Is your life like peeling an orange? What road blocks do you put in front of yourself?


I was standing in my kitchen this morning looking for something to eat. I saw an orange.The Orange It was just calling my name, the orange color was so inviting. My mouth was watering with the memory of what it tastes like. Oh I love oranges.


But I hesitated! Why?


You look at the Orange and say “do I have time to peel it eat it, get my hands all dirty”, and all these things were going through my mind.


It was a roadblock!


Why was I so hesitant?


I wanted the orange, I knew it was going to taste good and it was good for me. Why did I create that roadblock?


Are there roadblocks that you put in front of your life?

Is Your Life Like Peeling An Orange

That is what got me thinking. I was holding myself back and the dirty hand feeling was standing in my way.


You know that’s what life is like when we think about going after something. How many times have you put up roadblocks? The kind of revelations of where we’re going.   Do we get in our mind where we’re going to head, and overthink what there is and what will happen? 



Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally. David Frost




Our minds think “What is it going to be like“, and we stop ourselves.


[tweet_box design=”box_03″]That’s what’s holding us back, that is what’s holding us from getting what we want![/tweet_box]



How is your life going to be today? What roadblocks do we create ourselves?

Are You Putting Up Your Own Roadblocks



What’s your life going to aim at?


My point of this story isn’t about the orange that I wanted to share, it is that we can change the way we think. We can set ourselves up for failure, or we can set ourselves up for success.


The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand. Vince Lombardi


As long as we have a goal in front of us and we point to that goal, we’re going to get there no matter what!


So don’t worry about that orange empowering you,  eat it and then keep going, wash your hands, and then with your goals in front of you, you have to push through the things that you might not like.


I heard a speaker talk about aiming for what it is that you really want. It wasn’t so much as aiming, it was more about firing! You can adjust where you hit the target as you go along.


Shoot, Fire, Aim 


Make it a journey to give. Like peeling that orange. And you will get it back tenfold. Like tasting its sweet goodness.


When you hesitate or put up roadblocks, you lose! The orange will not sit there on your counter and wait for you! It will spoil and you have lost out.


Let’s all step forward from the things that are holding you back.


Where are you going?


What road blocks have you put in your own path?


Show up for your future, show up for your business, and show up for your life!



I your life is having roadblocks built by you and you want to have that mind shift.  Let me introduce you to some of the tools that I am using.   You will see things in a whole new way.  You will get to enjoy the good things in a different way.


get started now*********

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13 thoughts on “Is your life like peeling an orange? What road blocks do you put in front of yourself?

    1. I have been learning so many tools that are helping me see my roadblocks and learning how to move past them. Would like to see what I am using.

  1. This is such a great analogy. I often think about 3 or 4 steps ahead of something, and talk myself out of it, when instead, I need to just go for it. Thanks for the motivation to get my hands dirty!

  2. As always so motivating. I feel the same way when it comes to making voreniki which takes about 1 hour to make and gets eaten within 15 minutes. I call that me being lazy or not wanting it as much as I should. Yes.. it takes a lot of dedication and hard work and we live in a day of age when people want everything quick and done for them.

    1. The quick and done. You are right. And when you really think about that what do all of us want. We want to slow down and take a breath. We miss out on so much when we think ahead and don’t just enjoy.

    1. Oh no, I was there and I know what you mean. Time for things change as life goes on. Having a business like mine helps me work around the others things life brings. Like Crying babies.

  3. Hey Sandy,

    Very inspiring post! I believe in David Frost quote that don’t run for success. If you love something, go for it and success will come naturally to you. Thanks for sharing this post with us!

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