Do you ever have a blank page in front of you? You know, where you went to do something or write something and all you have is a blank page!   It happens a lot to many of us.  What do you want to write about today?  Are you stumped?


Or,  instead of writing,  just do a video instead.   Ok, Camera starts and you have a blank look in front of you again.  


I have been writing a blog for a few years now and ever so often I have a blank page In front of me and don’t quite know what it is I am going to write about. How do I get that idea out on paper?



If you have been in that situation I have news for you!  You never have to have a blank page again.



I have a solution to your Blank Pages. 

Here is a list of random places to find “blogging inspiration” that I want to share with you.


Your favorite news website.

 The news site that you hate

 The gossip blog you’d never admit to reading

 The fan-site of your favorite TV show.   

A story of how you did something,   Here is mine below.

40 to 4

 YouTube random search for a random word.  (That might be kind of fun to try to give you a kick!  Funny word of the day or something)

Your Blog RSS. Reader

Your email inbox

Your email spam folder

 The stack of magazines in the doctor’s office or hiding in the corner of your own office.

Psycho Cybernetics 

The book you are currently reading

 Books you bought but haven’t read yet,  just to wonder why you didn’t open it up earlier.

What’s playing for music in the background.   (Here is a blog on a song about playing in the mud.)  


The last billboard advertisement you saw

 The yellow pages  

Just for fun:  Here is a Utility for you.

[fancy_box id=1]

Blank Paper Utility v.0.


The local newspaper

 The items on your to-do list   (These are always fun to write about.  See this example)

 The last movie your kids made you watch.   (Mine are begging me to watch  the LEGO Movie.)

 Movies that you watched without your kids

 The celebrity that drives you crazy



“Creativity is always a leap of faith. You’re faced with a blank page, blank easel, or an empty stage. Julia Cameron”

Ask a random question  (whatever pops into your head)

 The comment section of your blog, or testimonials you received.

 Items on your desk

 The catalog that came in the mail

 Your favorite cereal box

 Something that changed recently in your life

 The last “disaster” project you worked on

 Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon, LinkedIn  Articles

 EHow or Buzzle


“You might not write well every day, but you can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page.” Jodi Picoult

How Many Blank Pages do you have now?

I bet your brain has already started to come up with a few more.   So, what are you waiting for? Start blogging.  


Do you have so much you want to share, but just do not know how to reach all who need to hear it?  Or not sure how to get your blogging business up and going.    


There is help for you right here! 


Don’t be caught with a blank page ever again.   Come and learn how to get ideas and create your online dynasty from your own hand.  Just Click Right Here 



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33 thoughts on “The Science of The Blank Page: How to Achieve Results Fast

  1. That writer’s block can be a real doozy, but the only way to really overcome it is the write something, even if it’s complete crap. Production of any kind wins over the blank page. This is a wonderful reminder of that. We should never run out of ideas with all of the resources available to us.

  2. This is great Sandy! The blank page scenario happens to me far too often it seems, thanks for sharing the science of the blank page and how to achieve results fast. I will definitely be coming back for reference the next time I hit a roadblock or find the blank page staring back at me. Thanks!

    1. Within our system, we have a library for us to use. It helps us when we need it. Would you like to take a look?

  3. Great post Sandy. I loved it. Great ideas to get over those moments of writers block. There are things all around us to get pass that blank page 🙂

  4. Having only blogged for a couple of month I haven’t quite come to this stage but I’m sure I will hit the writers block at some point! Will bookmark this page for such a day! Thank you!

    1. You are always welcome to come back. Thanks for stopping. look around, there are a lot of things for new bloggers.

  5. Hi Sandy,

    Great ideas shared! Most of the time, when I am trying to sleep at night, my mind is running with ideas that sometimes I literally become insomniac.

    1. I keep paper or something by my bed to help me write them down so I can have that blank page in my head to sleep. I concentrate on the whiteness.

  6. Sandy,
    I completely agree with your angle of writing a blog post as if you are just turning on a video first. The ironic thing is, this is exactly what I do. I actually do a video first. I almost always embed a video in my blog. Once I’ve finished the video, I know exactly what I need to say in my blog.

    I noticed that you mentioned Psychocybernetics in your blog. This was the very first personal development book I ever read (about 30 years ago)

    Thanks again,

    PS if you want to see my 10 ten favorite books on success, check out my blog

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