Turn Chaos Into Order | How Are You Empowered


How does chaos start? We really don’t set our day out to make a mess of things.  Or at least we don’t try.  But as the day progresses, what happens….. things get piled up, things get scattered and before you know it, CHAOS. Let’s Turn Chaos Into Order | How are you Empowered.


Is Chaos a problem for you or does that come from what empowers you?


Here let me explain….


Chaos is just a word, and from that word we can take it many ways.  For me, the chaos in my office show progress.  It is knowing that I am being empowered to create and grow toward achieving my goals.  


Now in the rest of my house, the chaos might be just a mess that needs to be straightened up and cleaned.  


Depending on how you look at it and how you want it to effect what you are doing, is how it can empower you or drain you .  What I will show you today is to how to create a gentle spirit in a lot of chaos, and turn it into how you are empowered.



Turn Chaos Into Order | How are you Empowered



Learning how to keep your focus on the goal at hand will keep your chaos empowered.  Don’t be trapped by the regrets of the past or the routine of the future.  You need to have your heart and soul in control of your destiny to truly be happy.  


Sometimes we never stop long enough to really look at what we are doing or where we are going.   Each year we make resolutions that get broke, we set the kids off to school, it seems like the routine just keeps rewinding. You have this sport, then that sport, this concert, then that concert. Year after year,  the same.   


Every week I hear, “Is it Friday yet?”  What is it that you are looking forward to?  


I didn’t realize until that routine stopped, that I had been stuck.  Where was I truly going?  How was I being empowered to make myself be remembered.  Was I truly doing what I liked to do, had I made a life for myself, or was I just living. My chaos had piled up.



To truly be empowered you need to have powerful goals enough to pull you away from the gravity of the past.   To pull yourself through to the brightness of the future.   The change you really want and life you want to achieve.   


Turn Chaos Into Order | How are you Empowered



I want to share with you a training I am doing to help you set your path and teach you how to turn chaos into order and become empowered.  





How are you empowered?  


Empowerment can come in many forms. But it doesn’t always come  from the ones you might imagine.  


I have always been a go to person, someone who wants to achieve things and get things done. But until I found Empower Network I didn’t know what was truly possible.   


My business isn’t like a normal traditional business.  Not just because it is all online, but because it shares what your lifestyle can be as you run a business and make sense of all that chaos.


Again, let me explain.


Turn Chaos Into Order | How are you Empowered


Do you have a place that teaches.  Does it teach different things to different people.   How they can be empowered by who they are and what they have to share with others.



To give you a start.  This is one of the trainings I have  ……  it is to empower us and help us set powerful goals in whatever it is that we want to achieve..    


Here is what I want you to do…….



  1. Write 5 things you already achieved that you are proud of.


  1. What are the 50 most wanted things that you want to get done. (10 year goals)


Is that hard?   


Good….. it makes you realize that goals have to be powerful and almost seem impossible for you to stay with it and really want to reach it.  


But, I am not going to leave you out to dry.   As you are thinking of these, think of ways that you can reach out for help.   We don’t need to do it alone!   That is the mistake that a lot of us make.


Then again you are pulling yourself back and letting the gravity keep you stuck.  


Give me that hand.  



One way that I found that helps me point to what I want and the direction my empowerment needs to go, is to do some kind of training on what I am learning.  


You will hear a lot of our leaders say, that if you want to calm the chaos and empower your future you need to “learn, teach and share”.



How are you empowered today?  




Did you find something useful in this post?  Turn Chaos Into Order | How are you empowered.  With the program I want to share with you, it will help you find the chaos in your life that you need and the empowerment to pull you toward the most outrageous goal  you could ever dream of.

Click Here for access.


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18 thoughts on “Turn Chaos Into Order | How Are You Empowered

  1. Chaos in my house is most certainly the mess that my 3 year old tornado leaves in her path. It is the dog hair from my 2 dogs that drives me insane. Chaos is when the crying won’t stop and the day seems like it is never going to end. But I am empowered from my 3 year old’s hugs, her love, and the look in her eyes when mommy is there to play because the mess on the floor doesn’t matter, the dog hair flying in the air doesn’t matter and the crying will stop, eventually. I am empowered to be a better mom because of what my day brings!

    1. Oh, how I can relate to the dog hair. But I remember the days of screaming children and I will say I miss it sometimes. Hold tight, they grow up so fast.

  2. Hey Sandy,

    What empowers me when I feel like chaos may rein on my day, is the fact that I choose to do what I am doing.

    I certainly can appreciate how you defined different chaos. Some make you work in a positive way and other chaos can be overwhelming. I never focus on any chaos that I have not created by myself.

    I actually like time pressures and too much work (well on most days) so I thrive in chaos. On tired days when I think of my day and its all to much, I just take it one step at a time and I don’t have to hit my expectations. I am gentle on myself in these days. Thanks for the reminder that I enjoy chaos.


  3. I love the feeling of being SUPER stressed but then at the end of the day you look at your to – do list and you cross everything off!! BEST 🙂 Accomplishment is the best feeling ever!

  4. Great post and tips! I guess it’s all a matter of perspective, right? Sometimes, when my house is a mess and tedious tasks keep piling, I find myself comparing what I can’t accomplish now to all the things I accomplished before. But then I have to remind myself that OF COURSE things were easier to get done when I had none or just one kid. Now I have three, so OF COURSE my time will be spread a little more thin. I have to remind myself every day not to be so hard on myself. Thanks for the empowerment tips! 🙂

  5. I love how you tell people to write down the things they’ve accomplished first. I think that helps make you realize what can be done going forward. There is definitely chaos in my house, and most is motivating.

    1. Shann, I did this first with my kids when they were young. It was more to build self esteem , but as they look at their accomplishments like any ribbons, (did matter what). Or the picture they drew, the sports they played in. (didn’t matter if they were the best) I wanted them to know that they were important and to always remember that they made a difference. It really worked.

  6. Hi Sandy,

    It’s so true that if we don’t keep our attention on the journey (or the goal), chaos will definitely show up.

    Trying to be in too many places at once never leads to good things.
    I love what you said about how the gravity of the past can keep us down. It’s amazing how this can creep into our lives and alter the circumstances as they appear in the present.

  7. Great post Sandy! Sometimes life throws so many curves at us, it seems hard to focus on the things that matter most amidst the chaos. “Learning how to keep your focus on the goal at hand will keep your chaos empowered.” Love that:) Thanks for sharing1

  8. Awesome blog post Sandy, it’s all about perception, even with chaos, I will tell my girlfriend when she frowns next time about my mess… chaos in my office…:-)

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