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When you need something are you asking the right questions to get the answers you need?  Did you know that this can be very powerful if done the right way?



Why do you search the internet?  You are looking for answers to your questions, right?  But how long it takes you to do find them depends on the questions that you ask.


Questions have a way of shifting our brains in the way we think about something.  When you ask a question your brain starts to try to find the answer.   It starts a chain reaction to find it, and most of the time will not stop until it does.  



That is what has drawn me to be an Entrepreneur.  I ask a lot of questions.  I bet you do too!  


It’s human nature to ask questions!  



To keep your brain active and strong as we grow, we need to give our brain the exercise it needs, and that is what questions do.  Here is a great blog on that:  Lesson I Learned From Time and Exercising My Brain



Ask many Right Questions



The ones who are the best at this are Entrepreneurs—or at least the successful ones, they do a great job asking beautiful questions. They really have no choice, their whole reason for being and making money, is to disrupt, innovate, solve a problem no one else is solving.


But first they have to define and frame the problem, and that’s usually done through asking smart questions.


As for others in business, companies tend to evolve the same way as people: They start out asking lots of questions when they’re young and ask fewer and fewer questions as they grow up. So for a company to maintain that questioning mindset as it matures, it must try to keep thinking in an entrepreneurial way.


Did you know that if you don’t ask questions that you don’t know the answer to, then you will not grow, you will not learn anything new.  You’re not exploring, not innovating, and not growing.



It’s about being willing to ask fundamental, naive questions about the things we observe, which takes guts. Think about when you were a child,  you asked many questions.  Oh, I remember the “why” stage my children went through?  Now I am doing the same thing.  I want to keep my brain active.


Persistence is also required, you must take ownership of your questions and stay with them because we’re not talking about easy questions that can be answered on Google.  You want to give your reader the value of coming by your blog, so they will return.


A beautiful question, the kind that leads to innovation, is a project. You may have to cycle through numerous stages of inquiry, learning and building before you even get close to an answer.


Here is a great book on “A More Beautiful Question” that talks about the power of asking the right questions.  It dives into the questioners cycling through the “Why,” “What if” and “How” stages of inquiry. Can you explain?



Is there an art to asking the right questions?  


How you ask questions is very important in establishing a basis for effective communication. Effective questions open the door to knowledge and understanding. Finding the answer and helping others see that answer.  “The Yin and Yang of Communication”.


“Address your first question to yourself: if you could press a magic button and get every piece of information you want, what would you want to know? The answer will immediately help you compose the right questions.”


Want to learn more about the art of asking the right questions?   Read this article.



Did you know that you are judged by the questions that you ask?


Have you ever been in a lecture hall and the person on the stage ask if anyone has questions?   Who gets the attention?  That’s right, the ones who ask the best questions.



Learn to Ask the Right Questions and you will be a very rich person.




Where do you want to be in life and where do you see yourself going?   Are you asking the right questions to get you there?  Did you know that your bank account can reflect how you ask the right question?  


Do you have what it takes to become an Entrepreneur?  Think about the questions that you ask on a daily basis?  Are they the Right Questions?  Come and see if this is the right Career for you?



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48 thoughts on “Are You Asking The Right Questions | Did You Know

  1. This is certainly true. I wish I asked better questions or wasn’t so afraid to ask questions. It is hard to make yourself vulnerable to say, I don’t know this so I have to ask.

  2. Great post! Some times I get frustrated a work when someone replies to an email but doesn’t provide the information I need. But I’m usually to blame for this because I haven’t quested the right question. This is something I’m trying to work on!

  3. Yes, so true. It is so important to ask the RIGHT questions! If the questions are well thought out, you will find out so much more. ; )

  4. You made me realize something – the most intelligent and successful people I have met ALWAYS ask tons of questions! And really really good, thoughtful questions! I think you’re on to something!

  5. Hi Sandy,

    This is a very thought provoking post. I’ve always asked a lot of questions…the more information I can get about something, the better.

    I didn’t see the correlation between asking questions and it reflecting on our bank account…I never thought about it like that.

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Cori, In the business we are in, asking questions and helping others will definitely increase our bank account.

    1. I could never have been a teacher. It was hard enough asking my kids to explain their homework. Since then I have gotten a lot better at asking many questions.

  6. As a teacher, I teach my students that there is never a dumb or bad question. However, there are definitely better ways to ask a question. Thanks for sharing this!

  7. Great post – as a teacher, I teach my students that there are no dumb or bad questions, but there is certainly a better way to ask a question to get a better answer! Thanks for posting!

  8. Enjoyed this article. My husband just finished his PhD in education and I taught school for 10 years. It is amazing the difference it makes in a classroom when a teacher asks good questions and uses inquiry versus just lecturing to the class.

    1. Isn’t that so true. We all tend to learn more on the job so to speak. And when we can actually do something and show others how to do it. learning is even more enjoyable.

  9. WOW. Yes. This was a powerful post. I am so with you that the RIGHT questions are imperative and can change your life. 🙂 I also agree that you are judged by questions you ask. AND WOW…that hurts. A lot.

    1. Brianna, Oh I so agree. It is hard to think that we do get judged by our questions. I really does make a difference in HOW we ask them.

  10. You are so right. I learned this the hard way when I got to the last 2 in final interview stage of my dream job and was turned down purely on the basis that the other person asked better, deeper questions. Still regret that moment to this day as it was a life changing career, but I was young and naive.

      1. I went a completely different career path. I’m now a landscape gardener, that job was a personal finance advisor in a top bank with very good routes to promotion to higher positions. Unfortunately now I’m in the situation where I have a mortgage and a family and couldn’t take the initial pay cut to pursue to bigger salary in the long run. I get by and so long as my family are happy and healthy then that’s the main thing

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