Imagination Movers   |   Solutions to Imagination Marketing


What in life is pulling YOU? Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel?


Where does your imagination move you?  Do you have the solutions it takes for your imagination marketing?



First question you should be asking is “What would I be doing now if it were really impossible for me to fail at — whatever it is: traveling, modeling, writing, farming, crafting, singing, cooking?”



Where is your task of the imagination?   It is important to have a mental climate which is necessary for us to do our best work.  Learning how to create yourself.


Imagination has so many values for us to use in business and everyday life. Disney has known this and uses it in most of their movies.  Imagination helps you grow.  The Imagination Movers.



In a blogging business, imagination can be very useful.  It helps expand your thoughts and wisdom.   What, Where, Why and then When. Questions to Ask Yourself



Some think that the exercise of imaginative thoughts are a way of indulgence, a way to refresh and release what we are thinking and then create from there, but then again we can get carried away and get out of step.



So what in life is pulling you?   Solutions?



I came to a point in my life that needed a change, a point where things were becoming stressful and overwhelming.  



I don’t know about you, but when I get to that point, I start throwing things, slamming doors and just blowing up.   I really needed an out.



I wasn’t sure at that time what it was or where I truly needed to go.  



I let my imagination lead me.   I expanded and started searching.  It was finding solutions around all corners. Your Target Market, Do you Speak to yourself?



Imagination can be turned on as an opponent or UN-cooperative help.  We study it as an author might study a character in a book. It gives us clues to its motives, and then we watch to see if we were right.   


We save ourselves from mistakes when we see and feel.   Imagination can contribute to the making of a good life.  




It can help us explore new fields and bring us freshness towards our work.  It can help us discover new markets, or new ways in which to use old talents.  How are your solutions to Imagination Marketing?


Do you stay away from imagination because of the fear of past mistakes?   


Do you still hang on to the pain of that fear?  Are you Lying to yourself.


We can decide that some of our “trial and error” attempts at managing life shall go on in the mind, in the imagination, where it is, to all intents, painless.  


This is where we need to move past this and just let go.  Learn to have the freedom to use this imagination and have these “trial and success” moments.


Imagination can help us stand back and see that relationship in perspective, can analyze its parts and suggest to us the full scope of what we have undertaken.


A disadvantage that we have as humans is that we can not see our own work,  it is distorted by our personal pride.   We need to have others let us know how we are doing, how we are seen.


Our work can be on a grand scale, but until you have the feedback from others it will never be known.   Do we get pulled in the wrong way from what people see?   Do you show your true self or the imaginary one?  Finding Your Voice, What Others Say


What I have found in my journey to find my voice is that I matter.  What I think about and can imagine is useful to create my life.



Are you preoccupied by your own hopes and desires, or do you benefit from  the good advise or sound criticism of others.    Are you being pulled down the wrong path and cannot find the right one for you?  



What I have learned from this is:  


When using imagination,


First look at yourself,


then at the work you want to do,


then at the audience to whom you hope to appeal, and,


finally, by bringing all these elements into relation with each other, you could keep your courage from being undermined, your mind in-confused by conflicting advice, and estimate your performance correctly.



What is pulling you?


Parents can get caught up in the lives of our kids, so much so that we lose who we are. I know I did,  


[tweet_box design=”box_01″]When the empty nest came over our household, I felt lost.  [/tweet_box] 


When my need to escape the day-to-day routine, came over me I realized I lost me.  I realized I wasn’t sure anymore of what it was that I liked.  What I needed.  


I was the parent that did everything for my household.  Made sure they were fed, clothed,  washed, got to every event and sport possible.  


I helped them become the adults they are today, and proud of it, but who was I?  


When I started blogging, the first thing they said to do was write.  Write about your passions,  write about things you like to do, things that you like to see, places you like to go.  


For me, that was hard.   I knew what everyone else liked, but me?  That was hard!



What did I do and what pulled me?  


It became my quest and vision to help others find their voice.  Find their passions,  find themselves.


Imagination solutions are a big key in this role.  We have to learn that perspective about one of the most fundamental relations of life.  


We know that our work as parents is to do all in our power to equip our kids to live a happy, healthy adult life, to equip them with independence, and let them make their own judgements.   


What we need to learn is to move from one task to the next.



I can tell you from experience, that I loved being a mom, and now that it is my time, my task to find out who I am again, has been so much fun.   I am living again so to speak.  I am finding my full potential.  




How about YOU.  Are You using your Imagination Movers to Create your life?  Are there Solutions to your Imagination Marketing?  Do you want to make the move and find your Voice? 


I am here to help you do just that!!!  Come with me and your Imagination will grow into more than what you could ever have dreamed of.  Click HERE for the Make It Online


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36 thoughts on “Imagination Movers | Solutions to Imagination Marketing

  1. I have I big imagination. And I am always daydreaming. Although I think sometimes my imagination will get me in trouble because I create these expectations and then when they dont come true, I am upset

    1. You need to learn to dream bigger and then they will. that is what my lessons are teaching us. Would you like to learn how to do that? This is a trial offer for you to get a sneak peak at how to dream big. You won’t be upset when I share with you the secrets to get them. Alot of us are doing just that. Check it out. $7.00 will get you in. It is worth a look. Click Here

  2. wow Sandy.. resonated with so much of this post – one Ill be reading again.. know also about ’empty’ nest.. we put soo much of ourselves into our children.. we can feel quite lost when they leave the nest.. great blog really great blog 🙂

    1. Thank you Helen, This is the time of our lives where we need to discover and learn again. I am so glad I found blogging to give us just that.

  3. Hi Sandy,
    What an awesome post! Yes, using our imagination to help us think about what it is that we want is so important 🙂 I have a dream board on my fridge and I look at that all the time to remind me how important my dreams are and I use my imagination to bring me to those dreams , even if for now it just exists there 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts on using imagination 🙂

  4. Beautiful post Sandy.

    I happen to be a huge fan of the imagination 🙂

    You’ve touched on something I have seen at work with others. Whether we become tied to our jobs, titles or other roles in life, it’s easy (and common) to not know who the “I” is in all of that.

    I’m glad you were able to begin to discover who YOU are.
    The imagination is a wonderful, magical thing. It’s limitless, but can certainly work against us if we choose to use it this way.

    It really is up to us.

  5. Great post Sandy. Definitely can relate to empty nest syndrome. When you have been use to family around you constantly and then you do feel lost when they leave and move on. Luckily mum is now with me so I don’t feel so lost anymore. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Thank you. The feeling of lost has been with me a lot this week. I have had to be caretaker of my parents and get them to appointments. This can be challenging with my mom. Her dementia is so hard to watch, and to constantly be watching what she does and where she goes. Outings are the hardest.

  6. Hi Sandy,

    Great to be here

    I love this topic. Imagination is such a powerful activity that all of us should be doing whatever we can to foster it.

    The way I look at it is that imagination and inspiration are inextricably linked. When we’re feeling inspired, our imagination goes into overdrive, and more ideas will flow. As sure as night follows day.

    To get the juices flowing when I’m stuck for ideas, I’ll often just look at other blogs for inspiration. Usually, I’ll find something. At that point the imagination kicks in, and before I know it, I’ve created a new piece of original content.

    Thanks for your valuable post, Sandy.


    1. You are so welcome Kim. New pieces of original content are always flowing when you have a vision to where you are going.

  7. Hi Sandy,

    Nice Post! I believe in the quote by William Arthur Ward that If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it. It really keeps me motivated to follow my passion. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us!

  8. Totally resonated with me! For too many years I felt like “his” wife and “their” mom and I didn’t have any idea who I was without them. Great post!

    1. Finding yourself again is a challenge for many women. I just love what I have found and it is so inspiring help others see it too and learning how to help it grow. if you are really looking to find your voice. I invite you to come and join our team and together we will rise high. See my story here.

  9. So great. My son actually has a really wild imagination, and I often look at him for inspiration. He’s not afraid to dream when he’s awake, and I love that quote about it just being a wish if you don’t take action. So true!

    1. That is one of my favorite quotes and it hangs just in front of me at my desk. Help you son keep that imagination.

  10. I thank God for a great imagination. When I saw the empty room with boxes I thought… Wow what possibilities. So many different ways to decorate and make that room look comforting and inviting. 🙂

  11. Yah… I agree in this article.. I was visited next house we’ve plan to move, when I was there I’m starting to imagine of where I can place my cabinet, sofa, dinning table, ETC and I enjoyed while I’m doing it.

    Thanks Sandy…

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