Discover the Mechanism for Success Within You


Having Psycho-cybernetics to help you find your inner mechanism will spur your success in many different ways.   Have you ever read the book? Keep reading I will share more.


First thing to think about is to live by means of achieving a goal.  You have a target set to achieve.   You want to get something done.  It steers you in a direction.  Do you need a fresh perspective on creating goals?


Your mental concept should be in alignment!



 Success Mechanism


Here are some keys to help.  


  1. Set your goal in your mind.  Don’t force it.  Don’t make the mistake of trying to figure out the how before it’s established.  Effort will be your defeat!
  2. Set it on automatic!   Keep your focus on the end result and the daily routine will become automatic.
  3. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. ….shoot….fire….aim.  
  4. Any skill is truly learned by trial and error.
  5. Trust in yourself and let it happen. The spontaneity is a natural idea.  


In the mental concept imagination set off our creativity.   You realize your brain is one of the unknown wonders of the world.   Sometimes it is hard to explain why we think the way we do.


The difference between the brain and a computer is one simple thing.  Emotions.  The operator of creation.


I had a leader tell me to look at where I wanted to go and then close my eyes and turn the corner.   Is that truly scary?   Do you know what is around the corner?


Are you afraid of seeing your future?


What is Your Success Mechanism


Are you a self guided torpedo or a missile?  

Are you receptive to feedback?  

The question is basically the answer.   Is it known or not.  



When you set off are you living each day with a plan?  Is your mechanism is set to automatically go in the direction you want?


If you really mean business, you have an intense desire and put all means into play.   You have a scanner to download what is needed and a memory bank to recall it.  


Come and read the Book by Maxwell Maltz called Psycho-Cybernetics and see where your Success Mechanism will take you.



Want to learn more about how you can change your brain and get it to guide you in the right direction?   Let me help guide you along and teach you how to Shoot – Fire – Aim  and your target will be hit every time.


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7 thoughts on “Discover the Mechanism for Success Within You | Psycho-Cybernetics

  1. Wonderful blog post. Thanks for all the reminders to do what is suggested in the book. I read it many times but that was a year ago. It’s amazing how much you can forget when you don’t put the words into action. I really enjoyed how you put the information together.
    {Just wanted to let you know that your ‘click here button’ doesn’t take me anywhere.}

  2. Great blog post Sandy, I’m focused on keeping busy during the 16 hours (sometimes more) we get during the day using time management to do all the things needed to be done. A list of everything from A to Z. I get stuck at a job (thankfull though) and use the time available to finish off the checklist. The goal was always to create time now for more time in the near future. It is truly a fantastic journey so far for Ressie and I..lose yourself in action, success will come with time.

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