Has something happened to change your life? How do common things show you how you have changed?


I ended up following a large truck in my travels.   I noticed it was going slow and I couldn’t pass it for the road I was on.   You know why it’s going slow?  It really didn’t matter.  The issue was that I didn’t get mad for him going so slow, because of the thinking that I’ve been involved in and studying.  


The training and the thinking that I’ve developed is showing me how I’m looking at the situation differently.  What is it?  And how is it doing that?



Something Changed Your Life

Would you do the right thing, even if it cost you millions?


What if you knew with 100% certainty that the ACTIONS you take today… regardless if they produce INSTANT results… are creating everything GOOD (and bad) in your future?
Would you rethink how you speak?


Would you treat people differently?  In business?  In your home?  Everywhere?


… I found this article that made me rethink every action I take.


In the article are 3 words I’ve burned into my heart.
Read the article here:


The Power of Character


I realized this truck is going slow because of its full load and for it to needs to arrive at the destination intact.  If it went a little faster it would tip over, if it went a little faster it would lose part of the cargo, for it was swaying back and forth on a few bumps.


Thing is, this is true in whatever you are doing!  Do you just barrel along, taking whatever you can with you and not looking back to make sure you traveled well?  Sure you need to take action on things, but how that is laid out is how it will end up.


You find that your mistakes will show, but if you know the whole package, if you have studied it you need to take it slow, you need to make it full and you need to make it right, in order to get to your destination.


Doesn’t matter however long it takes, you will get there and when you are in the right frame of mind and direction.   


My message to you today is, if you know where you’re going it doesn’t matter how fast you get there,  it matters that you get there in one piece.  All together and if it takes you a little longer to do that, then that’s okay.

Would you do the right thing, even if it cost you millions?


Want to know what it is?  Click Here




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