How to Ask The Right Questions To A Network Marketing Company Before Joining


I was asked the other day to give my approach on these questions, How to Ask The Right Questions To A Network Marketing Company Before Joining, so I thought I would share with you my answers.  When I started looking at a home based business it was all new to me.  I found myself like a fish out of water.   Where was I to start, where was I to go.  It seemed like I was overwhelmed from the start.

I couldn’t believe that there were so many out there and all kinds of industries.   It seemed like there was a Network Marketing Company for each and every Niche. 

How was I going to make a decision,  would it be the right one or should I even go there at all.  I just knew that I was ready to find something I could do for extra money at home.  I had a goal and wanted to make it successful.


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So,  Here is how I Answered and I hope it will help you.



How to Ask The Right Questions To A Network Marketing Company Before Joining


1.  Do You Like Their Products?

Products.   Very important,  there are so many out there and if you are in the company to sell the product, you definitely have to like it.  But you also have to make sure the products have the value that will give you value when you sell them.  Be the Product of the Product!


2.  How Is The Product Quality and Customer Service

Product value and customer service.  Again the value is reflected back on you.   When you have the support and service from the company you are working with, then you will go far because you are handling your customers needs.  They see you, not the team behind.


3.  What Competitive Advantage Does the Company Have

This is how you were approached to join.   Is your friend in it, so you are just doing it because she or he is?  Who are you make this work for?  Questions you need to ask yourself.


4.  What’s the Size of the Market for the Product

The size of the market.  That actually depends on your product.  Are you selling something physical or informational?  Each individual has a different niche that they are working in.  If they do it well, the size will grow.


5.  How Long Has the Company Been in Business

How long in business.   Longevity is good and shows good quality, but don’t always write off the newer ones.  If you are leery, start the trial, dig in and test them.  See what growth they have and what vision they have.  If you can relate to it and see yourself there, then after testing it, that should give you the answer.


6.  What Training Does the Company Provide

Training.   That is a biggy.  Training is so important, (unless you are a  natural, which most of us are not).  See if they just send you the starting pack and ship you out the door?  The walk-through and guidance from mentors that truly want you to succeed will keep a company growing.


7.  What Marketing Support Does the Company Provide

Marketing support.  Again are you a natural?  Making sure the marketing materials are easily accessed and up to date will also keep a company growing.


8.  What Is a Realistic Revenue Potential and How Long Will it Take before You Start Earning

Realistic revenue.  I agree with you if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.   It is your job to meet the people who are having success and see what the claims are and know for yourself.   

This industry takes hard work and the ones willing to do that will be the ones to succeed.  


9.  How Evergreen Are the Products

The products being trendy or seasonal.   That depends on what your income goal is.  If you want to have one product line or multiple.


10.  Are there Long-Term Growth Opportunities

Growth Opportunities.    If you have ever worked in the corporate world you will know that you need to have the opportunity to move up in the company.  As in any industry, there needs to be growth, you need to see that it is possible for you to be on the top.  We all need to have that in order for us to keep going and trying to achieve our goals.  Otherwise what’s the point.   


How to Ask The Right Questions To A Network Marketing Company Before Joining


What I have found through my training and other colleagues is that most people join online money-making opportunities for the people.   It is more of a people business.    The products are the side effects.  What are the right questions to ask a network Marketing Company?


Through all the different kinds of companies and products I have been in, and the frustrations I have dealt with,  I NOW Love what I am doing.


I Get to be Who I Am

I follow The 8 Core commitments to make my success

I have a competitive advantage because there is only one ME.

I have mentors behind me that want to see me succeed and share what they know.

My training is never-ending and I can always ask for more.

How do I know if our Company will grow, from the Vision of the founder and how he pours that onto others.


The people who keep asking for the “meat and Potatoes” are the ones who are missing the full picture


Ask the questions, but then …..


……..Don’t take advice from someone who is more messed up than you.

……..Don’t take advice from broke, small-minded people.

……..Don’t miss out on your dreams and goals.


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If you are looking for a secret, or a quick way then all you will really find is disappointment.  


Success is a Decision only you can make, Being around people who are where you want to get will make you millions!



Come and see what I do and keep in mind all these questions.  I bet you will be surprised at what you find.



Come Learn How to Ask The Right Questions To A Network Marketing Company Before Joining?   You will find the answers HERE

Just click and I will guide you through.



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