Meaning of Accomplish | Persist Without Exception


What does it mean to accomplish something? To keep persisting till your task is done without exception?  Do you need a push or is there a pulling factor.


On your journey between where you are and where you want to be, there will be all kinds of adversity.


You might fall and get bruises.


You might find obstacles along the way.


There may be roadblocks or avalanches.  


It’s all part of the process. There’s no such thing as someone who achieves major changes in their life without encountering obstacles along the way.


The people who achieve their goals are the people who refuse to let obstacles and adversity stand between where they are and where they want to be.  



There are basically two types of people. People who accomplish things, and people who claim to have accomplished things. The first group is less crowded. Mark Twain



What is your means of accomplishment?


When we set our goals and know that you will accomplish them, you need to expect some adversity.

Decide in advance how you’ll deal with it.



Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all. Dale Carnegie



Change Your Course.It’s so easy to get caught up in chasing after the things that are supposed to bring us happiness.  Get a good education, work your way up the ladder of success, follow the Golden Rule, and life will be yours.


But that type of life leaves one unfulfilled.  Possessions aren’t satisfying, popularity is fleeting, and money … well, it’s not very forgiving.  



If you develop the absolute sense of certainty that powerful beliefs provide, then you can get yourself to accomplish virtually anything, including those things that other people are certain are impossible. William Lyon Phelps



The Life we live on this side of the grave is short compared to eternity. Faith and belief are needed to accomplish the goals we set and what makes life on earth rewarding.  


Asking for help to stay focused till the end, will help us get there.



Successful people will always tell you, you can do something. It’s the people who have never accomplished anything who will always discourage you from trying to achieve excellent things. Lou Holtz




How Do You Persist without Exception


How many of us are stuck in a job which requires the best part of ourselves, our time, energy and enthusiasm,  just because it pays the bills?  


We may have things we want to do, ideas we’d love to explore, but there’s just not enough time in the day/week/month/year.  Let alone quality time with the people we love.  


Surely life isn’t meant to be like that?


Have you ever considered an alternative?  Persisting for the things that we want to do.  How would your life look if you could do anything you want, and get paid to do it, because there is a need for it?  A means to accomplish?


I believe we were created to live this way.  Imagine a life where we all express our unique God-given talents, nature, interests,and passions in a way that benefits both ourselves and others.


Imagine the joy of existence in getting up each day with a sense of purpose.


A purpose that has meaning of accomplishment.   One that contains the promise of time well spent, and ends with the reward of knowing that what you did today made a difference.


Society nowadays is far from ideal, but it is possible to accomplish what we set out to do.  It starts with me and you.  Only I can change my own direction, and only you can change yours.  But the idea that what I do helps someone else, and what you do meets another person’s needs, I think has merit.



And that is why I persist without exception and do what I do.


Be unstoppable.




We all come to a point in our lives when we just need to push through to find that meaning of accomplishment.  Come learn how to persist with exception and find your strong voice to get where you want to be.


Mentality shift



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65 thoughts on “Meaning of Accomplish | Persist Without Exception

    1. Setting a goal everyday is like making a resolution and saying, oh I will start that next week. It never happens. I agree, if you are going to get a goal, set one you are going to finish.

  1. Hi Sandy,

    I know we all encounter adversity and obstacles. They can take us down and make a victim out of us, or they can offer a sense of wonder and allow us to discover our strength. It all depends on how we view it.

    I love that quote by Mark Twain 🙂

    No one enjoys pain, but it sure can be a messenger if we stop to listen to it. When we stay in the journey and experience everything in it, those obstacles become gifts.

    Sometimes easier said than done, but if we practice with the little things, it’s easier to take this approach with the larger things.

    Great inspirational post.

  2. Blogging has been a crash course in accomplishing through adversity…. the rewards come, but it takes a lot of hard work!

  3. This post just messed with my head a little bit. I guess thats a good thing though, right?! I actually dont know what I would consider an accomplishment with my blog.

    1. Alexandria, May I ask what your Blogs main purpose is, then we can gather the accomplishments. I have some great training that can help you in placing it in the right direction. Are you Interested in knowing what it is?

  4. I persist by never giving up. There has been times that I’ve wanted to but I persisted and I saw results. It’s just that when things get tough for most people they just give up, but you should persevere.

    1. Amanda, if you truly want something, you need to keep going till you get it. Are you seeing the results you really want?

  5. As a mom of 3 boys with a chronic illness and a blogger, persistence is a requirement and not an option. Every day I’m faced with frustrations and struggles but I have to keep going for my family’s sake. I recently did mission statements for my personal life and blog, it’s helping me focus on what’s important, not on material things.

    1. Blogging has been a saving grace for me. It is my happy spot. My Husband is going through Cancer treatments. My parents are getting older and need more of my time. My mom has Dementia (stage 4) and I am on the end of my string more of the time. I can feel your pain. I do have a quick question for you? What blogging system do you use and does it work for you or do you do most of the work?

    1. That is right Shann. Sometimes we need to ask why we are doing things. Blogging is a way to share what we know and to help others that need it.

  6. Love this! You never see a successful person’s journey – only their current success (or accomplishment, or whatever it may be) but the journey is very important!

    1. Wow, Yes the journey is very important. If you want to see the journey of successful people you need to come with me. In my business we are telling our stories all the time. We share that, because that is what is important. If you want to hear the stories of very successful people come and listen here and join. we will take you with us on the journey of life and beyond. Just listen to my journey here and then see more.

  7. Very good stuff. It’s funny how we are caught off guard by obsticles and roadblocks. Yet they are always there! I think of them as an opportunity to pause and ask yourself if this is really what you want. Then tear through it!

    1. Life is a journey that we don’t always think about. When we look back and see what we have overcome, then that give us the strength to keep going.

    1. Kathy, I know how you feel. We need to get together in Nashville. My husband is going through Cancer treatments. The support of those around us is always a saving grace.

    1. Giving up should never be an option. Having a goal that is deep in your heart will help you push through anything. What I am learning in my products is giving me that strength and ability to break through anything with ease. I invite you to watch my story and then continue to see what it is that is driving more to the success we have all wanted in life and business. Click here and dream your biggest dream

    1. Being overwhelmed can make us just give up, but knowing the ending goal will help us sort them out. Thank you for sharing.

  8. There are some great quotes here! I think that life is anything you make it, but you have to be persistent in order to actually maintain anything that you love. Awesome thoughts!

    1. thank you Heather. Having your love in your heart and using that to pursue your goals, will bring you what ever you are looking for. I have been learning so much about this lately. And that is exactly how I make my money. If you want to learn more. Watch my story here

  9. I would have to say my greatest accomplishment is my children. They’re the one things in my life that I’ve done well. They have become amazing people. I love these quotes.

  10. This post is so inspirational. My fav part is the stairs – this resonates with the dolls. Although you can have all the talent in the world, you still must WORK really hard to achieve your goals. Although in our world whatever is supposed to happen will happen – but only if you apply yourself!

  11. I love the Mark Twain quote especially about people who actually achieve goals and those who say they’ve achieved goals. Big difference and I know quite a few of the latter. I strive for the former.

  12. I was just talking about this with a friend yesterday so such great timing to read this inspiration! Nobody ever said that getting to where you want to go will be easy…in fact it will likely be very difficult but your character develops through those obstacles!

  13. Hi Sandy,

    Nice Post! I truly believe in the quote of Dale Carnegie about ‘Never-Say Die’ attitude. Therefore desire to succeed and willingness to work hard can lead to achieve any goal in our life. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us.
    Have a great week ahead!

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