Do you know where you are going? | Goal Setting


Do you know where you are going?


Do you know what you will do when you get there?


It’s April 17th, and as I am enjoying my morning cup of coffee I sit at my computer imagining I am on the walking path that the screen is showing, smelling the fresh air of the spring flowers.  


Getting back to work, I logged into my back office of Empower Network to check my messages and totals to get my day started, and I see my earnings total hit $16770.00 for the month.  I refreshed the screen to make sure that I saw it correctly.  A feeling of excitement rushed over me and I sit up in my chair, almost spilling my coffee, knowing that I have accomplished my goal.  


As I look up and see the notes on my wall and around my desk I know they have been guiding me along.  And I thank the ones who helped me along the way.


I give out a great big “YES” with my hands, getting my households attention as my dog runs in to see if I called her, and I feeling so powerful.  I did it and there is only more to come.  It is so easy for me to make my sales.   I am going to walk proudly across the stage and show my accomplishment at the event in just a couple of days in Nashville.  


To celebrate further my husband and I are going to be traveling on a Cruise this August and enjoying life and its wonders the way it should be.

Do you know where you are going? | Goal Setting


A question for you “Do you know where you are going?



Making a goal like that is not hard when you have the right training and the leaders to guide you on your path.  


There are four basic steps


  1. Goal for you to see
  2. The evidence of where it will be accomplished.
  3. A reward to celebrate
  4. a clear vision around you that will make it seem real.

Do you know where you are going? | Goal Setting



Is it hard to see what you want as an outcome? 


Many people will skip this step when they are setting goals.  The say I want this, I want that.  But, if you can’t feel it or see it in your heart and in your vision, then it will always be a want and not be accomplished.



Can you see a vision that I have and how I make it glow? Do you know where you are going? And How Goal Setting can change your outlook?  If you want to learn how to vision YOUR success this way, I have the perfect training for you. Just Click this button to get in.

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13 thoughts on “Do you know where you are going? | Goal Setting

  1. I am certainly a goal setter but more than that, I am a goal getter! Your four steps are simple and easy to follow! I love the idea of rewarding myself when a goal is reached

  2. Hey Sandy,

    Firstly congratulations on you hitting our goals, I love to hear that. It never gets old or boring. You feel a sense of pride when you hear that. And the cruise well that makes me a little envious. It gets me excited. Because I have started to walk the path you are say “Yes” to.

    I like how you looked around your room. I got a picture in my mind of all these post it notes and scrap pieces of paper around the room with affirmations and motivational statements stuck to your wall. You were never going to let anything get in the way.

    It’s the first post of the day and it was brilliant to read. Hope you are going to write a post on what happens in Nashville. Would love to hear about that.


    1. I am so glad to hear that you could see my vision when you read my goal. Would you like to learn how to write goals like this?
      If you don’t mind me asking. I am learning so much and find myself wanting more. What a joy of a business I have. I would love to hear about what your goals are. And oh yes, I will share with you my event in Nashville.

  3. I have goals and I know what I would like but I’m not sure how to get there.this is totally not healthy because I want to give up…workout goals are easy…homeschool goals are easy…marriage goals are easy…but blogging goals are hard for me. There is so much advice out there. It takes so much work to promote your blog. I wish I just could write a post and be done with it. I have lots to learn…

    1. It doesn’t have to be that hard to promote your blog. I would love to help and share with you what others in our world are doing.
      May I ask what purpose your blog serves? Is it for pleasure or income?

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