Stress relief to get the job done!


What is one of the biggest thing that robs you of your success?   Stress is a big one!   When your daily to do list and your work flow falls behind, how do you feel.   It becomes stress, and that only leads to more stress.


We only want to get our work done and possibly get ahead.  What do we do and how do you control it.  Another blog I mention struggling with stress.  Read more here:


Getting the Job done.


Stress comes in many forms throughout the day and I want you to know that everyone has the power to reduce the impact.   There are ways to learn how to spot and then deal with stress triggers.


To others they have forgotten what it feels like to be fully relaxed and alert.   The day to day routine of being stressed out has become the normal.


Stress Relief to Get Your Work Done



I have found some tips to help you recognize when you are stressed.  Have a read…..and pay attention to your body,  it will let you know.


  1. Observe your muscles and insides:  Are you muscles tight or sore?  Does your stomach feel in knots?  Are your hands clenched?
  2. Observe your breath:  is it shallow? Place your hands on your chest and notice when they go up and down.   Did you forget to breath?


Never knew this until I tried it.   I was skipping a breath.  



Next we are going to Identify responses.  


How do you act when stressed:   


Overexcited stress:  do you become angry or agitated?

Under-excited stress:  do you become more depressed, withdrawn or spaced out?


Have you walked into someplace like your office and just stood there?  Just looked around not knowing what to do, like you were in a “frozen” state?   


……I have…..


Being in control of your life and having realistic expectations about your day-to-day challenges are the keys to stress management, which is perhaps the most important ingredient to living a happy, healthy and rewarding life. Marilu Henner


Learn to Deal with Stress Relief

Stress Relief


There is even such a thing as “Good Stress” Good stress motivates you to be the best person you can be, it pushes you ahead to grow and move forward in your life.  


In this article, they talk about recognizing more signs of stress and how to help so you do not end up feeling like the zebra.  If you can relate to it.  The physical, emotional, panic attacks, and the burnout.  


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Learning how to change your focus from this crazy world can help with stress[/tweet_box]


You can’t always avoid the stress in your life, but you can learn to better cope with it. The National Institutes of Health recommends these steps:


  1. Set priorities: Decide what must get done and what can wait, and learn to say no to new tasks if you are overwhelmed.
  2. Stay in touch with people who can provide emotional and other support. Ask for help from friends, family, and community or religious organizations to reduce stress due to work responsibilities or family issues, such as caring for a loved one.
  3. Take time to do relaxing activities you enjoy, such as reading, yoga, or gardening, or meditation..
  4. Avoid dwelling on problems. Focus on what you have accomplished, not what you have been unable to do.
  5. Exercise regularly. Just 30 minutes per day of moderate walking can help boost mood and reduce stress.



Can the Things Around you Bring you Stress Relief?



There is a great article I found for stress relief in that deals with using your senses and things around you to give you relief and that helps you accomplish so much more.   


We all just want to be able to get our job done and please those around us.  


[tweet_box design=”box_11″]So here is a little bit about your senses.[/tweet_box]   


…..Sights:   surround yourself with soothing and uplifting images.  


Cherished photo

A plant or flowers

Anything nature.  Get to a garden and sit on a bench

Make things colorful

Close your eyes and imagine someplace peaceful


….Sound:  focus on your auditory sense.  Experiment with different ones.


Favorite song

Soothing sound of running water

Wind chimes

Birds singing, wind rustling in the trees



……Touch:  focus on tactile sensations


A warm blanket

Pet a dog or cat

Soak in a hot bath

Hand or neck massage



……Movement:  you tend to shut down when stress is the strongest


Run in place or jump up and down

Dance around


Go for a walk



Getting your job done and learning how to manage your stress relief


Stress Relief to Get Your Work DoneWe all want to get something done.  


We all want to accomplish things.  


We don’t want stress to get in our way.



When you learn how to find your stress relief, and then feel good when the job is done.  Are you ready to get right back to creating more, that is when you have accomplished your task.  This blog is a good Stress Reliever from this Crazy world.



Don’t let stress take over your work,




If you liked my post on how to have Stress Relief To Get The Work Done.
Then you will really enjoy the business that I am in.   I want to share with you the informational products that keep me going and inspired and has helped me break free from the stress environment I came from.

Check this out for more information and learn how to enjoy life again.




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16 thoughts on “Stress Relief To Get The Work Done! Stress Interference

  1. The breathing thing is so important — I hold my breath or take very shallow breaths when I get anxious, which of course just makes me more anxious. Recognition of the physical manifestations is an important step to reducing symptoms of stress.

  2. It’s so important that everyone realize the symptoms of stress. Many people have lived in a constant state of tension that they don’t realize it until it is noted. I have clients come into my office who I can physically see the tension and they don’t even realize how tight their muscles are.

  3. Oh My GOSH!!!! I actually do notice that at times I’m not breathing! That cannot be healthy!!!!

    Thank you for these stress relieving tips … I am paying attention!

  4. I’ve always been a clencher as a result of being in constant distress. I clench all my muscles and never realised how much I was doing it. Doing all different forms of exercise; weight training, yoga and pilates gave me such a great understanding and awareness of my body, that I’m constantly checking in with it throughout the day.
    I am not in a state of distress as often as I used to be, but my body was so habitually tense that I’m having to train it to be in a more relaxed state naturally.
    I’ve also switched to experiencing Eustress (the good kind of stress you talked about) more often, and that is helping me physically and emotionally.
    Such great info in your post Sandy!
    Awareness is definitely the first step to making the changes though.
    Loved your post

    1. Thank you Kelly, It was something I needed help on at the moment and I thought I would share. Isn’t that what blogs are for?

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