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In your daily life and business do you have a focus?  A focus online and a sense of direction? 

Focus Online 

My focus and center is on my Cookie Jar.


That might seem strange to you, but I will tell you a story of why.  My whole story is on this blog.


There is a Jar in my kitchen that collects the loose coin from our pockets, etc. We have always said if it get full we will take a trip to Disneyland, or a cruise to Alaska.   




Well as you can only know….it never seemed to get full before we need to pull out of it.  It is because the end of the month got short, we seemed that the balance in the bank never covered it all.    Things are so different now!  Ask me how.

So, back to my focus online …my Cookie Jar Money.


It stuck with me when I was getting direction for my online business.  I want it to grow with more than money and dreams.  I wanted it to grow with ideas and possibilities.  


When I started it was the cookie jar money, then it merged into Sandy’s Jar and I finally settled on The Secret Jar of Success.   You just never know what you can find when you get a direction and idea to share.


I found focus in many places.  Come see how I compared the difference between a laser and a flashlight! to finding a focus point.


I have become a coach in the things that I am learning, and the things that I am filling up my jar with.  


[tweet_box design=”box_04″]Get Direction from where you are to where you want to go.[/tweet_box]


I have always been good with mechanical things and laying things out to get them to work.   Being visual and sharing that with words had been a lot of fun.



I go above and beyond….but like my dad always said when we went some place new….get lost first then find your way out..that way you know the whole town before you settle down and get to action.   It worked believe it or not.   


I don’t always recommend that people get lost first, but diving in and filling it up will get you going in so many places.


So here we are …. starting…  my center is on my Cookie Jar.


Where is yours……



Have you ever wondered where to focus online, and to learn how to go in the right direction? 

There is advice around every corner.  Do this, do that.   Which way is the right way?

I was lost and couldn’t get it right until I found a program that walked me through and set my focus straight.


I want to share that with you.  I only have a few spots at a time to coach others, so if you need to get direction and learn how to focus online and make your business grow. 

Click here and get started NOW.



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13 thoughts on “Focus Online | Get Direction

  1. Hi Sandy,

    This is an awesome post! With the multitude of advice readily available on the web, we must use trial and error to find what works for us as individuals. What works for one, may not work for the other. Sometimes getting lost could be the best thing needed to focus on what you’re really trying to achieve.

    Happy Friday!

  2. Finding that focus is so important. I love how you came up with your blog name. I actually keep an old container in the basement and collect money when I do the laundry…also saving it up for a trip someday. It really is a great metaphor.

  3. Yes, I want my blog to grow with ideas as well. However, one of my biggest goals is to learn, teach my children, and encourage others to spend time with their children. Thank you for encouraging me to focus more on what I think is needed.

    1. You are welcome. I know the world of the online business and blogging can be overwhelming, but when we know what and where to go, it makes it clear. Teaching and encouraging is the best way to be.

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