Wake Up Call |  Are you driving in the wrong direction?


This is your Wake Up Call.  Life is out there.  Are you driving in the wrong direction?


We use so much time and energy in our failure.    Is it all nonsense?   Do you go out of your way to do something? Procrastinating, doing everything else that you have put off first, or make other excuses that took longer than it would have if you would have just done the action in the first place.


Wrong DirectionThis might be hard for some of you to read today.  It might have meaning that you might not want to hear.  But I will tell you there is a way to wake up, move on and start in the direction you want to go.  


Did you know that it takes energy to fail? .  



Think of your physics class back in high school.   

How much energy does it take to resist motion.  Even the idler is using fuel while he dreams.  


Are you safe and doing nothing


Sorry and failing


Human nature makes it easier for us to avoid pain, but by avoiding that pain we also avoid the pleasure.  It’s called the “will to fail”.


Wake up, Life if out there.


Don’t let Fear stops you in your tracks!


Have you ever thought life was beautiful and everything was going on day after day just as it always has and then bam, something hits, you wake up and think where am I.  I will tell you, you are not alone.  


I was that way,  life was just moving around me.  I was not using my full potential to get what I wanted.  I was slowly waking up.


It all comes down to what we believe.  We truly do not believe that we can succeed, there must be some magical force that others have.   Let me tell you, successful people see the same sunsets, breathe the same air, love and are loved no less, but they have one thing more.


What is it?  It’s “Knowledge”!  They have made the decision to move in the direction of life and growth.


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They say it is worth trying for.  They could see themselves doing other things, living other lives and making a difference around them.


Wake up, life is out there. Are you driving in the wrong direction?


Where is the will to fail?


Driving in the wrong directionMost of us disguise our failure in public and to ourselves.  It is not hard to ignore the fact that we are not doing all that we can do. Actually very little of what we get done is what could have been accomplished.  


We pride ourselves thinking we accomplished something, not suspecting how badly we have been cheated.  We have settled for less, hoping that things can change.  Is this just the same old chapter, hoping for a different ending?



Let’s all open our eyes to see the robot lifestyles that so many are following.  Let’s change our will to fail into the will to succeed.  


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As our life continues we wonder how we got where we are.  Has our nightmares come with us too?  


This is the moment a story of escape comes to mind, to remind us that we need to change and step back a moment before we can go forward.  What story am I talking about?  A childhood story about “Alice’s Looking Glass Garden” of others may think of “Alice in Wonderland”.


Are you a victim of the will to fail?  If you have ever thought or told yourself:


  • …. that you will get to that later,
  • …. you will start that next week,
  • …. you have time later.  


Then you are a victim!


Wake up, life is out there. Are you driving in the wrong direction?


The Will to FailWhere are you going?


May I ask?  What have you done today,  have you become prey to the “Will to fail”?  


You might not witness this or even realize it, there are the waking sleepers.  The solitaire-players, the bookworms, the endless crossword puzzlers, the endless time killers.   Without moving this into some kind of action, what do you really get done?


Do you wander through your day doing your chores or other commitments saying this is done, that is done, but only doing them with a small part of your ability and training?  Do you waste your energy over useless details.  


Do you truly develop what was most valuable in yourself, or give way to others?  These are the ones who just fill their day with purposeless activity, or a falsely purposeful routine.  


Will To Fail.


Have you ever wondered why there are so many fantasy groups around.  You know the dreamers and actors of medieval games, or the dreamers that they are in some other place, just to make they feel happier?  Have you ever found yourself wishing you were someplace else and when that happened you would be happier?


Have you found a place like that where you can avoid the pain and the struggle?  You will never have to stand the cut of criticism, you will never see the discrepancy between the finished work you can do and the the work you had hoped to do.  


Something you need to think about that might wake you up, is that if you fail you are rewarded by not running the risk of getting not and tired and discouraged, or sharp-tempered when your co-workers or other things around you happen.   You can say, well if I tried I could have done that too!  Remember when I talked about deceiving ourselves.


By failing one escapes the gossip and the semi-scandalous talk.  But from who are these coming from.  Ones of no importance, or the ones who know the truth.


Now is the time to Wake Up and set right  the direction in which you truly want to go.   No one but you can dictate a private definition of success.


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Success can be confusing and different for all of us.  We learn differently, we explain things differently, we share things differently.   But to have a vivid picture of the goal you want and or hoped to reach, the better your chances are of attaining it.   


Wake up, life is out there.  Are you driving in the wrong direction?


A way to wake up is to act as if it were impossible to fail.  If you are not, or if you have been badly hurt by failure, there may be some difficulty in beginning to act effectively.  Finding the way to begin isn’t as hard as you might think.


I read this recently and it made a lot of sense; “ instead of starting wherever you are, or trying to start, or even swearing that you will start,” take the time first to “make up” your state of mind, the mental condition in which you are going to work. Learning mindset can come in many forms.


First step is to give yourself a model.  


Something in your past that you saw as successful.   


Now transfer  that image and surround yourself with the confidence in your present state.  


Until you can reach, refuse to begin.  


When you find that moment, you no longer have to push yourself to do the work, all your energy is free to push the work alone.   If you are unsure where to start, then start small.  Each victory will help you grow.   


“For those who need be awakened, may your voice be made strong and your life stronger”


I will leave you to ponder on this for now,



Continued on post “Opportunities Arise Everywhere



If you liked Wake up, life is out there.  Are you driving in the wrong direction?  and want to wake up yourself then this is the program that will get you started.  Come and see how your life can be all you want it to be.  It has changed mine. Click the button below to get started.  

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17 thoughts on “Wake Up Call | Are You Driving In The Wrong Direction?

  1. Awesome post Sandy! Sometimes we need to wake up for sure, because we somehow lose our belief or lose sight of our dreams. I just want to say thank you for this wake up call I was driving in the wrong direction, but now have a clear map to where I want to be!

  2. I love your Blog Sandy, I have been hearing the phrase lately, it takes no energy to be a Loser.. It makes perfect sense. We have to wake-up and get Motivated to get anywhere in our lives.

  3. Hey Sandy,

    Great way of putting it. I was a wake sleeper, drifting. I could not nail what I loved doing. At the end of the post you talk about doing things because you love them, with little effort. That’s my day now. Its hard work, but its little effort and the rewards are enjoyable and will be even greater down the track because of what I am doing now..


    1. Rachel, Yes that is what I am learning. I am learning be find me and that is what is leading my business. Just so much can come from inside when you know where to look.

  4. Hi Sandy,

    This is a thought-provoking post for sure. I love that you closed with this “When you find that moment, you no longer have to push yourself to do the work, all your energy is free to push the work alone.”

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great post! I did this many times before really starting my blog. I would go back and forth and do nothing. Finally, I did it. Bought the domain name, and haven’t looked back.

  6. I enjoyed your post. It’s quick reminder to everyone to stop procrastinating and head in right direction with full energy and commitment. No matter even if we fail because failures are the pillars of success. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us!

  7. Hi, Sandy

    Awesome post! It is really a wakeup call for the people who procrastinating. Time to start to take action. Even we fail, we can obtain experience from it. Nobody can gain from or go anywhere with “a park car”.

    Thanks for sharing the insights.

    – Stella Chiu

  8. I really try to stay productive but sometimes I feel I’m wasting my energy on what is not necessary, especially with blogging. What really hit me in this post was “we pride ourselves thinking we accomplished something not suspecting how badly we have been cheated.” This is so true for me. Often times I lie to myself and make myself feel better by saying that at least I did so and so this day. When in reality I could have done so much more. Thank you. 🙂

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