Dreams don’t die.  Opportunities are Everywhere for Everyone


Have you ever wondered what is going on in the background of your life?  Does anyone else really know what your dreams are?  Dreams don’t die, they are just buried in the back of your mind.  Opportunities are Everywhere for Everyone who are seeking them.


Do you feel that you are stuck because of where you live or where you grew up?


Do you think a small town girl can be a big success?


Do you think you can change your career in midlife?


Most people undervalue what they know, but opportunities are everywhere for everyone!  Being an expert and a messenger is part of our life’s purpose.  To learn and experience the world, and then turn and lend a hand to others who are also trying to get ahead is the key.


  • …..If you have struggled against something and survived, then you should share that for others to do the same.
  • …..If you have achieved the impossible, make it possible for others to achieve the same.
  • …..If you have cracked the code to success in any area of life, why not give everyone the secret?



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Dreams don’t die.  Opportunities are Everywhere for Everyone



Back to having your dream…….


What is it in life that is pulling you?  Do you want to follow it so bad that it keeps coming up wherever you are?  Thinking I wish I was someplace else, or somebody else.


But where will that lead you? Most of us will be pulled out of our comfort zone.  Where the challenge can be too big for you to take on, Or a bit more than you can chew.


What I have found through my own adventure is that you just need to set your mind up and get started.  You don’t need to know all the ins and outs.  It is just the getting started part that is the hangup.


It is more the fear that closes your mind to the possibilities.


Dreams Don't DieI was listening to an audio that was talking about  the three C’s that will help you on your journey to build your dream into reality.


First it started with Courage:


The courage to make the decision.  It is mainly just working in a different way.  Getting yourself out of the way and taking a chance. Finding where your security level is and learning how to keep going.  Stepping out of your comfort zone.


Second was Commitment:


Part of your journey is failure, learn to develop yourself, your business skills, your marketing skills, and anything else that is needed for your dream to take shape.


Third was Consistency.


Making sure that you know the rules and everything is up to date.  Keeping everything flowing smoothly.  If pieces are broken and don’t flow.  The frustrations can set you back.


Just keep at it.


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Dreams don’t die.  Opportunities are Everywhere for Everyone



I found a formula for you to ponder on.   it is:  (P+T) x A X A = Success


If you know what that means, then you are already on the road where opportunities are everywhere.  If not, listen up and I will explain what I found.


Have you ever read the book: Three Feet From Gold?  Written by Sharon Lechter, Greg Reid & the Napoleon Hill Foundation.


This particular book is based on a true story about a family that was digging for gold and stopped, sold their land and moved, because they didn’t find anything.   When the new owners came they sought out council from experts in the field and stuck gold.  The irony of it was that the original owner was only three feet from sticking it rich.


Can you see where they failed?  They shouldn’t have quit. Find what you are looking for!


SuccessAnd this is where the formula comes into play.  (P+T) x A X A = Success


P stands for your passion


T stand for the talent you have to give


A stands for  Associations.  Those to whom we seek out for help


A stand for Action.   What action is it that you are taking.


How this formula works it that if any of these values are zero then it fails.  You have to take action and WORK to achieve success and you have to solicit the knowledge of others through associations to find the best way to use your talents.



Dreams don’t die.  Opportunities are Everywhere for Everyone



Do you have a dream?  One that takes your passion and pulls you in a different direction?


Opportunities are everywhere.


The Art Institute of Chicago has a room by the name of a businessman who learned to paint after he was fifty.  It’s never too late to dream.  A Doctor after 25 years turned himself into a Network Marketer and now Blogs for a living.


An Accountant after 30 years in the profession, wanted to escape the robot lifestyle and turned in the high heels for slippers.  Now works out of her home.  A 30 year old business clerk wanted to learn how to play piano.  Her age did not stop her.


The lesson here is that it is never too late to seek out your dream.


Dreams Don’t Die.   Opportunities are everywhere.


What is your dream?  How are you going to create your success from it?



Do you have a dream that has been hidden?  Did you know that Dreams Don’t Die.  Opportunities are everywhere and everyone can have success with it.   Take a chance and build your dream.  you just need to have the formula.  I have the Associations here to help.  Click the Button NOW.


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17 thoughts on “Dreams don’t die. Opportunities are Everywhere for Everyone

  1. All great points! Emotions don’t cease to exist simply because we ignore them. I’ve learned to pay attention to my passions and allow my dreams to lead me. Those inner nudgings know more than our brains do Good post!

  2. Hey Sandy,

    Great formula and very motivational post. The answer to your question. I am now working exactly where I need to be. While I am open to different avenues if they grab my attention, I know that if I was to win the lotto I would still be doing what I am doing now.

    When I ask myself if you had a whole heap of cash what would you do and I can answer that I am happy doing what I doing. Okay I would off load a whole lot of admin and am aiming for a six hour work day, but I am finally doing what I enjoy and love.

    Thanks for the reminder.


    1. That is wonderful to hear. For me the four hour work day is what I am shooting for. I am going for the financial Independence and the time freedom.

  3. When you said the line about being stuck because of where you live, it really made me think about an awards dinner I was at honoring my father in law and several other individuals who grew up in my sleepy little town who were SUUUUPER successful! A lot of high school students were invited to the dinner and I think it really opened their eyes to the possibilities that are out there, even if they do live in a tiny town like we do. Finding successful people who have been in your shoes is a great way to network and learn how to step outside of the tiny town and onto the path to success. Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

    1. Tiny little towns do not have to stay that way. I like the small town atmosphere, but the mentality sometimes ….. I wonder. There seems to be so many who just don’t get it that life if bigger than where they are at.

  4. Love this post Sandy! Most people forget their dreams, they lose them for awhile and allow them to get buried by reality. You are right, dreams don’t die opportunities are everywhere for everyone. It’s just a matter of opening yourself up to the possibilities. Thanks for sharing this one!

  5. Nice post! I believe that opportunity knocks once at the door and we need to grab that. We can change our careers in our midlife if we have courage to gamble our life, willingness to work hard and desire to succeed. Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece of writing with us!

  6. This is a great post Sandy,

    I used to have this mindset because of where I grew up but I realized that instead of letting that hold me back, I need to set an example for the young girls who are living there now and show them that it doesn’t matter where you grew up, our dreams can be reached too.

    Thanks for sharing the formula with us.


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