Are you looking for a Career Change?  How do you know what to look for or even where to go?   Here are 8 ways to help you change and find just that.   Are you ready?


That depends on what you need to be ready for!  Finding Your Voice, Who Are Your Influencers!


Are you ready for what is in front of you? Do you know what changes you need to make?


Have you ever looked ahead and planned for anything, it doesn’t matter what it is.  How do you prepare for company coming for dinner, your retirement, a new family member, such as a baby or a wedding. Where does it start?  Your Mindset!


Are you ready for that Career Change?  


How do we get ready for things?  


Do you clean and prepare a meal.  


Do you decorate your house or place of celebration.   


Do you make a plan or a budget.


Do you make a list of what is needed.  


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When we are ready, it’s not all on the outside that needs work.  We need to clean out our hearts and minds also. Planning on preparing your mindset for change.  Getting organized and finding how the pieces all fit together.  


How do we do that, you ask?  Steps I Took and How I Over Came What Was Holding Me Back In My Life W/O All The Struggles


Are you ready? What Career Change do you need?



There are many ways for us to get ready for whatever we need or want.

 I want to share with you what I have found and what helps me.  


  1. I love lists.  All sorts of them.   Once you start you can find the things that are missing.  For those dinners, you find the recipes and see what ingredients you are missing. When you send Christmas cards you cross off people as you send them.  Here is more on lists.


1. Career Changes,   This is a scary thought for most.  Where do you begin? Do you need more education? Where do you go looking?  How do you know that it is right for you?


  1. For weddings you need to get your license, decorations, cake and other food for your guests. Then starting a whole new life. That means even more planning.  Finding the right person to help you and guide you will keep you definitely sane.


  1. Then thinking about retirement.  How is your nest egg?  Do you have it figured out?  Are you ready!  Having a few income sources is a great  way to be ready, one or two that keep on giving.  It’s never too late to start. Having an online business is a great way to start that.  This post will explain what that entails.


  1. Now for the mindset to help you get ready to be set for the other things you are doing.  What are you doing to get your mind ready?  Do you have a great library?  Did you know that you can tell where a person is going by what they have in their library?  This post can help you with some ideas.  



Making the Change in Your Career


Now take a look at where you are.  We are going to start small not to overwhelm and complicate things.   I have an exercise for you to do every day.  These are things that I do everyday and wow it has made a big difference in where I am going.


  1. Read something for 15 minutes every  morning.   This gives you inspiration and direction.
  2. Write something everyday from you reading
  3. Share what you found
  4. Listen to audios from great leaders
  5. Gather together every week for a group session to share
  6. Teach others how to do what you do
  7. Attend get-togethers and events to gain more knowledge and meet great people
  8. Get ALL-IN
  9. Click here to join and make the change, all others will be included.



If you ever had a thought that you need a change, do not let things hold you back.   You can make a difference!



Knowing you need a change and going after the change are two different things.   Getting yourself started in any direction is better than standing still.

Are you in need of a Career change or just a change in general.

I have the best program for you to start with.  Lock arms with me here and see what changes come through.  You will thank me later.






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9 thoughts on “Career Change Needed| 8 Ways To Change Your Career And Be Ready

  1. Great tips here. I abruptly quit my job after a long journey in the wrong direction. It was bold as hell and I didn’t know whether I’d sink or swim, but it had to be done and I have never been happier. I’d say listening to your soul beats following “practical advice” from the outside world.

  2. Excellent tips Sandy! It is always a good thing when you listen to your “gut” and make a change in your career….scary at first, but so worth it! Getting out of our comfort zones is so key to breaking thru barriers and just do it 🙂 I know that I am on the right track, just taking me a little longer to get where I want to go, but I know I will get there 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this awesome post!!

    1. Just keep doing it. When you can see where you are going and the goals you want, then it is worth it. Thanks

  3. I am also a huge list maker. It really helps me get my thoughts organized. I also agree that it’s definitely a mindset that needs to be changed or developed before making a career change. It’s such a huge change that you really need to be ready.

  4. Hi Sandy,

    Nice Post! Career change is an important decision in anyone’s life because it can either make or break one’s career if the decision is taking without measuring pros and cons!

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