Self Image With A Customer Perception | Empathy Mapping


What is it that you could gain with your customer’s perception?  Have you ever produced an Empathy Map to help you gain your self confidence that you are reaching the ones you want?


Why am I still doing what I am doing?


How does one see me


How do you increase your self image to get noticed?  Keys To Success In Life | Personal Development



[tweet_box design=”box_02″]Have you ever had the feeling “I wanted to succeed but felt like a failure.”[/tweet_box]


Have you had failure in the past and do you feel that if you never got a chance to be in first place or you didn’t get Self Imagethe prize that you have failed.  


No I am not saying that that everyone has to win.  We are all talented in different things.  


I have been sucked into a book lately, that is showing me that if you are trying to achieve something you need to start with your own self image.  


By laying it out on an Empathy Map can really get you started. Have you ever sat down and filled one out?   


Empathy MapIts about customer perspective:  


……The likes and dislikes.  

…….What they feel

…….what they hear

…….What they see

…….How they think

…….the pain and the gain


You are the one who fills in the blanks and digs down to find the answers.  


“A person can not rise above how he sees himself”



Your self image is controlled by a mental blueprint we have inside our subconscious mind and it dictates where we belong.   Fill it with what you want to achieve and where you want to go.



“Trying to achieve without expanding your self-image doesn’t lead to a lasting positive change.”



Have you ever tried to do something and just did not succeeded like you wanted to, always falling short of your goal?   Always wondering why others could do it and you couldn’t?   Are you Lying to Yourself?



This book is so inviting and it opens your mind so much.  What I am beginning to see is exactly why I felt like a failure at certain things and how my poor “self-image” was indeed holding me back in life and business.  I get it,  why I struggle with some things and other things are easy.



“You are only as strong as your weakest link.”



It was something that only I could overcome. I had to go into a place and think.   That place was my own mind.  I could not find it any where else.  I had to close my eyes.  Are you using a safety net?



I had to find the place of my best moments.  


…..My victories,

… successes,

… happiest times.  Let them. Play out like a mental movie.   


You must experience the reality of it before a switch can we flipped.  A change to be made.   

Does Your Self Image control your Customers perspective

Am I enough




This is where you can be happy now and every single day following.  When you discover happiness in all you do, instead of expecting to only be happy when your goal is achieved.  


“Beauty is more than skin deep”.  


Does your image change when your clothes do?   


……See other post……..


Self image.   The individual’s mental and spiritual concept of himself is the real key to personality and behavior.


Any breakthrough in science or knowledge of any source comes from the outside boundaries of the system where it originated.   Yes you can look at the experts in the field but to make something truly new it needs to come from the outside of you.  


If you are going to develop and grow you first need to see the direction you need to go …. and then, look inside yourself and see where your boundaries are.


[tweet_box design=”box_09″]”The hardest thing to do is to teach someone how to be themselves”[/tweet_box]


The question is how you can use this new knowledge in your own life to achieve the goals that are important to you.




If you liked this post on Self Image With A Customer Perception, I have a great program that can get you started, just like it changed my life, it can change yours. 

Do you want a better self image to grow your business and  really know how to get inside the head of your customer? 

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8 thoughts on “Self Image With A Customer Perception | Empathy Mapping

    1. I didn’t realize how much I feel that way. Then when I jumped over that hurdle, life is just expanding for me. Can I introduce you to some of our audios and other things we do in our system to help us grow and know that “we are Enough”? If you are interested click here and I will introduce you to a new world.

  1. I think we all go through a bit of this “I’m not good enough” thing, Sandy. Unfortunately, in order to feel like we are, we need to mentally know it before we can proceed. Very interesting and “deep” book you’re reading. I look forward to hearing more about it.


    1. Brenda, It is a great book called Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz I will keep sharing while I keep reading.

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