Let’s talk today about “Digging Your Well Before You’re thirsty”


I was reading the other day when I stumbled across a little saying, Yeah, the one above.  Reading is one of our core commitments.


It made me think about the time when you’re getting ready for something, or when starting something new. Do you just jump right in start building on it? How do you know that your building in the right spot? Do you need to do some preparation before you start?


How do you know that you are putting a foundation somewhere that you were going to have water and everything else? Say you’re building on the top of a hill. perfect place, great view, but is it?


Have you found water, have you dug your well before you’re thirsty?



It’s the same concept in network marketing.


Network marketing you have to prepare yourself before you dive in.
You start with this and that, but if you do not know what this and that is, you are talking in circles and not going anywhere.


Are you prepared to go after what you really want, and knowing where to get it?


Here is  a link to a PDF from Harvey Mackey’s Book  “Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty”.

Chapter 4:
of the Most Important Things a Network Can Do [RSS: example of how personal networks are a vehicle for “agency” – confronting and over coming structural obstacles, and “empowering” oneself and the youth/students that are mentored by you (“institutional agent”).]
human agency as a temporarally embedded process of social engagement
1) informed by the past
2) oriented toward the future (as a capacity to imagine alternative possibilities);thinking network-analytically, “how my network and networking skills can help me achievement my goals”
3) toward the present (as a capacity to contextualize past habits and future projects within the contingencies of the moment—i.e., the presentcircumstances1.
A network replaces the weakness of the individual with the strength of the group.
To get his book and read more…. you can find it here.

How are you networking and growing your business?


Where is it that you look for ways to network?  Is it easier than you think?  


I always thought it was tough to sell anything, but as I read and learn, it is mostly sharing what you enjoy, and doing it over and over.


So get yourself up, start digging your well and filling it in by meeting people and sharing what you learn.



How do you Network?  Did you get a little more insight from this post?  Want to know what I listen to and read everyday to keep me going? 

Check this out!! and then comment below!



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