Fire Away I am Bulletproof Titanium!



When life get you down, do you let it?


Or do you sit back and say fire away?     Here is the song that spurred my thinking




Give it all you got! 


Just give it all you got!!!


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Get in the mood with the Fight Song from Rachel Platten 


I do not know where the last month went.  It seemed like there were so many things going on and from all different directions.   Life hit me hard!



I just wanted to explode and scream.   That really does help you feel better, have you ever tried it?  It reminded me of my other post on keeping it all together.


I was trying to set things in order when I heard a song playing on the radio   Fire Away!  It hit and I knew what to do!



I can take it “Give it all you got”, I am bulletproof titanium!



You have no idea where your strength can come from, the space where you give it all you got.  You know there are  things that you could find, things you could do that give you the strength and the motivation.


Fire Away I am Bulletproof titanium


Then let them fire away!


What is your breaking point?  Do you just want to spend your day doing nothing, letting it go by without even noticing?


Yes I have days that I just want to curl up in the corner, do nothing but eat.   



A few years ago,  that is what I would be doing.   Things are now different,  things in my mind have changed. I know my way out, I know what I need to do.   


Let Life Fire Away…..I am the next Rocky Balboa!    I am in it for the fight!!!!!


Fire Away


I can take it!!!   I have a focus that is stronger….. I have a will that shows me where I am going!!!!



Have you had days and months like this?


What throws you for a loop?


Would you like to know what I found a few years ago?



It  all started when I went online looking to make some extra money.  The finances around the house were feeling tight.  The empty nest syndrome was hitting and I was empty.  



I stumbled upon a video of someone telling me about the struggles this individual had gone through and how a simple system had helped him grow and set his life in order and how he became free.   Not only financially but from the inside out and how he changed his way of thinking and the rest just flowed on.


I set forward and invested in myself to learn this simple system.  


I worked.   


I built my strong voice and started working on my mind and how I see things around me.  I found that there is a better way to live, a better way to see the world.  A better way to create financial freedom.  



A way to make new friends, true friends from all over the world.   It has become a smaller place for me.   I get to have my freedom, travel and work when I want.



So how does this give me the strength to tell the world to Fire Away?



Fire Away and be Strong


My business has developed and molded me into a new mindset.  It has given me the tools and tips that any newbie to the online industry needs to know.  I have shifted to look at things in a new way.  I pulls me through the hard times.  It gives me focus on my goals and where I want my life to go.


[tweet_box design=”box_06″]I say  “Fire Away”[/tweet_box]



I have the tools to help me do YOU?




Do you have the tools needed to tell the world to fire away?  Do you have the tools to give yourself the financial freedom or the mindset to pull you forward?

  I want to share with you what I found and it will only cost you $7.00 to get peek.  

 Are you looking to turn a corner in your life?  Do you know what is around that corner, or are you afraid?

 Take hold and join my team, you will grow in ways you never knew possible.


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12 thoughts on “Fire Away | Bulletproof Titanium

  1. When I’m feeling overwhelmed like you were, I love going on a long run. It gives me time to process what’s been going on and let go of the stress that’s been building up!

  2. This is such a good outlook to have! It can definitely be hard to stay positive and strong when life is throwing things at you. I think this song is the perfect reminder to “fire away.”

  3. Thanks for sharing this outlook! It’s a great one to have – especially in tough times. I love that song as a reminder to be strong!

    1. Pam. With all the books that I have been reading and writing about. I have a different way of looking at things. This song just stuck in. At first I was wondering why I was listening to it, then it just hit.

  4. Whenever I feel overwhelmed I either take the pup for a walk to clear my head or I grab my bike for a little ride. Btw, I love that song!

  5. How many of us get overwhelmed and have to get ourselves strong and clear. Such a common problem these days with our lifestyle and our distractions.

    great blog!


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