Finding The Forgotten Woman


The challenges I had when I started my online business has inspired me to write this book for others who feel lost and need help. 


My blogging business teaches others how to have and start a business online.   It all starts with a passion.  Yet through life as a career mom, I didn’t know what I liked anymore, so how could I help others?


Do you have a System that helps you get things done?   Let me know what it is in the comments and then tell me why!



In here you will learn how to find yourself


This will require you to open up and get down through the layers of thought to see the true you.


When I first saw myself, it gave me a sense of calm and excitement all at the same time.  It was great to really see it, but I still didn’t know what to do with it.  I needed to find more. I needed to give myself a reason why!  In creating a business from your passion, you need to have this crystal clear. 


Does your story relate with mine?


How you see yourself from where you came from, and who you helped, will set you up for giving back. 


I was feeling the roller-coaster, and wondering why I didn’t have control.  I started to watch and pay attention to some of the action I took and noticed more amazing things.  Now I realize what I need to focus on to change the flow.


I knew there was a secret, what I needed in order to have an online business was more than just products. It was something deep.  It was something that had to come from somewhere else, something that had to come from inside of me.


What I want to teach you are ways to find out who you are, and then find out who it is you need to talk to.  I will share ways to interact with your passion and others with similar interests.  I will share ways to find desires, goals, influences and motivation.


Finding out how to have fun in your life.


How truly living and cherishing each moment is even better.  I found a new schedule, a new way to live, and now it’s your time to dream again.  No more vacations, just adventures.

Liberty's Freedom.


We will get into why others value what you have, and what is unique to you.  And finish with writing an amazing ‘about me’ page. 



Learn more from my book here: 




Learn the tools I have used to help me accomplish such a goal, and learn how YOU can see what you can do from inside of you!! Find the Forgotten!

get started now


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5 thoughts on “Finding The Forgotten Woman

  1. This book sounds pretty awesome. I think we can all learn from our past experiences and find patterns that will enable us to find ways for us to work smarter and with more passion.

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