Getting noticed online is what counts for any business!  Standing outside of the crowd and being unique can have its advantages.  I am a Lifestyle Coach! How many others can say that!


How do you get noticed?

How do you become a Lifestyle Coach?

Better yet, Why would you want to?



These are some questions that people are asking all the time, yet just don’t realize it!  They want their life to be better, they want their life to be smoother, they want happiness and worry free.  Most of all they want financial freedom!


I get this question a lot.   What on earth are you doing? 

How do you get noticed

They see me online in many social media sites.  They see my lifestyle.  They see me being free and following my passions.  They can hear my pain and see my joy.  They get to feel what I’ve done and where I am going.  They can see how I’ve changed and what is important. 


Then they ask again.    Why?   Are they curious or jealous?


I Am A Lifestyle Coach!


What are you doing and if you want to change, how do you get noticed?


First things first,  you need to let go and be yourself!  Show others who you really are.   What do I mean?   Step back and take a look.


What does your social profile look like.   Is it your store front? Or the open door to your home?  This is where a lot of online businesses fail.  They treat it like a sterile, personally-free soapbox.   And you wonder why wonder why people do not ”like” your posts or comment!


Let’s think for a moment on the things that you “like”?  Or comment on and share.


How about the ones that just post and talk over and over again about business.   Not sure about you, but I turn them off so why would I do it?


I will confess.   I was so excited  starting my online business that I did fall into this trap.  I did push and try to show all what a great thing I found.    Then I realized they started running from me.   


[tweet_box design=”box_06″]That is the fastest way to die online!  In business or friendships.[/tweet_box]




There is nothing to involve someone else, nothing to intrigue them,, nothing to inspire them, teach them or help them!

Lesson learned.    Don’t talk AT someone, talk TO them and listen for the answer!

What is a lifestyle Coach and Why would you want to be one!


Sandy MangisI am a Career and Life Coach.


I have no desire to work more than four hours a day.


No interest in the long term hustle or grind.


I like to spend time with my family.


I like to get to know people and not have to sell them all the time, but the funny thing about that is, that the less I sell the more they buy!


I love people.


I love residual income.


I love having products and services that I can offer to others that will pay me over and over again so that my days become effortless.


This is not a fantasy….This is my REALITY.


I love showing people how I do it.


I have no need for approval.


I get paid for my Potential.


I have no need for awards. (and yet I seem to keep winning them)


I can not be tethered.


I was born to be FREE.


I have no need to convince you because I possess what 99% of people want.


Pretty cool if you ask me


Can you say that?


How Do People Know Who or What You Do


[tweet_box design=”box_03″]Life is out there for all of us to enjoy and share.   Are you afraid of what you will find?  [/tweet_box]


That is one realization that I found out about myself, then I sat back and started to be truthful to who I am.  Who and where I wanted to go.  Here are some tips that I want you to try and see how others respond.


  • Show off casual, impromptu photos of you.

  • Snap a shot of your desk or other places that you work or play.

  • Ask your fans a friendly question.

  • Give glimpse of your projects.

  • Post your favorite quotes.

  • Give an opinion on a popular story currently happening.

  • Ask others for help.

  • Let others see what you are eating and drinking during your day.  Let them see your lifestyle.

  • Share your sights.

  • Draw attention to others


This starts your learning curve to see how others respond. 


How People Will Know You


When you start to show others what you have and what you want, it is surprising to see how they react.  Being a lifestyle coach you want to pull them in and wrap them in your content.  They want to learn, they want to know, they want to change. 


So how do you do that?  How do you make your content valuable so people sit up and take notice? 

You need to step out of yourself and ask:


What do they care about?

What problems do they need solved and how can YOU help them with that?


No matter what you are doing,  what makes you happy, you will find there are many more just like you. 


When you learn how to be yourself and learn how to be a “product of your product” then you too can be a lifestyle coach!



If you are afraid of what you will find if you look deep inside and try to turn the corner ahead, then this is the place to help you change and become the best Lifestyle Coach that others can find.


Start your Own Coaching Program Here


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10 thoughts on “I Am A Lifestyle Coach | How Do People Know

  1. Inspirational! I think when people ask, they are at first curious and then jealous, although I hate to use that word because it sounds negative. Perhaps others ‘envy’ you and wish they too could take the leap of faith and do something they love and empowers and motivates others.

    Good for you for finding something completely up your alley, that aligns with your ideals and beliefs.


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