Key Factors To Starting Your Business Online


From My Office to Yours here are four basic keys to get you started in a business and create the success factors that are needed.  When you are doing it and how you are doing it.  They include:   Timing, Strategy, Desire, Massive Action.



Key Factors


1.   Timing:     Your time or the time for what you are promoting   

              With your own business you can schedule what you are doing, you can plan and promote things on your time.   OR   when new products come out and set on a time limit, then you are setting your time differently. 


2.  Strategy:   Plan

             Need to have a plan of action,  or some may say a plan of Attack!  How are you going to do it and with what.


3.  Desire:   need

             This is a deep desire to have something.    You need to know why you are doing something and what are you working for.


4. Take Massive Action:      Get going


Now is your time to take the action and get started building your massive business.



If you have ever wanted to start your own business or need help when you are stuck, then this is the program I used and it can help you too. 

   It gave me the Key Factors in Starting Mine.

Come check it out HERE! 


12 thoughts on “4 Key Factors To Starting A Business | Success Factors

  1. This sounds like an awesome program. Time, and scheduling it is the biggest problem for me right now. I’ve realized that I need to be patient, and not stress about things I can’t change. I love the look of your blog header!

    1. Desire is very important, yet you need them all to really balance them out. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Awesome post Sandy!

    I think it’s so easy for new people to get overwhelmed when they start a new business. The 4 key factors you share here will be a tremendous help in the beginning!

    Timing, Strategy, Desire, and Massive action all contribute to your success for sure, thank you for sharing!


    1. You are right Kristine. They all seem to work together and when that new person can see all then they will have tremendous success.

  3. Great post Sandy!

    The key factors you mentioned here are very important – especially the timing and planning.

    Thanks for telling us about the program you used. I’m glad it worked for you. I’ll have to check that out.

    Happy Tuesday!


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