Are you wanting to grow your business?   Of course you are.  Duh!


I want to share seven things with you that we all need to start with if we truly want to be online and grow a great business.  Do you know where you are going?  Here is a way to success!


Be Original……You are who you are and you should show it.   Others want to know you and they start to trust you when you are original!


Find your style and stick to it…..This is where you really start to show your true colors.    You need to tell your story and keep it cohesive through out what you are doing.   This will show others that you are genuine. 



Engage with others… you do this you will find out that people like to talk.  People like to share and learn.  Find what you have inside of you and share, share ,share. 


Reciprocate …..Do unto others, as you want them to do unto you.   If someone comments on your blog, go comment on theirs.


Participate …..Find the groups that have interests like your and participate in what is going on.


Use relevant tags….  Each social media has different ways of tagging.  The most common one is a hashtag.   This is a great way for people to find others that share the same things.


Comment on others…..  Comments are so important.   Need I say more.





I hope you liked my points and blog posts on how to grow your business.

Being original and yourself will get you farther than anything else.   I want to share a system that will help you find more about who you are and be able to show you how you can grow a business into a career by just being YOUClick here to check it out.




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74 thoughts on “Grow Your Business | Be Original

  1. It’s definitely a lot of work, but if you put in the time and do the research, you can take your business far.

    1. Kelly, That is great to hear. Please check out all my posts. This system has helped me grow so much. I look forward to communicating with you more. Thank you.

  2. It is funny because even though my business is all online, it is so hard to be yourself and feel comfortable with it. Something I must definitely work on!

    1. My online business is based on finding who we are and how our own voice can create a strong life. Being comfortable with who i am was one of my struggles too. I have learned through listening to our audios and other training that we have available that I am strong, I am alive and I have something to share. It is a wonderful feeling. When you are ready here is link for you to follow and see how far you can go.

  3. Finding your style and sticking to it is key. Also being original. Trying to copy off of anyone else doesnt showcase your own unique skills and gifts!
    Karen |

    1. Yes Karen, We all have a different skill. We all do things a little different. We speak differently, We walk different, we answer questions different. I think that is a great aspect to have.

  4. Some great points. Originality is key. Don’t be afraid to be who you are. If you try to copy somebody else, not only does that suck, but it comes over as much less authentic, as it’s not the genuine you!

    1. That is so right. We need to be ourselves. Having the confidence to show that we have something to give to others is a skill that everyone needs to learn. Don’t always go with what the world is telling you.

    1. Becca, Do you have a hobby? or a Passion? If I could show you how to create a well paying business around that, would you be interested?

    1. The world is changing. Even when we look at TV and Advertising it is coming back to being who we are. Having an online business to help us in finding and nurturing who we are just makes it all that much better.

  5. Great tips. I’m constantly looking at new ways to continue growing my site and staying active on social media. It can be a lot of work but the benefits are obvious.

    1. I can show you some tips to expand on this. And yes commenting is an important aspect of an online business.

  6. You’re right on the importance of blog comments, it’s an open forum for your readers to give you feedback. Over the years, I feel it’s slowly lost the value in it. I’ve asked several bloggers in the past how do they feel about comments and oftentimes it’s seen more like a burden. It’s actually beneficial to the blogger and those who comment because you can discover different people and their opinion on your work.

    1. Commenting is more important than most think. It shows others that your post is informative and gets attention. I have a webinar on how commenting helps to monetize yur blog and bring in leads. If you want a link please let me know.

  7. Love this Sandy, so many people struggle with being themselves… and I used to be ‘other people’ when I was young – now Im me.. and I love me.. so many great tips 🙂

  8. It’s easy to want to copy what others are doing, but that can only get you so far. Being original will allow you find your true voice and audience. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I think that being original is great advice, but also extremely difficult in this day and age. It seems like everything has been said before! But, you are right, if you put your own spin and personality into it, it is original.

    1. Actually Heather, it is easier now to be able to be yourself, and have a business that thrives on it. This is exactly what I am doing and helping others do the same. Would you be open to seeing how I am doing it?

  10. You offer some pretty awesome advice! I agree with everyone. My biggest piece of advice would be to “be authentic” and be true to yourself and not to the dollar!

    1. Right on. When we show others who we really are, we have better friends and better relationships and we are so much more relaxed.

    1. That is mine too. People have so much to give to others. We just have to have the confidence to just do it.

    1. If you are not full time, you can still be consistent. Just pick a time that you can always have a blog and do it every week. great point.

  11. Hi Sandy

    Great post. For me, it’s all about engagement and reciprocation. If bloggers want comments on their own blog, go and comment on others. If they don’t get reciprocation, no problem – keep looking till you find generous souls who are happy to return the favor.

    I would like to offer a couple of extra points:

    1. Collect Emails
    2. Follow up regularly

    Follow up is the key to conversion, so if someone opts into my list I send follow up emails most days.

    Thanks Sandy


    1. Yes, the more you blog things just fall into place. BUT it depends on if you have the support behind you, the right blogging system to guide you and the encouragement from those around you. I would love to introduce you to our system. If you would like to see a trial, just let me know.

    1. Yes Networking is very important. We need to reach out to people for them to know what it is that you have.

  12. Hi Sandy,

    Your post puts a smile on my face because I follow all your useful tips already. We are all unique one way or the other but there are techniques for marketing that make many bloggers sound the same only because they want to “stand out”. I believe this is why so many bloggers with original content happen to be lost in the crowd.

    Wonderful post indeed. Thank you!


    1. Thank you Zaria. I am learning so much about who I am and where I want to go. My Blogging business is just that, Getting inside of someone and teaching them to show who they are. If you like my tips, then you would love the program I have. Check it out here.

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