What does social proof mean to you?   Does it mean something showing up on a door, in the media, or on a billboard, telling you that something is good?  Do you just want to go and get it right away?



Such proof can be seen in many places. They can be in a political standpoint where they are trying to talk one against the other.  Why do people crave social interaction?


It can be a shopping ad that you see in the mail or on the front billboard of the store.




Social proof can be buying rushes, like when the new iPhones come out.  You have to have it because you know everybody else has it and they’re so awesome.  Social proof makes you see that things are good and work for others.


Social proof shows you that something is good; because of the results they are showing.   



Did you know that social proof and seeing results is one of the biggest human influences when it comes to buying decisions?



Think about it, How many times have you a bought something because you thought it was good?  Where did Instagram Trainingyou learn that from?   How did you find out about it?   




It was social proof from somewhere.




Or was it something that somebody else told you about or what somebody else was doing?  Did that  give you the proof that made you want to buy it?



What does social proof mean to you and how does it look?  Do you share what you have and what you found with others?



Dinner and leads

Having an online business means that you need to show your social proof everywhere.  You want others to see that you have what it takes, you have what they want.   





This is exactly why social media is so strong and the online business world is growing.  People want to be social and share with others what they think is good!




Have you ever wondered how you can have an online business and share with the world what you know and what you have found?    


Come learn how to build on your passions and grow your own social proof to share with the world.

get started now

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