Follow your passion | What Am I Passionate About


Follow your passion!  Did you ever have someone tell you that?  What am I passionate about?  Do you really know?


Did it ever apply to your career?  


According to Professor Cal Newport of Georgetown University, that advice is “disastrous”!    It has resulted in more failed businesses than all the recessions combined.  He says that:


“Passion is not something you follow” yet, “Passion is something that will follow you as you put in the hard work to become valuable to the world.” 


Creating YourselfFirst of all think about your passion?  


What are you passionate about?


Taking care of the ones you love.


Being honest and open


Being truthful to WHO you are


Having others believe in you, stand behind you and help you do what you do the best.


Finding my own voice and having the life of freedom to share with others.


Follow Your PassionAre you Passionate about work


Passionate about love


Passionate about helping others

Passionate toward animals


What is it that you really love?   



Then ask yourself “will someone pay me for doing that?” 


Potential customers don’t care about your passion.  Potential customers care about giving up money!  If you are running your business on a passion, or hobby it probably won’t be sufficient income to live on.  


[tweet_box design=”default”]The key as an entrepreneur – or as an employee – is to identify a relevant passion. [/tweet_box]


Follow your passion | What Am I Passionate About


  Passion is more of an emotion that you put into your career. By producing something important, gaining respect for it, feeling a sense of control over your life, and feeling a connection to other people – now that gives a real sense of passion. 


If you can portray that in your business or career people will follow, people will give you money. 


Professor Newport say that “work can be broken down into three categories”:

a job, a career, or a calling. 

A job pays the bills;

A career is a path towards increasingly better work;

A calling is work that is an important part of your life and a vital part of your identity”. 


(Clearly most people want their work to be a calling.)   Passion takes time, the more experience you have the more you can see how your work has benefited others.  You have built a strong professional and personal relationships with some of your employees, vendors, and customers.  Where business success is concerned, passion is almost always the result of time and effort.  It’s not a prerequisite.




Follow your passion | What Am I Passionate About


Following your Passion can be a side effect of mastery.  If you practice hard, soon you might find you’re the best in your group, and that motivates you to keep practicing.  Practice and achievement is a gradual, self-reinforcing process.  If the work is interesting and you think there’s a market – meaning people will pay you for that work – that’s enough to get started. 


Then the work itself will give you the feedback you need.  The satisfaction of achieving one level of success spurs you on to gain the skills to reach the next level and the next.   


Do you want to love what you do? 


Do you want a change? 


Do you want to achieve something you can feel is right?  


Then pick something interesting.  Pick something financially viable – something people will pay you to do or provide.  Then work hard; improve your skills; whether at managing, selling, creating, implementing, or whatever your profession requires.  Use the satisfaction and fulfillment of small victories as motivation to keep working hard.  


Follow your passion | What Am I Passionate About 

Creating Yourself

Professor Newport says “Don’t focus on the value your work offers you (your passion), instead focus on the value you produce through your work:  how your actions are important, how you’re good at what you do, and how you’re connected to other people” By doing this the passion will follow and if you work hard enough they will not be able to ignore you.


So, are you following your passion or what are you passionate about? 


[tweet_box design=”default”]Can passion come from a skill you worked hard to achieve or from an interest? [/tweet_box]


Show your passion through your work and applied strong enough, people will feel it and want it and pay gladly for it.   Use your passion skills on all of your goals and inspirations to get the best results.



If you liked what you read on Following your Passion | What am I passionate About and want to learn more about how to develop that, I have just the program for you. 

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17 thoughts on “Follow Your Passion | What Am I Passionate About

  1. Hi Sandy,

    This is a great post and I completely agree with Professor Newport’s quote. It’s true in business we have to have a passion for what we’re doing otherwise there is a likelihood it will not succeed.

    Thanks for sharing this Sandy. Hope you’re having a great week.


  2. Hey Sandy,

    What a passionate post. I agree. First you have to find what your good at. What ignites that fire. Then you have to work out how that can be of value to others. Having a passion won’t bring in the money. But tweaking that passion into something that others want is a win-win.

    Thanks for the reminder.


  3. I really love this. Too many times people say to find your passion, but really it is so true that the passion is a side effect of doing something really well. I’m definitely working on it!

    1. Yes, It took me a while to see that. I was trying to find my niche and passion for so long that I missed the mark. When I found my focus and made a goal, the passion started to come forth.

  4. Hi Sandy,

    Nice Post! I believe that passion comes from skills we developed while working hard as well as our interest which helps us to be committed 100% to achieve our goal. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post with us.

    1. I learned a new formula today (P+T)xAxA= Success. Your Passion plus your Talent times Associations and times actions makes up your success. Be passionate about your talent find mentors and take massive action. The key to all success.

  5. I loved the quote “Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.” I totally want my work to be my calling. This came at a perfect time. Today I read… Proverbs 14:23 “There is profit in all hard work, but endless talk leads only to poverty. I need to work diligently and God will provide.

    1. That is my favorite quote. Finding ones voice in all the chaos of the world and learning to live a strong life. I have been studying a lot about that lately, and finding that I have a voice that others need to hear. Yes God will provide when we learn to live our lives the way it was intended. Thank you for the verse.

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