Following Directions | Importance of Following


You know what I mean: “start here”…… Follow Directions to assemble. Do you see the importance of following?


Have you ever put a child’s toy together or any type of furniture?  What happened when you did?



Were pieces left or not enough?



Did it look like the picture on the box?



If it was a chair “would you sit on it”?



Following Directions | Importance of Following


I will tell you I have taken many things apart and started over more than once.  After a while you learn that it is good to look over the instructions and follow them if they were included.  


What I want to share with you today is a business adventure that, yes, has a set of directions.  We call them the eight core commitments.   


They are not there to tell you “what to do” they are there to “help you” get your business flowing in the right direction.  


I don’t know about you, but this was a first for me.   You see I have started many businesses from my home, many mlms,  childcare, and you name it.  I have always had the entrepreneur bug.  But it was always a big failure.  I bought in, got my stuff, as you call it and started out.  Only problem was……I had no idea where to go!


Needless to say it failed.


Now that I found a “set of Directions to follow”   my business is taking off.  


What do I mean by following direction?  



When you join this business, you not only get all the goodies inside, but you have a set of commitments for you to follow. 



Have a look:



What do they look like to you?


With each one there are is set of videos and explanations.


Look easy?


They are, and when you actually follow them and do them on a daily basis, you are so much farther ahead.


This is why you can’t fail.  It is important to follow the instructions.


I can’t go into each one, but I will tell you they have changed my life.




What is the importance of following directions?  if you would like to know more and need this guidance then CLICK THE LINK and start going in the right direction.





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8 thoughts on “Following Directions | Importance of Following

  1. What a wonderful post Sandy and SO True!
    Everything is right here for us…Laid out and as you said all we need do is follow the directions!

    BTW I’m a huge instruction follower! You’ll never find me with extra pieces that’s for sure!

    Happy Blogging to everyone that joins!
    Remember Just Follow the Directions and you’ll be Wildly Successful!

  2. This is a great post Sandy! Following directions or not can mean the difference in spinning your wheels or accomplishing what needs to be done. I love the 8 core commitments here, they help keep me on track even on the days I don’t feel like doing it. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Doing things consistestly, persistently and keeping things relevant is key to turning things around in a business. Having direction is great as long as you don’t shut yourself off to opportunities that may arise that are not quite on the path you thought you were on. Thanks for the reminder.

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