Do we replicate a system, or do we sustain by learning how to do the work ourselves? How can we sustain and never give up?


What is it that you want to get done?  Do you think it is better to have things given to you and just let it work, (following directions) or are we better off if we trudge forward and replicate to sustain?  Being Consistent!


There are many systems in place today that will replicate and function over and over.  But are they actually doing you any good?


Like the saying:


“Take a man fishing you will feed him dinner, teach him how to fish and he will feed himself for a lifetime”



Being an Entrepreneur you really only have success if you have a system that you can work and if you are consistent in applying that work.  When you need to find that something that is missing, where do you go?


The industry that I am in, will give you a system, give you the tools and training, help set it up for you, but from there it is yours to pursue and replicate.  It is there for you to expand on and grow.   We teach you what it is that you need to move on and then we take the training wheels off. 



If you haven’t heard this story and want an answer to your struggles, then listen up.

Sustain and Replicate


Chinese Bamboo Tree Story



It doesn’t matter what it is that you do, or what you look like, or what other people think about you. It matters what is in your heart that you want to pursue.


Never give up if it is something you want.  




It is just amazing in showing others that you can accomplish anything when you know what it is that you are working for.



No more excuses…


No more saying it is too hard….


It is your time to learn that you, yes you can have it too!


It is not that I have given up on you, it is that you have given up on yourself!




Come learn what it takes, and how to get your life on track to live it to the full potential and be sustained for life.


P.S.      Pursue your dream, let me help you in setting it up the right way, so you can be confident in taking off those training wheels.


13 thoughts on “How To Sustain And Replicate | Never Give Up

  1. That’s a great point, you make, Sandy. Automated business models sound great but doing the same mindless task every day doesn’t help a person evolve.

  2. A great message Sandy. I think the bamboo story is such a good example of how business normally works. It takes time and then can come together very quickly. I think many people quit just before they get momentum and of course some never really get started.

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