What things do you serve and then again what things serve you.



I have a list of four things right off the top of my head that I want to share with you.


1.  Energy:   It takes energy to do just about anything we need to do.  The key is to know where to focus that energy. 

2.  Money:  Does money serve you or do you put money to good use?   It can build you up or set you down, learn how to deal with it.

3.  Guilt:  Do you feel guilty for doing things, or not doing things.

4.  Schedules:  Is your schedule made out to help you grow or just to get things done.


When you turn all of these around to help you build what you are doing, or to build yourself up, life will get a lot easier.


 When you search on the internet for things on who we serve, you will find all sorts.  Usually on the about me pages or mission statement.  But look around, I bet you can find a bunch of things we do not even think about.   


Here is an example for you in setting up your own serving statement:


Way We Serve Statements

Your journey to customer experience excellence is greatly aided by a clearly defined destination. This “way we serve”statement planning tool will help you crystallize your vision of your optimal customer experience.



Have you found the tools you need to help you know what you serve and what serves you?   

Let me help you by giving you access to my tools. 

They helped me get on my way and know how to change your way of thinking. Click Here to Access.




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4 thoughts on “Who Do We Serve | What Pulls Us

  1. Hi Sandy,

    It’s fascinating how we can turn things around to make things work for ourselves. With a burning desire to accomplish the important points in which you’ve stated above ENERGY,MONEY,GUILT & SCHEDULE it all comes down to how organised planning for me. “Failure to plan is planning to fail” – Benjamin Franklin

  2. I’m so glad that you listed “Energy” as number one.

    One of the things I have discovered over the past few years is that if people’s energy is LOW … very little will be accomplished.

    So one of the keys to getting anything you want in life is to raise your energy levels.

    And by raising your energy levels you’re then better served to create the life you want.

    Great video Sandy!

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