Do you know the difference between a flashlight and a laser | Laser-focused


What does a laser and a flashlight have to do with business and how can it get things done?


Not just the definition:


A flashlight is an electric-powered light source; the light source is a light bulb or an LED. The electrical energy is converted into visible light. Flashlights can be hand-held or mounted to a platform. Light from a laser (light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation), on the other hand, is formed by exciting electrons to a higher state. When the electrons return to ground state and are hit by a photon, they emit photons, which have the same phase, frequency, polarization and direction of travel as the original photon. Ask the experts:



Its “focus”!


Focus is what keeps you going, what grounds you in place.  Being Laser-focused is just finer and more to the point.


Focus means saying “no” to distractions,  getting rid of the crap around you and sticking with the things that will help you get to your goal.


Would you rather have a flashlight or a laser?


There are a lot of distractions in our profession:  new companies, new systems, new training, new opportunities.  Constant bombardment of something.  If you are focused on your goal, you will not let these get in your way.


When you get good at saying ‘no’ to things that aren’t part of your plan then you are laser focused and your task will be accomplished.



I go above and beyond….but like my dad always said when we went some place new….”get lost first then find your way out..that way you know the whole town before you settle down and get to action.”   It worked believe it or not.


So here we are …. starting…  my center is on my Why


Time to Get Laser-focused and turn all your attention to your task! 



Is it a new word?


“We also know – look at Syria – dictators who have spent decades ruling through fear do not go quietly into the night any more than great powers readily abandon their profitable dominions. And I thought these finance guys were hard-nosed realists laser-focused on the bottom line.

Dream on, Mitt, dream on! Even if your dreams, to use that word you let drop on the Olympics in London and then scrambled to retract, are “disconcerting.”

I think laser-focused simply means “pinpointed” or “sharply focused.” It doesn’t seem to be any foreign word to me. However, curiously enough, this apparently easy-to-relate word is not found in any of Oxford, Cambridge, and Merriam-Webster online dictionary, or in Ngram inventory.


In this article you will find many ways that people use the term:



Keeping your focus and eliminate all the distractions that keep you from your task.  That keep you from your goal.



Do you know where you are laser focused?  Where is your business going?   I can show you a shortcut that will take out all the distractions and help you find your laser and not the  flashlight.

Click the button below and see where you can be when you get focused.




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28 thoughts on “Do you know the difference between a flashlight and a laser | Laser-focused

  1. Love this post Sandy! I never really thought about the difference between a flashlight and laser, but after reading this I am definitely more interested in being laser focused. Thanks for the enlightenment;)

  2. Hey Sandy,

    I love the idea of being laser focused. Removing everything else that is pending or could take up your time and put it to the side in order to centre in on what is in front of you. I could not agree more.

    I think this can be widely used for those who work but are easily distracted by the beeps on their phone alerting them to a social media arrival.


    1. Yes, each focus point has its purpose. To really get things done we need to zero down on it. thanks for reading

    1. As a mom we all want to do everything, sometimes we feel it wont get done if we don’t do it. I have learned things can wait and the time to say no is a good thing.

  3. My ADD makes me feel like I have a million laser beams and flashlight beams coming out of my eyes and so many things are shiny and sparkly! Focus is definitely something I need to work on.

  4. Hi Sandy
    Great comparison, definitly makes a lot of sense to me to be Laser focused,,, thanks for the post Sandy 🙂

  5. Hi, Sandi

    Your post showed me I am using using flashlight focus that why I have time management problem.

    I think you are my life safer in my time management, I will implement as I go.


    – Stella Chiu

  6. What a great analogy! And this post could not have come at a better time for me as I’ve been feeling a little scattered and unfocussed lately so my motto for the day is going to be ‘laser focussed’!

  7. I have been totally thinking about eliminating distractions from my life for the past few days. Really want to focus on the important things in my life and things that benefit me, my children, and my blog. Too often I use flashlight focus.

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