What makes you confident?  Do you go around all day looking for others to like what you do?  Do you need approval for this and for that?  There are simple steps to build that confidence and help you achieve the success you are looking for!


What is confidence? Boosting your self-esteem?





  1. the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust.
  2. “we had every confidence in the staff”
  3. synonyms:
  4. trust, belief, faith, credence, conviction
  5. “I have little confidence in these figures”
    • the state of feeling certain about the truth of something.
    • “it is not possible to say with confidence how much of the increase in sea levels is due to melting glaciers”
    • a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities.
    • “she’s brimming with confidence”


Control your MindConfidence is learning how to find and express your own inner voice.  Your own beliefs.  Learning to value your own opinions, you are free to be yourself.  Not needing the validation and approval of others to show who you are.  


I didn’t realize how much I lacked in confidence until I started my Entrepreneurship.  How I held back for fear of rocking the boat.  I was a mom and had more to think about than herself.  I gave in to others and only received one thing back.   I lost myself.  “Finding the Forgotten Woman”


Now I realize that it didn’t have to be that way and I want others to know how to come about and say it is OK to be me.  To like what I like and express that in my terms.    Others will listen!



I have a few simple steps to help you build that confidence.


(See below if this sinks in and you want to learn more.  I invite you to see the training I have for you)


  1. You are equal to others.   Don’t always dismiss your ideas or feelings as “not important.” How you feel and what you need is just as important as the feelings as others!


“What You Feel and Think Is Worthy of Being Heard”



  1. Speaking up when you have an opinion.    This one might be hard, but just politely say “I have something to say” and you might be surprised at how others respond.  You will feel empowered and know it is OK.  It is no one’s responsibility to read your mind, stop right now feeling like you are misunderstood!



  1. Having others disagree with you will not make you a different person.   We all have opinions and sometimes the more the better to get to the best solution.  I have seen people grow apart because they never expressed what they were truly feeling.   No one else will know if you do not speak up. 



  1. Follow your own heart.  You are who you are, and when you show that, others will respect you for it and learn to love who you really are. 



  1. Being True to yourself.   Show others that you have gifts to give and set an example for others to follow.  Your self image will shine through.  Learn more on Empathy Mapping.



  1. Confidence comes from resolving how you feel and moving on.  The resentment and feeling left out is hard on the soul.



  1. Practice listening to others.  This was hard for me too.  I didn’t realize it so much until I started finding my confidence and not having to seek approval for what I said.   I knew who I was and that I could then pay attention to how others felt.  With this, I found that others too began to listen to me.



  1. Hold back fear and resentment.  As your confidence grows and you find your happy place within yourself and what you are doing, then your feelings and opinions will come out in a positive way with kindness and respect. 


  1. Give yourself permission to be awkward.  Don’t let others hold you back, stay strong for they are just not used to it.   Don’t apologize for you opinion.   Don’t back pedal.  Stand strong and hold your head up high! 




When Confidence Overcomes You



Confidence comes from being strong and taking a stand for what you feel is right.  Others respect people who take a risk to say their opinion.  They start to look at you differently.  They start to ask you questions.  They start to know that your opinion counts and can make a difference.



Build your confidence and self-esteem by being YOU!   You don’t need the approval of others to be you.



I have found me again and I will never go back to the meek and mild.   I know now that my opinion counts and I am so much happier for it.





Come learn how to gain your confidence and build the world around you.  Be the Entrepreneur you were meant to be!


Get IN Here!!!! Now and Grow


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8 thoughts on “Confidence Building Begins With 9 Simple Steps

  1. I used to think I was always confident Sandy but over the years I realized my behaviour was a cover up for how I was really feeling. There is something very attractive about confidence. Great post thank you.

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