#1 Sin of Marketing | Don’t Be Boring


Marketing is one of the oldest things that the world has known.  It is in every place you turn, but there are way to do it right and ways to turn people away.  The #1 sin in marketing is that you are boring.   


Don’t be boring, people want excitement, people want to be entertained.  People want to see others that they can relate to and things for what they are.   




When you want someone to follow you or get them to have what you have, there has to be jolt of enthusiasm.  


That thrust to have this motivation.


The endurance that people can see they can’t live without what you have.


How do you get that?


Personality is cool, personality is real.  



#1 Sin of Marketing | Don’t Be Boring

Don't Be Boring


The first sin in marketing is being boring and not being yourself!  



You don’t need to have certain clothes or speak a certain way.  You don’t have to be “over the top”. You don’t have to fit in with what everyone else is doing.


 If you are real.



It’s hard for most people to believe, but it’s true:  “the most powerful thing you can do is to be yourself.




Have you ever thought about how you can be real in your marketing?  Do you think it is marketing if you are not pitching all the time?

If you want to learn more on how to be yourself, not boring and be able to market things that you like and love, then here is a great program to get you started.  Just Click here to see what others say.

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2 thoughts on “#1 Sin of Marketing | Don’t Be Boring

  1. The camera never lies – as the saying goes…. your market will know the truth, especially if they watch you on a daily basis!!

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