The Days Of Our Lives, How Are You Going To Live


As I get older my focus needs a shift.  Am I the child or the parent? To let you in a little of where my place in life is, I would like you to follow along and see.  The Days of our lives.



Where are you?


There is no going back!  No do over.   


No jumping ahead.  No skipping our turn.   


We are undeniably where we are – mentally, physically, spiritually, in our daily lives.  


We are responsible for thriving or surviving.


This is the truth about our place in LIFE.  A wake Up call   



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Are you the one they call,


Are you there for the happy times,


Are you there for the hugs,

Are you there for the pain,


Are you there for the suffering,


Are you there when sickness comes,


Are they there when ……you are needed?



Are you driving yourself in the wrong direction




How are you going to Live


Do you know how to care for ones that you love, when all it feels like is a burden.  The ones that don’t listen or even don’t want to see you around.   


They are getting older,  I am getting older.  


Do you know what goes on behind the closed doors when others can’t watch.


No one wants to lose their youth.  


What direction do you want to go….


It’s really up to you!



The truth About Our Place in Life



This is truth…… No one else is responsible for where we are right now.


No one, but YOU.


And the truth is we know it.


Getting older is not in our plans, it is not something that most of us want to think about.  


“Your spirit never ages”  was a quote I heard in this TED talk I was listening to.



She also talks about losing our independence and mobility.  Something else we do not want to think about.   


How are you going to live?     “Passionately”


Be true to who you are and learn how to be free.  To have time-freedom




“ I don’t carry grudges, ambition, vanity, none of the deadly sins that are not even worth the trouble. It’s great to let go”   Isabel Allende



It can be very hard to show how you feel inside.   Words can not always show.


You have a lot of competition with the youth.    


You feel pretty,


You feel sexy,


You feel young,


……but the mirror does not help the outside seem the same.



The world is here to help us all


“people working with people to rebuild me; people working with people to re-educate me.” Charity Tillemann





Listen as she tells her story about how the world was giving up on her and how the wisdom of the aging where there to help.


When we get caught up in wondering if you are the child or the parent and have a hard time dealing with it all.   Just sit back and think  “How are you going to live?”





P. S.   When you have life changes and think about the Day of Our Lives  where do you find yourself?  

I have found myself in this blogging industry.   It has given me my freedom, my youth, my inspiration to know where I am and where I want to go.   It doesn’t matter how old, how young, how imperfect you think you are.   Life is in your hands.    Make the most of it!

Come and look for the change you need and learn how to live.


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41 thoughts on “The Days Of Our Lives | How Are You Going To Live

  1. This is something we’ve thought about a lot. We lost both my husbands parents a few years ago and we’ve talked a lot since then about enjoying life more. Which for us means staying healthy and active.

    1. That hit me hard too. Thank you. I see myself in so many other places and now i know I need to lead myself there. You?

  2. Yes, I need to lead myself. Which is interesting in itself. I have been waiting for others, but I am a natural born leader. Why do I take up the reins for others but not myself?

    1. Making a plan of action of where we want to go will lead us on so many roads to a great life. Standing still will get us nowhere.

  3. Reality is we lead our self to where we are adn we are the only ones that can lead our self out. If you want to change where you are then you have to do it yourself. No one else can do it for you.

  4. Very interesting piece. As my boys have grown, I definitely look more closely at my life and the choices I am making. I want to leave a good legacy, but also enjoy my time here.

    1. We make our own path. We can choose to grow or not. We can choose to be known for something or not. We need to find what we like to do and have fun with it. having a business that will help us do just that is a great plus.

  5. It is great to let go, but sometimes it can be so hard to get to that point. This was an excellent post to think on.

    1. Letting go is hard. But once you do and move on, things get so much easier that you ask why you didn’t do it before.

  6. Great post Sandy!

    I’ve realized over the past few years that I want to LIVE life, while enjoying the days of my life. I want more than just surviving.

    I’ve also come to this conclusion: “This is truth…… No one else is responsible for where we are right now.”

    It’s up to each of us…thanks for the reminder!


  7. It is the timeline of life where we have to learn to keep going. In the immortal words of Dory, “just keep swimming”. I find your strength amazing and you are wonderful. Just keep writing!

  8. I especially loved this line in the post “No one else is responsible for where we are right now.” And it’s SO true and something a lot of people don’t get or even realize. I also like the reminder of to live passionately; very inspiring info in this post!

    1. We all need to find our passions. That is one thing I had lost and it has been an awesome journey to find myself again.

  9. A very thought provoking post Sandy … one of the beautiful things about aging is the wisdom it brings … the wisdom to know what truly matters and what truly does not … the wisdom to know that YOU are in control of your destiny and that every single decision you make is leading you to where you want to be …

    1. You are so right. By just going day to day we are not really living. We need to have adventure, we need to have excitement. Thrive in everything you do.

  10. Ooooo definitely a piece that makes you think! We make our own lives what they are. I like to think I’m doing more than just surviving 😉

    1. I too have been doing a lot of thinking. we make our lives, yet sometimes we don’t slow down long enough to know how far it has come. Don’t lose yourself like I did.

  11. Its true noone wants to get older , it feels like Doomsday is looming and for me even at 22 it scares me. I don’t want to lose my independence but then again I see many people who are older than me and still in great condition.

    1. Getting older isn’t doom. It depends on how you live it. Make the most of it and enjoy it. Don’t be scared of your future, embrace it and run.

    1. It is so good to have that feeling and know that you are making a difference and know that you have a place

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