What builds your confidence?  What holds you back?  How can you identify with yourself and give yourself more power?  


Do you have an inner critic that is holding you back?  


Is it Fear?  

Is it a Negative influence?

Is it your surrounding?  

Is it how you think?  



What I would like you to think about today is to change what is holding your back.  We are going to work on a positive mindset to move you in the direction you want to go.   You might have read my other post on “The Mindset of a Good Leader” (if not take a look).  Today we are going to talk about more on confidence and how to build it up.



Confidence can be a strong shield.  



[tweet_box design=”box_03″]Confidence will set you on a path to Overcome what is holding you back.[/tweet_box]


There are many ways to get you engaged with your full positive mindset.  It is something that you just don’t think about, but that comes from within.   Within YOU!


I have been working on a few techniques of my own and would love to share them with you. However you can, find a way, at some point in your day, to engage in a positive mindset exercise.  


Some examples for you are prayer (surrendering your anger), Meditation (seeing your inner voice), relaxation techniques (tapping), and visual exercises (leaving yourself messages).


With those create “I am ….” statements and say them out loud.  Repeat till you believe them of yourself.   The key is to believe!



“Confidence is a tool you can use in your everyday life to do all kinds of cool stuff, not least to stop second-guessing yourself, manage your fears and become able to do more of the things that really matter to you.”



But not many people realize that their self-confidence works just like a muscle – it grows in response to the level of performance required of it.  Either you use it or you lose it.  That’s why I am sharing with you this article:    63 ways to grow your confidence so that you can become a giant.




Once you strongly believe in them, post them around in places where you will see them.



Confidence will help you build on your goals

Grow your Confidence

When you strongly believe you are something, or can do something, this is the time to create those goals and turn them into reality.


These are some of the steps that I have been learning and would love to share.


  • What are the results I want to achieve?
  • When do I intend to achieve this goal?
  • Why do I want to achieve this goal?
  • How will my life be different when I achieve this goal?   

Confidence needs to be attained.



When you think of confidence, you think of the people who stand on stage, go after what they want, or know how to achieve things in life.  


Others might think of it a mind over matter, or will power.  What I am here to tell you is that anyone can achieve anything if they know how to take the action steps to build their confidence and go after what they want. 



[tweet_box design=”box_09″]Confidence needs to be attained[/tweet_box]



Ask yourself:


Will I need someone to help me?  If so, who will I reach out too today?


How much time will I spend on my dedication to achieving this?


Will it cost money or can I use the tools I have?


Do I have an accountability partner?


Who do I need to surround myself with that will support me in my goal?


How will you handle mishaps or pathway changes that need to be tweaked?


How will I measure my results and give rewards?


Here are twelve ways to grow your confidence from this article by Caleb Storke.   He talks about self esteem and improvement.   I loved his quote saying:


“The Best Way To Get Approval Is Not To Need It”



He goes into detail about what I was talking about earlier, so take a read and study how to grow your self confidence and self-esteem.


Knowing that you can have what you put your mind to, when you have the right tools, will help you gain what you want out of life.




Can you see yourself growing from what I have shared?  Can you find more Ways to Develop Confidence and think you can share them?   Getting started on your own path and knowing that no one can stop you is a great feeling.  


Come and learn what it takes and build your life around your Confidence and Learn the Techniques I mentioned. 

Click HERE




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7 thoughts on “Ways To Develop Confidence | Boost Self Esteem

    1. Yes it does. A desire and a passion will bring you to your top game. The confidence will show. We need to feel that same confidence in everything that we are doing.

  1. A great message Sandy and I love your video. Those two words “I am” are so important. Well what we say after them is what is important. I agree with you that mindset is key.

  2. Absolutely love this blog Sandy… it ALL starts with US ;0 Falling in love with US 🙂 yesterday – my swim in the sea was just wonderful 🙂

    I am Amazing 🙂 Love the power of I AM 🙂

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