What Does A Social Attitude Mean | What Kind Of Week Has It Been


Social attitude can come from so many sources.  The ones that we choose to keep is the key to how your week has been.  What does a social attitude mean and what kind of a week did you have?


Keys to think about as you are muddling through.  


……Does your attitude affect those around you?


……Does your attitude affect your work effort?


…….Does your attitude affect your communication?


Negativity is one of the biggest destroyers of attitude.



In the audio I was listening to today, from the Inner Circle Program,  it was talking about negativity in social media and how it can affect your attitude and others around you.


Inner Circle


What Does A Social Attitude Mean | What Kind Of Week Has It Been



I have nine key points for you to see and keep in mind, when you are on social media.


1.    Denial.  Not being aware of what you are saying and sharing.  Talking negative and posting negative things hurts more than you think.  

It is easier to write something down and post it than to say it to someone’s face.  


So my point is, is that if you can not say it without hurting someone, then why would you post it on social media?


2.   Negativity goes viral.  Posts feed it and the media feed on it.  


Think about the things that you see all over the place.  Is it good news or bad?   More people want to know how someone messed up than how they saved the day.  Remember the deflated football, or how the mayor of a small town was saying horrible things about the President and his wife.    Those posts were just fed and fed by everyone and went viral.  


3.   Arguments poison our attitudes.    Have you ever had an argument with someone on social media, or at least saw someone else doing it.   How did it make you feel?


4.  Negativity attracts negativity from others.  Who has heard of this before?


When something goes bad you tell 10.

When something is good you tell 1



The negative people get stuck in their anger because it keeps getting fed.  Then the next person joins in and then the next.   After a while it is all blown out of proportion.

We DO have the control to stop this.   To control this.  I have an exercise for you to try.  


                 ……only post positive things and be positive in everything you do for a week and see how you feel.   Smile, and laugh.


5.   Become aware …..  When you lose focus on goals, your mindset is all wrong. When you are negative you tend not to get done what you need, you loose sight of where you are going and eventually give up.


6.  Negativity is the recipe for poverty, sorrow, and failure.  It’s sad that most people will justify why they are where they are.  Oh, one thing I kept hearing from my friend over and over again.  “I’m glad I have a job.  I don’t really like it, but it pays the bills.”


7.  Destroys friendships! Have you ever had to block friends on your social media sites because they are so negative.    You see their character through your posts.  After a while you don’t even want to hang out with them because the bring you down.  


We were all born sinners and we have been programmed to be negative. Growing up you probably learned the word NO before any other word.  I am here to tell you that  “You can be in control of this”!   Focus and practice.


8.   It causes arguments and fighting back. Negativity is written to see over and over and over to feed more negativity.  It jumps out at you on every page and the overwhelming feeling to voice your opinion is hard to resist. 


9.  Programs your subconscious mind.     Have you ever studied how the mind works?  It is a magical mysterious thing.


What Does A Social Attitude Mean | What Kind Of Week Has It Been



With the challenge I gave you, I want to ask you how is the easiest way to keep it? What Kind Of Week Has It Been



It all starts with what you feed your mind on a daily basis.  Do you have inspirational audios, do you have the training needed to keep your mindset focused?



How are you going to improve where you are going to be in the future? What kind of a week has it been?



Do you have a business structure around you that gives you guidelines and commitments for you to follow to help you shape what you want out of life?  



[fancy_box id=2]Might I give you a suggestion on a great program that has been an inspiration for me and has changed my attitude in so many ways.  It’s called the Inner Circle and is updated weekly from leaders who have been through it all.[/fancy_box]



Again I want to ask you:  What attitude did you get this week? What Kind of a Week has it been?


Attitude can come from so many sources.  The ones that we choose to keep is the key to how your week has come through.





If you are looking to have that attitude adjustment and to learn,What Does A Social Attitude Mean, then to erase the negativity from your life; the I would love to introduce you to what I am doing.  Just follow this simple shortcut and change your life for the better.

get started now


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7 thoughts on “What Does A Social Attitude Mean | What Kind Of Week Has It Been

  1. I believe in positive attitude and try to stay away from people who add negativity to my life. I believe that positive aura is very important for success and happiness in life. Thanks for sharing this post with us.

    1. I have had to block past friends. I have been learning a lot about how to grow as a person and build a business that I like. And weeding out what others do needs to be part of it. Thank you for reading.

  2. Personally, it’s been a great week for me. I tend to drown out all the negative stuff especially this time of the year when political rants are flowing. However, sometimes I find I just can’t help myself and I have to chime in. Yeah, that person inside of me that wants to shut people up takes over and lets em have it. 🙂

    However, I am learning… Control 🙂

    Great article!


    1. Brenda, we all lose control sometimes, that is what makes us human. I do agree that the politicians can over take it. Positive thought going your way.

  3. I really try to have a positive attitude everywhere and all of the time. I know what a great impact it can have on those around me. Especially as a mom I have to always give off good vibes. And always trying to shake out off a bad day by praying and focusing on all the good stuff in life. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    1. Finding your focus is so important. If it is strong enough it will override all the negative. If you need to know how to get that focus, I have been learning that a lot lately. Come and ask.

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