One Thing To Improve My Focus On My #1 Priority.


Why is it that you cannot focus?  What are one thing that I can do to improve my focus for my #1 priority. I guess first off, I need to know exactly what my #1 priority is!


Have you found yourself in the same situation?


When you get that question straighten out,  then you can see why you fail at your focus.  


All through life we were taught to look busy, to always have something to do.   Maybe not always taught, but if you look busy, then others might not say that you are lazy or should go and get a job.   


On the other hand, “if you want something done, ask a busy person”, right?


Others, especially moms are constantly doing something.   Usually running around in circles if I remember it right.  But there was always something to do.


The problem is, did you ever really stop to see what it was you were doing!  Did you focus on it or was it something that you just did.  We forget one important aspect, the #1 priority that we give ourselves.   

 Why Improve Our focus

We forget to ask the question:  “WHY”?




One Thing To Improve My Focus On My #1 Priority.




If your day is like mine, you have many things on your to-do list.  (Or at least you should if you are running a business.)  The way you go about tackling them is a sign of success, or a sign of failure.


How do you want yours to come out at the end of the day?  


As you read this I want you to stop and look at your list.  Do you have a why for each thing on it?  Is it important to achieve your goal?  Are your goals set high enough and exciting enough for you to take the massive action needed?


Improve Your FocusSometimes the best way to learn about success is to look at failures.  Success leaves clues, as does failures.   Let’s start to find our clues, and then we can find our focus.


What we are going to do today is to take those failures and learn how to change them and improve the focus on the #1 priority.   Have you figured that out yet?



One Thing To Improve My Focus On My #1 Priority.



Your #1 priority should be your success in everything that you do.  Learning how to change our failures or mistakes will surely improve our focus.   


Personally I have made a lot of mistakes, but a billionaire once told me, “we’re all just winging it”, so you are not alone.  Everyone is doing the best they think they can (which is less than they really can).  


Now that you had a chance to look at that list again.  


Have you added more or taken a few off.  


A list does not always put things in order of priority.  Take today for example.  I have had a few things on my list for a while.  Kept putting them on the bottom.  Oh, I will get to it someday.   


Did you know that those are the things that can corrupt your focus more than anything?  

 Inner Circle

We make a list, because things seem to be important enough to write them down.   Taking the time and action to get them done will give you a sense of accomplishment, and improve your focus for your #1 priority.


People give up too early, they think their goals are too big and do not break them down properly.  That is a clue of overwhelmment!  Then we do not get anything done,  just keep adding to the list, or throw it away all-together.


Only when you know your “WHY” and your #1 priority, then you will be willing to take the action to get what you want done.


One Thing To Improve My Focus On My #1 Priority.


Everyone knows it’s important to set goals.  People who set goals create dramatically different outcomes to people who don’t.


#1 Priority

The one’s who lose their focus just end of doing things without meaning or purpose.  With absolutely no certainty of the outcome.  They might get things done, but have not improved on their #1 priority.


We all want success, we all want to have smaller lists.  But we all want to set big goals.  Success usually comes not from setting really crazy goals, but it comes from setting smart crazy goals.   


What’s the difference?  


If your goal or task isn’t exciting enough for you to warrant massive action to achieve it, you won’t take any action at all.  Decide what you want and why you want it and take the action needed to get it done.



One Thing To Improve My Focus On My #1 Priority.


One more thing I can do to improve my focus on my #1 priority is to have a strategy.  


Failures don’t strategize!


See if you can relate to this or know a few like this.   


You join an opportunity, go through a few videos or training, get started.  Tell a few other people, post a few ads before you know what it is that you actually have.  Sit back and wonder why nothing happens, and then just QUIT!  


Is that a strategy?


The winners are the ones who plan and create a clear focus on what their #1 priority is.  You need to know the variables;  like traffic, leads, sales, up-sells.  You need to know what you have in order to even know what strategy to take.  


Next thing I need to do to improve my focus on my #1 priority is to be consistent.  


When do you get anything done if you keep changing how you do things or even what you are doing.  Jumping around from deal to deal or group to group, or having way too many social media sites to keep track of.  


But, you try!  WHY?  There is that question again.


Did you realize that by trying your brain associates that with failing.  Stop trying and start doing.  Be consistent with one thing and then add more as you become consistent with that.


Start and then follow through will definitely improve your focus on your #1 priority.  Remember your “WHY”?


Yes we all have a little A D D..   It can be hard to sit in one place for awhile and get something done.  We all get distracted and go off path, but successful people always come back and follow through.  

One Thing To Improve My Focus On My #1 Priority.



Improving your focus on your #1 priority can also mean that you are invested in it.


 Did you know that if you spend money on something that you will be more likely to follow through and make time to get it done?


When you found something to put on your priority list, it should take the stance as being important.  But, do you get all in or just get your foot wet, so to speak?  


If you truly want to get results fast, you need to buy a few tools or services in the beginning.  Most failures are afraid of spending money to create what they want or are going for.

 Inner Circle

When you are not following your “why”or you are just trying to find the easiest way, you end up spending more than you should have and still failing to improve.



To be truly in, you need to give it the work it needs, the time it needs and the money that it needs.  All together your focus will have meaning and purpose to achieve the goals you set for yourself.



Investing in yourself doesn’t mean going out and buying that new outfit or desk for you to work on.   It means to invest in your inner growth, your inner spirit, and your inner study to grow into a bigger person.  



Keeping your #1 priority in focus and knowing what it takes to get there requires you to grow into a person of great character and strength.  This applies to every business in the world, and it doesn’t stop there.  Relationships, health, and spirituality.


In all the facets of life, you’ll notice this about successful people in general.  They are interesting, they have invested in themselves for a long period of time. Realizing this, it’s not hard to see why rich people stop hanging out with poor people.  


Improving your focus on your #1 priority does not rely on other people to giving it to us.  You need to want to go after it and want it badly.  But, it doesn’t mean to do it the same as everyone else.  



One Thing To Improve My Focus On My #1 Priority.


Depending on what your #1 priority is, you can’t be afraid of delegating.  To have success think about this for a minute.   It’s either time or money.  Delegating it to others will help you get your to-do list done in a shorter amount of time if you have more than yourself doing it.  Think of it as paying your kids to do their chores, they got done and you didn’t have to do them.  


Then you can focus more on the rest of your list.


When you learn how to play your strengths and outsource your weaknesses you are already on the winning side.



So Did you learn how to Improve your focus?  What is your #1 priority and why are you doing it.  If you truly want it, there should be no plan B.



Inner Circle


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11 thoughts on “One Thing To Improve My Focus On My #1 Priority.

  1. Hi Sandy, I have such a problem with focus.Sometimes I feel like I just have too many things going on at once. I’m trying to make a goal this year to focus on my business first, other things second. And you’re right, it’s extremely important to have a strategy for doing so.

    Thank you for sharing these tips

  2. Hi Sandy,

    Great post! Improving your focus is so important to having success, this I know, because when I do not “focus” on what I need to do daily I get all anxious and I do not like to feel like that lol. Thanks for sharing this awesome topic as bloggers and network markers we all need to learn how to focus 🙂

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