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The Sound Of My Voice | Do You Hear What You Sound Like


What is the sound of your voice when it comes out of your mouth? Have you heard the saying “Your actions speak louder than words”?  Do you hear what you sound like?


We are going to take a journey together and break this down.

What actions do you take when you are voicing your opinion.

What do you do when you want to get attention?

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Going Against The Grain | We Play By A Different Set Of Rules.


It seems like our lives have been set up in many ways.  Have you ever wanted toplay by a different set of rules and have some adventure?  It’s like going against the grain!  The saying came from “the fact that someone who rubs his hand against the grain on a piece of lumber will get splinters.”


What rules am I talking about?


The basic rules of going to school, getting married, having kids, getting a good job, working hard, and retiring on social security.   Being stuck day after day doing the same thing and escaping only for the weekends.


Isn’t that what most of society is doing?

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Do you ever have a blank page in front of you? You know, where you went to do something or write something and all you have is a blank page!   It happens a lot to many of us.  What do you want to write about today?  Are you stumped?


Or,  instead of writing,  just do a video instead.   Ok, Camera starts and you have a blank look in front of you again.


I have been writing a blog for a few years now and ever so often I have a blank page In front of me and don’t quite know what it is I am going to write about. How do I get that idea out on paper?


If you have been in that situation I have news for you!  You never have to have a blank page again.


I have a solution to your Blank Pages.

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Inspiration and Motivation | Washed In The Mud


Does Your Inspiration Need to Be Washed in the Mud to Get You Going


Some times to get my business and others inspired, I need to get washed in the Mud! You know, dig down, get dirty, splash around, give it your all, have fun and be covered in mud when we are all done.


This blog was so much fun I had to refresh it.


Listening to the song from Randy Houser struck me with an Idea! Spring cleaning is coming and it’s time to spruce up everything around the house and the yard, so why not your blog and business.

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Here Comes Trouble | Best Business Ideas


If someone announced your arrival with those words, “Here Comes Trouble”, would that be a good thing or a bad thing? How does causing trouble become the best business ideas anyone has ever had?


Oh No, “Here comes trouble!”


I guess that would depend on what they actually meant by that. Are you causing trouble or just doing things different than what they think you should be doing. Is it for your success or others?

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