Going Off The Grid | Professional Learning Breakdown


What is it that you do to make money?  Have you followed the traditional way or are you “Going Off The Grid”? Are you in a Professional Learning Breakdown?


In the day and age of what I grew up, we were trained and positioned for the traditional way.  You know, go to school, get educated, meet professional learnerpeople who could get us that good paying job.   


It seemed like to raise a family we needed two paychecks to keep up with all the things we wanted to do.  That was how we were trained.  You had the house to pay for, the car to pay for and then you were locked in the traditional way.


But what does that make us,  Professional learners?  We always seem to have to learn more to keep up, learn more to get that next level of income.  Learn more to climb up the ladder of success.  Just google it and you will see that there are About 2,880,000 results, where people are searching to get more.  



What if I could tell you it doesn’t have to be that way to be successful.  


You don’t have to be stuck in the era of “ask and you shall receive”  You can move on and learn how to “give to others and then receive back”! Be off the grid!

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Going Off The Grid | Professional Learning Breakdown



Let’s take our learning to a whole new level.  Let’s Adopt A New Idea!  Professional Learning Breakdown.  


There are really only two ways to make money


  1. Solve a problem
  2. Provide massive value

Going Off the Grid

When we make the shift to go “off the grid”  what is it that we must do.  Who are we working for, and how do we do it?


First things first.  We make the decision to start providing massive value to others and helping them solve their problems.  


Learning to help others. That is the key.


We become experts on pointing.  Yes pointing.  As bloggers, we find new ideas that will solve problems and direct our readers to the solutions.   That is truly what marketing is all about.  An “Ah-Ha” moment., a new breakdown.


I had this resolution that I was going to become a better marketer.  But growing up in the traditional way for so long, my notion was all wrong.  I had it in my mind that I could not sell anything, because I had failed in so many home based business opportunities.


But what I didn’t realize was that I failed because I presented it wrong.  I didn’t look at my marketing as producing a solution to solving a problem.  Learning the turning point to your change.

Turning Points


Going Off The Grid | Professional Learning Breakdown


When I finally decided that I wanted OUT of the traditional way and needed to escape.  I found myself “off the grid”.  Free to adopt a new way of living, a  new way of thinking, a new way to increase my income.  It was all coming from me.


I am not a professional learner anymore.  I am a professional giver.  I learn, teach and then share.  


I am bridging the gap between someone who has  and someone who needs.

Break Free 

Being off the grid makes you accountable for what you do.  People achieve what they expect.  We need to learn to expect more. Break free and Expand your reach.


Let me explain……


When you have a traditional job in the system, they look at “what you know”, “who you know” and the “experience that you have”.  Along with that comes the struggles, the stress, the show up or no paycheck robot lifestyle.




when you go “off the grid” they don’t care about what you know, they don’t care about who you know, they don’t care about if you show up or not.  What they DO care about is what YOU DO!


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What you contribute and share.  How many problems you can help with.  


There are no titles ……  it’s how much value you can deliver.


To truly shift and get Off The Grid, Adopt A New Idea and Break The Professional learning mode, and share it with the ones who need it.  Implement a plan to get moving and see the growth in all areas that you touch.




If you received value from this post Going Off The Grid | Professional Learning Breakdown and want to learn more, I have the perfect solution for you.  Put your learning into doing.  This program has allowed me to do just that, and has taught me how.  Come and find out for yourself.  Get off the Grid.


get started now************************

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13 thoughts on “Going Off The Grid | Professional Learning Breakdown

  1. There’s more than one way to skin a cat, my nan used to say! Making money is no exception. We should all be open to new ideas and moving with the times. We now have the best opportunities to live our lives the way we want to whilst still making a good living! Thanks for the share Sandy!

  2. Loved this post. Yes… Learn, teach, and then share. I do this all of the time as a homeschool mother. I have to learn a subject, teach it to my children and then share it on my blog. I loved your tips… solve a problem… help others is key…provide value…

  3. Hi, Sandy

    If we have the solutions for the problems of the clients, the bigger the problems the bigger the cash flow.

    In fact, we are born to solve other problems according to Bible. Therefore, no need to chase the people, but seek the problems.

    Thanks for sharing!

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