I was selling Mary Kay and failed!  What I did wrong, and what I am now doing right!


Have you ever had a thought like this ….  “I love the products and I know that others will too, so I am going to sell them and make a fortune and retire” ….. Only to get in, work it and fail.  That is what I did, and now I know what I did wrong. Mary Kay has taught me a lesson.  


I was in Dallas TX at one of our company events.   You can’t call them conventions or work, because they are so uplifting and friend gathering.   But talking about being in Dallas and being around the Mary Kay convention, brought back a lot of memories.


I Failed At Mary Kay, Know I Know WhyI used to sell Mary Kay, I love the products.


I would go out, I would have parties, talk to people. I would call them on the phone, have a bunch of product on the shelf, and you know the rest…..  But what happened was this, I failed to really make a go at it, and to have it as my home based business. I felt like I couldn’t sell a thing.


I felt like I was a failure when it came to having this craft per se.   My thoughts were,  if I can’t do this home business type stuff, I just couldn’t do any of it.  I wanted to make extra money and turn it into something, but again I failed.  


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I didn’t know where I was supposed to go, the training was … get these products and call everyone you know.  Again, this didn’t work and I failed.  


But what I wish, is that I knew what I know now, back then!   Because what I have found out now is, if you do not have what you’re doing in your heart and your soul, and learn how to set your intentions and purpose for doing it, you’re going to fail.



How do I know that now?  Let me introduce you to my system, but first, listen to what I did in that line.



Well, standing there in amongst all of these women in Mary Kay, who were all dressed up, perfect makeup and hair,  I had a few thoughts.  And as I stood there in my t-shirt and jeans, flip flops and shoulder bag, I stopped!  


I came to a realization that I now know what I was missing!   I have learned the answer and I am so much better off.   I never could keep my makeup looking great past lunch time, My lipstick was usually gone after the first cup of coffee, I let someone else do my nails and if my hair is tied on the top of my head, that means I am hard at work.


I stood up tall, said I can have a better life, a calmer life, a life of time freedom, and still make more money than most of these women standing here in line with me.   I stood tall and started talking with the ones around me.  I am on the right path.


I knew what I needed.  I knew that there was a secret, that what I needed in order to sell wasn’t just products. It was something deep inside of me, it was something that had to come from somewhere else, something that has come from inside of me.


Something that I did wrong, and what I was missing before was me!


I found what I stood for and I found that you don’t have to sell something in order to receive something.  The training that I’m in has shown me and has brought me so much farther and in a shorter amount of time that I ever had anything else do.


Having a visionIt has taught me how to have a purpose in what I am sharing with others, it has taught me how to stand up tall and know that I am in the right place!  I am in a place that is right for me and for what I have as a business.


I wanted to share that with you today because, I wanted to know where you’re at? I wanted to know if you can stand tall and say what you’re doing is right!  


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I believe I know I’m home, I know I am someplace that gives me something to give back.   Can you say that?


The system and training I have for you today, will have everything you need to set you on the right path.  It will train you to have heart, it will train you to have vision, it will train you to grow above anything else and set forth what you want to achieve. It can be applied to all niches and businesses alike.  Your choice.


Have you ever had a thought like this ….  “I love the products and I know that others will too, so I am going to sell them and make a fortune and retire” ….. Only to get in, work it and fail.  That is what I did, and now I know what I did wrong.


Who do we serve?


We have products




Others that are in need….. will come to you!


Eric Worrie says ““it is very difficult to get better and look good at the same time”. What this means is, sometimes you have to just swallow your pride a little bit and be willing to be a novice again. The cool thing about network marketing is that it will give you the grace to be able to develop.  It’ll give you a support system to be able to become more as you start to build your skills and you start to build your beliefs, you start to build your mindset.  It’ll give you the space to be able to do it.”




When you know you are in the right place to make it work, then you are home1



“I set this vision for myself, Sandy.  I will be living free.

I help inspire others to take action in their lives to make a difference and work through the struggles of not knowing they have the capability to create and achieve whatever they have a passion for, through their very own business”


Are you tired of failing or not having what you see others having?   Do you know what you are doing wrong?  Then, I would love to help you grow and build the dream that you only wish for.   It only take a click and an email to get you started on your journey.   Come and never feel like you are failing again.


get started now


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4 thoughts on “I Was Selling Mary Kay And Failed | What I Did Wrong

  1. Great story Sandy, I really identify. I worked really hard in a big name network marketing company with mediocre results. Unless your heart is in what you’re doing it’s destined to be a bit of a flop.

    1. I so agree. I really tried and looking back, I was just going at it all wrong. I was only focused on the money.

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