Tagline | Attractive Slogan | What’s Your Punchline” come and watch this super short video and get in on the training we have available. Watch it here.  

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14 thoughts on “Brand Tagline | Attractive Slogan | What’s Your Punchline

  1. Interesting fact about the “Can You Hear Me Now?” thing. Verizon never got that trademarked and copyrighted, so the guy who’s saying it in the commercial retained the rights to it. Verizon tried to sue, and were very confused on why they lost. Apparently, no one thought it was worth the time to get that phrase trademarked and copyrighted.

  2. What an extremely valuable post!

    So many people miss this important step. A slogan and tagline is so helpful to having you be remembered and stand out from the crowd.

    “Building a Business Whilst Having A life!”

    Powerful stuff right there!

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