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I have been on a journey which entails finding my voice?   Not like most would think, even though I do love to sing, I am finding my voice in communication, in sharing, in making myself known for something to be remember for.  Let your voice be heard!


I will say it is a little different then most people would think, try googling it!  You will mainly find articles and blogs on singing.   But to really research it you need to look at communication and speeches and that sort of voice.  


Find Your VoiceWhat my journey is about, is finding out what kind of a person I am, what kind of a person I can be, and what I can give to others from who I am.  I am letting my voice be heard.


Most of the time, getting a person from the outside to help you will give you a better understanding of who you are.  I have found so many awesome things along my journey.


When I first wrote this post about a year ago it was a hard one for me to get done.   It wasn’t so much as to what others say but what I was thinking.   Have you ever really pondered on who you are and what it is that you like that makes you who you are?  Deep huh?



How Do You Find Your Voice



So, here is an exercise for you that helped me get started:  


…. Get something to write with.  


….. You can use pen and paper or your tablet or phone.



I want you to write to me about your day and one interesting thing that happened.  It should take no more than five minutes.


If you need some pointers, here are things to get your mind started:


What is so something you do everyday that gives you a small amount joy?

What can you cook that you know everyone will eat?

What is one thing that you would never have be able to explain to someone?


Take five and start!






Now, read it!  That’s your voice.  


Do you use your voice in whatever you do?  


Did you ask anyone to help you?



Now Its Time To Let Your Voice Be Heard  



Now, Close your eyes, Open your mind and heart, your entire self, and receive from the Lord your true being.  Really feel who you are from your toes to your head. So many of us just limp through life not knowing or starving to really know who they are.  


We need to be open to feel and hear our inner spirit. Invest in ourselves with training your brain to have the art of receiving and acknowledging who we are and what our voice is.



Ok,   I know that was a little deep.    I have had to do a little soul searching to really find out who I was.   I have been walking in the robot lifestyle for way too long.  Being a mom, a caretaker, a wife, and a career executive will do that to you.  I wanted to spread my wings and give a different look to my world.   


I found the internet and my voice is starting to come alive.  It is building me a stronger life.


Key Point To Finding Your Voice


The next part of this exercise, look at what others are saying, does it match what you are thinking?  Are they being honest? Are you being honest?


Do you like what they are saying? Do you like the picture you are painting?


Here is what I have come up with for myself,  see if you can get a picture of me from this:


I am bold, a little brass and a hard worker.  I like to dive in and go after things, yet have a soft-side to be helpful.  Others seem to seek me out for help (the go to person).  I like challenges and puzzles, finding the answer it the goal.


Growing up I wanted to be a designer, I just love the gadgets and gears.   I am a numbers person, an Accountant by trade.  My favorite color is red, so that should tell you something.  I have a passion for singing and like to do a little crocheting. I would love to get into photography, but for now I just like to admire it.



Ways To Let Your Voice Be Heard  



Do you let others see the whole you?


Finding your voice in what others think can be very hard. It might be hard for you to ask, or maybe you really don’t want to know.   It makes you think and analyze what you are doing.  Do you have doubts?



I caught you doing it didn’t I?  


This was a very hard exercise for me also.   


You start wondering and comparing.


Fight back against this evil.  We are all unique in many ways and when we find our voice, we will be free.  We will thrive and be overjoyed to share with the world.


There can be no comparison, because you are only one.  You have your talents that no one else does.



Now a little more thinking!

If you were an artist, what would be your main subject matter?

If you were the last person on Earth, where would you go?

What would be a funny thing to decorate your room with?


We all have different opinions on things and different points of view.  When you learn how to let your voice come through you will be free!  Be the individual you were meant to be and shine.


Think about  what passions you have that you can share with others?  People are waiting to see who you are and what you have to share.


Find your voice and live!




If you have learned something here in Find Your Voice | Let Your Voice Be Heard  and have a need for more, Come and listen to my story and see how I turned my everyday grind into my new life.  Have a Strong Voice to Create a Strong Life.  Click here to learn more.

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14 thoughts on “Find Your Voice | Let Your Voice Be Heard

  1. What an uplifting post Sandy and I love your tips on finding our voice. I never really thought I had a voice until I ventured to start a blog and I finally realised ‘Yes I do have a voice and I want to be heard’. Love your outlook on life. #FridayReflections

  2. Lots of things to think about here Sandy – it’s so much more intentional than anything I’ve ever done – mind you I’ve rewritten my “about me” part of my blog about four times over the last year or so as I’ve found my voice more and more. I think blogging has opened my eyes to who I really am and who I want to become. I like that you add an extra bit of how I can use that to help others – something else to think about. #FridaReflections x

    1. Leanne, I am glad you liked my post. I have written a whole series on this. When you said that you wrote the “about me” page four times. I think I have redone mine more than I can count. The main thing to remember is your why. When you truly dig down and find something emotional about your life then that is what drives you and your “about me” page will come alive.

  3. It’s funny. I’ve always had a voice but when I became ill and my daughter became seriously ill, I needed a different sort of voice, one without sound. After being loud and verbal all my life, these days I am heard through my writing voice.

    1. I am sorry to hear about your illness. I hope you are healing. Cancer and Dementia have hit my household and it is very hard. A written voice is so important for healing and really knowing what a difference you can make. What I have found through my blog is more than just posting. Here at Empower we have a community, a family, dedication and loyalty to help all achieve their goals. With this bond and commitment, I have found so much more of my voice, it is a place that makes me smile every time I log in. Come and hear my story and decide for yourself.

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