How I Used The “Rat Race” to Create My Dream Life


Is it time to get out of the “rat race”!  Boy I think so.  I need to escape and let my brain work on other things.


What are people driven by?  


Why do they end up in the rat race time after time, when that is what they are trying to avoid in the first place?


I have been studying a lot about human behavior lately and this is what I have found.


  1. All humans are motivated to seek pleasure and avoid pain.
  2.  Seek social acceptance and avoid rejection
  3.  Seek hope and avoid fear.


I have seen it time and time again, that humans are running all over the place to seek the pleasure that they don’t realize it really brings on more pain and stress.


We try to be social, but think we have no friends because they didn’t like our post.   


We all seek hope and salvation, but the fear will haunt us.


Mass Influence

How I Used The “Rat Race” to Create My Dream Life



How do your actions on a day to day basis motivate you in the right direction and help you get out of the rat race?



“What causes us to take action is not the reward itself, but the need to alleviate the craving for the reward.”. (Hooked: How To Build Habit-Forming Products, by Nir Eyal)



………. How can you personally pivot?  

………. How can you apply current or new skills in a different way?  

………. How can you enact a dramatic change in your life?  

………. Have the courage to pursue a new path even in the face of self-doubt.  Transform yourself by stepping into the great unknown.  



On my journey out of the rat race, I was searching for a way to make money away from the traditional way.  I came across an online company, it is a business to helps you do just that.   I can be in my home, in my car, on vacation, at the coffee shop.  You name it, I have the freedom to make money outside of the “rat race”.



But little did I know at first is, that yes it is my business but, it is disguised as a self improvement, mind growing, pleasure seeking, and social interacting community.  The heart of this company is the heart to succeed.


Just what I was searching for!


What I mean is I get to explore my passions, write about my passions, and tell the world about my passions, yet have a company behind me that helps me do just that.  They provide me with the tools and the know how to reach for the stars.  Away from the “rat race”!

 Finding Your Escape

I am OK at doing what I am doing…I am more powerful than ever before!  If you want to join my work, more power you will receive too.  Escape from the “Rat Race”!



Isn’t it time for you to expand and escape the Rat Race?



How I Used The “Rat Race” to Create My Dream Life And how you can see what it can do for you.  Continue on and see what others have done.  CLICK the button NOW.



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4 thoughts on “How I Used The “Rat Race” to Create My Dream Life

  1. How wonderful for you Sandy to find something to help you escape the Rat Race. Life takes on such a new and special meaning when we aren’t on the treadmill of life. I’m so happy for you and thank you for sharing your story. Have a great weekend. #FridayReflections

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